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Lifestyle Lift was a branded version of a mini lift, which aimed to tighten skin and address facial wrinkles and fat. Unlike a traditional facelift, it was performed under local anesthesia and usually took less than an hour, earning itself the nickname "The Lunchtime Lift." In March 2015, the company shuttered the majority of its operations. LEARN MORE ›

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I was unsure at first, but after meeting Dr. Madnani and his staff, my trepidation went away. Concerned professionally and personally that my face had lost its leanness and "fitness", i felt a fix was in order. Dr. madnani was the catalyst for the change and after 8 weeks* of an... READ MORE

I was very satisfied with the entire process and the results. The procedure was pain free with little discomfort after. I have been told I look 20 years younger. I like my new look- the change is subtle, not the stretched out look seen on many celebrities. READ MORE

An amazing process, reasonably priced, informative and professionaly staffed. The procedure room was equal to that of any hospital. Why I did it is simple: I used to look in the mirror an saw an old, tired and worn out face that didn't match the person on the inside. I had even quit... READ MORE

I wanted to rid myself of deep wrinkles and loose skin on my face & neck. Had a great experience and healed very quickly. After 10 days I was really back to doing everything and feeling great. I am 100% pleased with the outcome. It looks SO natural!! Some lines are still visible, which I... READ MORE

This procedure was my 50th birthday present to myself. I had the unfortunate turkey wattle neck issue going on, and it's now completely gone, and my jawline and neck are also nicely tightened up. I am beyond thrilled with the results! The doctor and the entire staff were... READ MORE

Remarkable... I would do it again in a heartbeat. The Staff was very well educated, Dr was awesome, no pain, slight discomfort and recovery period was quick and easy. I feel so much better about myself. I did it for me, because every time I looked into the mirror I was depressed with the... READ MORE

Best staff ive ever seen. had lifestyle lift in huntersville nc. had the best outcome. i would do this again in a minute i tell all my freinds and even strangers people ask what have you done you look 20 years younger and much happier. love my docyor hes a the best if anyones... READ MORE

The "procedure taking only about an hour" took 4-hour ! My husband was in the waiting room, after 3-hour no news, he was very anxious and nobody seems to care keeping him informed. Big discomfort. Still numbness after 4-month. I did it to look a bit younger, without jowls... READ MORE

I look the same as I did before, except now I have scars in front of my ears, scars in back of my ears and scars from the back middle of my ears going towards the back of my head (never knew those were coming until I was drugged, on the table, and felt my hair being shaved! I never told anyone,... READ MORE

I had looked into doing something a few years ago when one day, seemingly overnight, I developed wrinkles and a turkey neck. This was apparently caused from a slow but substantial weight loss, resulting in extra skin. I appeared to be aging rapidly. Then as a gift I was offered this procedure... READ MORE

Im 48 yrs old and very excited to have this procedure done next month. Im reading alot or pros and cons and just hoping I have a great experience. Im hoping to return to work with in a week. Not all individuals heal as fast as others, so iv been checking out sites that may speed up the recovery... READ MORE

I hesitated as the location I went to had bad reviews which seemed to be primarily about the same doctor (which is no longer there. I researched the doctor that I chose very well. I had the neck, lifestyle lift and laser around my eyes and mouth. I am very pleased and will provide photos in the... READ MORE

This was the most horrible experience in my life. I had the procedure done in May 2010 and was left with a tire tread and extra skin hanging under my chin.The only corrective procedure he offered was steriod injections which didn't work and were very painful. He offered to do another... READ MORE

It was was a cold winter month. I changed my mind and appintments several times. I was all the time having two mind, "shall i get it done or just forget about it?". Being in a conflict my hubby asked me to get it over with. When I met my doctor, he was awesome. My fear was all gone... READ MORE

I was tired of looking older than I felt and tired all the time. I'm loving my new look, still look like me but now I look like I feel. I was never out, the Dr talked to me the whole time and both the Dr and the entire staff was professional and caring. I never felt anxious,... READ MORE

I have never been sorry! The staff was wonderful, the pain minimum. The results were fantastic. I'd do it again! Just sorry I waited so long. READ MORE

I had a mid-lift done jan.14,2010 in burlintion ma. my dr is the best doctor ever. i have very little scars,and looking better each day. my procdure took two hr. i had very little pain , which he gave me m ediction for pain and infection. the staff is wonderfull, i am very satify. READ MORE

Had my neck, eye lids, jaw line and eye area done with laser on my crows feet. The doctor and staff were great both before and after the procedure. READ MORE

Went in on January 8th looking 70, went back to work on the 12th after having a lift and neck procedure. Now looking 45. Compliments from everyone. Would do it again in a heartbeat. I started dating after an 11 year stagnet period. Men don't believe I'm 54, I have had comments... READ MORE

At three-and-a-half months post-procedure, I can honestly say I’m thrilled with the results! Having this procedure done in an office-like atmosphere under local anesthesia (Novocaine) really appealed to me. Because I’m an R.N., I knew the risks of general anesthesia would be... READ MORE

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