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Lifestyle Lift was a branded version of a mini lift, which aimed to tighten skin and address facial wrinkles and fat. Unlike a traditional facelift, it was performed under local anesthesia and usually took less than an hour, earning itself the nickname "The Lunchtime Lift." In March 2015, the company shuttered the majority of its operations. LEARN MORE ›

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Mid Lift Looks Natural - Burlington, MA

I had a mid-lift done jan.14,2010 in burlintion ma. my dr is the best doctor ever. i have very little scars,and looking better each day. my procdure took two hr. i had very little pain , which he gave me m ediction for pain and infection. the staff is wonderfull, i am very satify. READ MORE

Lifts Your Spirits and Your Face - Tampa, FL

Had my neck, eye lids, jaw line and eye area done with laser on my crows feet. The doctor and staff were great both before and after the procedure. READ MORE

Well Worth It - Maple Shade, NJ

Went in on January 8th looking 70, went back to work on the 12th after having a lift and neck procedure. Now looking 45. Compliments from everyone. Would do it again in a heartbeat. I started dating after an 11 year stagnet period. Men don't believe I'm 54, I have had comments... READ MORE

Looking the Way I Feel! - Burlington, MA

At three-and-a-half months post-procedure, I can honestly say I’m thrilled with the results! Having this procedure done in an office-like atmosphere under local anesthesia (Novocaine) really appealed to me. Because I’m an R.N., I knew the risks of general anesthesia would be... READ MORE

well worth it - past due - Reston, VA

I had gastric bypass in 2008 and lost half of my body weight and wanted to have this surgery to remove the excess skin under my chin that looked a roster neck hanging down. I am so glad that I was able to find Lifestyle Lift and have my surgery. The staff at the Reston office was very... READ MORE

Miracle Worker! - Huntersville, NC

Five years ago I went to a doctor that claimed he did a face lift on me only to find out he only pulled the skin and didn't touch any of the facial muscles. This lower face lift was to include my neck and underneath my chin a huge incision was made which got infected and scarred horribly. I... READ MORE

My Turkey Neck is Gone - Seattle, WA

It has been three month and I am very happy my Turkey Neck is gone. At 71, I was seeing the extra neck every time I looked in the mirror. It has been driving me crazy. Lifestyle Lift worked for me and has change my life. I now have to get another drivers license because my looks have... READ MORE

I Love the New Me - Charlotte, NC

Of course, I was nervous before the procedure but the staff and the doctor put me at ease and the medication I received before the surgery made me sleep. I only remember the beginning of the procedure, after that it seemed I would go in and out of a dream and then they woke me up and said it... READ MORE

Incredible Results - Santa Ana, CA

For those of you who have been scared away after reading some of those negative reviews regarding Lifestyle Lift, I'm here to tell you that my experience has only been fantastic! My doctor and his staff were helpful, caring, and highly professional throughout the entire... READ MORE

i love my lifestyle lift! - Greenville, SC

It took a little longer to recover than I thought, but I was back at work in 2 weeks. The only down side is it's hard for me to get my senior discount at restaurants now. Nobody believes I'm 72! READ MORE

No More Turkey Neck - Phoenix, AZ

I chose Lifestyle lift because I was so unhappy with my appearance, particularly my jowls, saggy neck and double chin. I did not want to have drastic plastic surgery, or change my appearance totally. The procedure was explained thoroughly. The staff was very friendly, supportive and... READ MORE

A Little Disappointed - San Ramon, CA

Most of what I had hoped for was accomplished....I too was a a little disappointed in the recovery and the facts of what I wasn't told about what to expect..although I did plan to be out of work 10 days. (I am a teacher and scheduled to have this done during my spring break. This worked out... READ MORE

Disappointed - Tampa, FL

I was told at my initial interview that my lifestyle lift would last for up to 5 years. It has been 8 months and my saggy neck skin is already starting to return. I realistically did not expect it to last for 5 years and felt that they were just telling me what they thought I wanted to hear or... READ MORE

Stay Away from Lifestyle Lift - Tampa, FL

He left my face with more wrong than corrected from the facelift. The only good thing was the lasar which smoothed my cheeks. The lift itself was 5000.00 The lasar the 2400.00 He cut from my ear up to my temple which no good doctor does. It leaves scars on your face and you lose hair in your... READ MORE

Love my New Face - Troy, MI

I am 52 and have never had much of a chin but due to weight gain I had like 3 chin and it wasn't pretty. I had the lift and my lower eyes done. I had one issue where my ear was not healing properly and had to go to the ER for more stitches. It was not a cake walk and the recovery time... READ MORE

I Finally Look As Young As I Feel! - Minneapolis, MN

Ever since I hit 50 I have felt like the life was being sucked out of my face. I was using more makeup with worse results until I got to Lifestyle Lift! They made about 15 years melt away! I had the lift, the under chin surgery & full laser. Hearing & knowing what's going on was a... READ MORE

Amazing, Amazin, Amazing - Tampa, FL

I am so glad that I had the lifestyle lift. I am not a brave person and I almost backed out. After I met my doctor I felt totally safe & secure & I knew I was in good hands. I had my lift April 2010 and I am very pleased. I went home in May for a class reunion and everyone told me... READ MORE

Absolutely HORRENDOUS PAIN! - Franklin, TN

It was beyond awful. LSL advertises you will be there a little over an hour. I was there for over 7 hours, but did have eyes done as well as chin. Even so, 7 hours seems ridiculous. They didn't warn me about any of the bad sides of having this surgery; just how I was going to look afterwards... READ MORE

I Am So Pleased! - Dallas, TX

Surgery performed in Dallas January 31st, 2011. My cost was on the high side because I also had the laser peel (highly recommend – it really freshens your face, improves texture & firmness and eliminates many spots and imperfections). Yes, I looked really bad for the first week –... READ MORE

No More Turkey Neck! - Phoenix, AZ

I hated my turkey neck and decided to get rid of it. The Valium didn't work well for me and the numbing injections were uncomfortable. But the overall experience was great and I would do it again. I'm scheduled to have my eyes done in October. READ MORE

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