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Lifestyle Lift was a branded version of a mini lift, which aimed to tighten skin and address facial wrinkles and fat. Unlike a traditional facelift, it was performed under local anesthesia and usually took less than an hour, earning itself the nickname "The Lunchtime Lift." In March 2015, the company shuttered the majority of its operations. LEARN MORE ›

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63 Years Old. Retired Teacher - Bloomington, MN

The whole process was up-lifting! The Life Style staff is very professional. Dr. Campanelli is an amazing Dr. He is a miracle worker! He is so easy to talk to. He has to be one of the top cosmetic Doctors in the nation! He knows exactly what you need done & is very honest. I am so very... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny - Ontario, CA

I was tired of looking at photos of me that would have been good except for my neck. Results are excellent. No one would look at me and say, oh yeah, she's had work done. Very natural results. Excellent doctor and everyone at the Ontario Lifestyle Lift clinic was very professional and very... READ MORE

I Am a 64 Year Old Grandmother and my Motivation Came from my IPAD when I Used Facetime to Visit with Family and Friends. - FL

When you use a mirror, you don't see up close and personal. A facetime app on my IPAD showed every wrinkle and baggy piece of skin. So, seeing myself everytime I talked to friends and family really encouraged me to take action. I felt old and not attractive. My procedure has given me... READ MORE

amazing results - Connecticut

I am a 64 year old women who was just so tired of having jowels and a neck that was so unattractive. i researched the lifestyle lift,read all the pros and con reviews and i asked my husband to just come and listen to see what it was about. i wanted it to look natural not dramatic just better.... READ MORE

I Look Years Younger - Tampa, FL

I recommend the Lifestyle Lift to EVERYONE! I no longer have a "saggy" turkey neck. My upper eye lids no longer "droop", wide open and beautiful. Laser around my mouth/chin area minimized the lines to the point of they are barely noticeable. Now, here is the really great thing about this... READ MORE

Looking Young Again After Lifestyle Lift - Dallas, TX

I decided to have a facelift to get that refreshed youthful look back that I had lost in my 60's. I looked arc several plastic surgeons in the Dallas area and chose Dr John Standefer at Lifestyle Lifts in Dallas. The day I went fort first assessment, I was impressed with Dr Standefer and his... READ MORE

69years Old, ( 70 in November). A Much Needed Life Style Lift and Laser Treatment. - Roseville, CA

I had many reasons for wanting a Life Style Life, I won't try and kid you, the first one is to look better. I feel young, so I wanted to look younger. The results were amazing! I did my research and felt that Dr Almonte was the right Doctor for me. I was right. If you have been thinking... READ MORE

You Deserve It! - Denver, CO

At the age of 66 I did not like looking in the mirror. I did not know that woman looking back at me. Today, I see my true reflection and I am thrilled. I look like the healthy, vibrant and positively happy person I know myself to be. Do not hesitate to take the opportunity to see yourself as... READ MORE

63 Years Old, Needing a Physical Lift to Reflect the Younger" Inner Me" - Burlington, MA

Seeing all the Lifestyle Lift Ads on TV, and its positive results, plus the recommendations of friends having it done, I decided it was time to have it done. I work in Sales, and needed this younger look in the Business world. I had the Lift and the Fractional Laser treatment to smooth the... READ MORE

70 Years Old and Needed to Take off my Turkey Neck! - Tampa, FL

I Love My new face! It was easy and not much pain! I only missed 1 week of work! He has exceptional bed side manners, he calls you the next day to make sure you are ok, the office follows up every day for the first week to make sure you are not having any problems! He always tells you what other... READ MORE

bad facelift results - Bloomington, MN

I am left with the same sagging jowls and neck, after going through a great deal of pain and expense. I now have permanent nerve damage (numbness) around my face edges and up into my hair line. My cheeks also burn, itch and sting. I have contacted Lifestyle Lift and they choose to ignore me. ... READ MORE

62 Year Old, 3 Eye Surgeries Each Eye, Lost Elasticity, Eyelids Covering Eye - Dallas, TX

After detached retina, then major infection in right eye in July 2012 and cataract surgery in each eye, I had lost elasticity and had large bags under my eyes. The upper lid was beginning to cover my eyes. My wrinkles from squinting eyes and upper lip from dentures became very prominent. ... READ MORE

Always Asked Why I Was Mad Even Though I May Have Been Happy! - Ponchatoula, LA

It took me over a year to finally decide that this is what I wanted to do. I had several temporary procedures done; Botox, co2 laser, numerous fillers and nothing gave me the lasting results I was looking for. So I did nothing for a year while I looked for something more permanent. I found dr... READ MORE

LifeStyle Lift with Fraxel Face Laser - Falls Church, VA

I started researching this procedure when I was 50 years old but wasn't quite ready at that time. By the time I was 60, I had done a lot of research on various Lifestyle Lift methods performed by different doctors in the VA/DC/MD area. I also was looking old but not feeling it so went to see... READ MORE

I Did It! - Glenview, IL

I was considering lower face lift for quite some time now. i was going back and forth choosing different procedures. i was't thrilled about lifetime lift after reading all the reviews. At the end of the day i trully believe that no matter what procedure you select the most importand decision... READ MORE

Got the Chin, Jowls, and Lower Eyes Done - Ontario, CA

Pro: I got just what I expected. I wanted the fatty chin, jowls, and under- eye bags gone. Con: They shouldn't say that you can go back to work in 4 days. The instructions say that you have to wear the face band for the first week. Who wants to wear that to work? But I am retired, so I went for... READ MORE

Facelift and Eyelids - Memphis, TN

This was the biggest mistake of my life, And the painful thing I have ever been thru, The two little pill they give you to make you sleepy do nothing to stop the pain. you are wide awake and can feel everything going on. They told me most people sleep thru it, that's a lie. I heard a lady... READ MORE

So Far So Good - Fall Church, VA

I had a neck lift on Tuesday, today is the 4th day after surgery, I still have swelling ,the medication takes care of the pain , I'm not a dr but I can tell I'm going to look very good when all the swelling is gone .I return to my doctor on Wednesday the 19th to have my sutures removed I can't... READ MORE

Lifestyle Lift Not a Good Idea - Phoenix, AZ

Absolutely not worth the $6000+ that I spent!! I had it done in Aug 2011 when I was 56 because I did not like what I called my turkey neck. I am not a baby but, the post op time(first week) was MISERABLE!! If the results had lasted, I would be OK with the week of pain but, they did not. ... READ MORE

"You Look Too Young!" Newport Beach, CA

I recently had Dr. Horowitz's tradmark "lite lift". I am a 60 year old actress and was hoping to buy a few more years of playing the 50ish character/cougar roles. Dr. Horowitz is amazing (as is all of his staff) and I was even more amazed (shocked even) at the results. I still look like me (not... READ MORE

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