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"You Look Too Young!" Newport Beach, CA

I recently had Dr. Horowitz's tradmark "lite lift". I am a 60 year old actress and was hoping to buy a few more years of playing the 50ish character/cougar roles. Dr. Horowitz is amazing (as is all of his staff) and I was even more amazed (shocked even) at the results. I still look like me (not... READ MORE

67 Year Old Male - San Francisco, CA

Self conscious about "turkey neck"..... The hereditary wattle all men in my family inherited . As I approached my 68th birthday and 50th High School Reunion, I figured NOW was the time... I choose LifeStyle Lift and Dr. Fred Suess in San Francisco.... I am very satisfied with the results and... READ MORE

Looking Younger at 67 - Cleveland, OH

I was motivated by pictures that I felt showed too much aging. Was not happy with the lines in forehead, bags under eyes,chin sagging, and heavy eyelids.The people in Cleveland convinced me that they could repair the aging process and sort of speak turn the clock back.After 2 months I can... READ MORE

60 Years Old and 3 Kids 8 Grandkids - Boise, ID

I wanted to feel better about myself and look younger too. I work in the beauty industry and looking very old. I heard about lifestyle lift on TV and found Dr McKim in Boise . He was very good at making me feel better about myself and younger too. I'm glad I had the procedure, the down time... READ MORE

Worst Experience Ever -Atlanta, GA

At 62 I was looking forward to retirement and getting back out socially again. I have always been confident and never paid much attention to my looks. However friends had started asking if my face was bruised because of the discolored spots. I saw LSL add and thought it sounded great. The... READ MORE

Lifestyle Lift---removed Fat Under Chin; Eyelid - Tampa, FL

I am 65 years old; started to look old due to fat and jowls under and around chin. Did not realize that having my eyelids done to remove the "hoods" opened up my eyes, but took the Dr's suggestion and opted to have that done also. I also had laser treatment above and below my mouth to remove... READ MORE

44 Years Old. I Got a Eye and Lower Chin Lift at LSL - Atlanta, GA

I did not have the lazy eye before my eye lift and my chin was not square. I am not satisfied at this point. They said it would go away but still has not changed after 2 months. If anyone knows what to do please let me know. I am ready to get this corrected and its not right I have to pay 7000... READ MORE

I Will Let Each of You Decide. - Overland Park, KS

I experienced a lot of pressure, tugging, yanking, hitting during the procedure. I was in no way out, I was very aware of everything being done to my face. I knew every step of the way my face was being cut or pulled. A time later after several visits. It was decided I needed to have a... READ MORE

52 Loss Both Parents and Turned into a Hag! - Atlanta, GA

My sister said I looked like a Turkey and since that day my confidence had been shot. I saw the LSL commercials and read all the good and bad so, I decided you research doctor in Atlanta and her reviews were favorable. I was desperate enough to take the risk. Let me say "I AM THRILLED" you... READ MORE

Life Style Lift Experience - Beverly Hills, CA

My whole experience was fantastic!!!!! From start to finish. Dr Gocken is absolutely the best!!! From the interview to the recovery EVERYONE is wonderful. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about it. I have NO regrets at all. I am so happy with the results. It has taken at least 15 years... READ MORE

Happy with my results...and Dr, Reston, VA

I am 50 yrs of age and didn't like the jowl's I had developed. Had LSL, Laser and Upper Eyes done at Dr Dahiya's office in Reston VA. So far I like what I see...still healing..but so far so good. All in all I can recommend Dr Dahiya and his office in Reston, VA. You healed for the most part... READ MORE

Not a Complete Disappointment But... - Tampa, FL

First I would like to say I was not prepared for the pain the first night. I know now that the padding that should have been applied under my chin before being wrapped like a mummy was not applied. It felt like having my throat slit with a fishing line sawing back and forth. The postop visit the... READ MORE

Positive Experience - Boston, MA

My experience with Life Style Life was very positive. From the first appointment to the follow-up final pictures, I was treated with professionalism and kindness. Dr. Weikel is some Doctor. He is skilled, honest and full of fun. (He sang to me during the procedure). Cris, the assistant, was also... READ MORE

New ME! - Seattle, WA

I was 65 years old, had lost my husband of 40 years and looked 10 years older than I was. My sister and I had always said we would have a facelift when we got older. I lost her 2 years ago and decided to have it for both of us. I am very glad I had it done and feel like my real age, some say I... READ MORE

Lifestyle Lift with Upper Eyelids Lift - Hammond, LA

I just had the procedure done, along with upper eyelids, last Friday Dec 6th. I'm not at the point where I'll say 'it was worth the pain".. My face and neck and eyes are swollen although it did go down considerably in 5 days. My poor husband was devastated when they turned me over to him Friday... READ MORE

Not Happy Looking 80 Years Old - Dallas, TX

I cannot believe I waited so long to have this procedure done !!!! I did not tell anyone but my husband that I was going to have a Lifestyle Lift at the Dallas Texas office so to come back to work looking 20 years younger was a shock for the people I work with. My children were even more... READ MORE

Fat Face - Saint Louis, MO

I had a very large double chin, sagging face skin. It needed to be gone. Plus, I was able to get my under eyes done. This is why my cost was a little higher. I called, got in within a week. Appointment on Tues and surgery on Thursday the same week. I would do it all over again!!! The doctor,... READ MORE

The New Me - Jacksonville, FL

I'm 59 years old and I would recommend a Lifestyle Life to anyone that wants to look younger and feel better about themselves. I am so totally amazed at how the procedure made me look and feel. Dr. Obi is not only a doctor, but he is an artist. All the members of Lifestyle Life were... READ MORE

Had No Clue It Would Still Hurt So Much! - Mount Pleasant, SC

Not sleeping well at all. Having to sleep at a 30 degree angle is hard for a stomach sleeper ... Face is still extremely swollen and suddenly behind my ears hurts ..been 4 days and this just started . Feels like something poking hard behind my ear and also sides of neck hurt now... I am praying... READ MORE

A Happier Looking Me! - Dallas, TX

After reviewing the additional options available with the Lifestyle Lift, I chose the eyelid procedure, Naturalyn lip enhancement, and fractional laser treatment - all of which increased my cost. But I figured I should do it all now instead of regretting not doing it later. I'm very glad I... READ MORE

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