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The Lifestyle Lift is a branded version of a mini lift that tightens skin and addresses facial wrinkles and fat. Unlike a traditional facelift, it's performed under local anesthesia, usually takes less than an hour, and has a shorter recovery time. Update: Lifestyle Lift shuttered the majority of its operations in March 2015. LEARN MORE ›

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I went in wanting more of a neck lift than a mini facelift. I had a wrinkled turkey like jowl from years from sun damage and aging. My face itself looked ok. I was told that the life style lift would tighten my neck area. During the surgery it appeared to me that the doctor was doing a routine... READ MORE

I am so happy after I had my face and neck lift done it is well worth it you will feel like a new woman. READ MORE

I had sagging neck and jowls. I went to a Lifestyle clinic and didn't know the doctor. I met him twice. First time was for him to evaluate whether I was a good candidate. The next time I saw him was the day of the surgery. The surgery was painful and other than the shots, I was given some... READ MORE

I just had this procedure done a week ago today.I went into thinking (from seeing the videos) that the down time was minimal. They do give you a lot of paper work to read and they are very nice. I have to say. But what i wished i would have know prior to is the actual healing process. i think it... READ MORE

On my 46th birthday as a present to myself, I decided it was time to start thinking more about myself. I have put my needs at the bottom of all my families needs for long enough. I inherited my families trait for a short, turkey neck and wanted to correct this problem before it got worse with... READ MORE

I would never go back to the way I was. The way I am treated by men is noticeable, sad to say. Pictures, well now I do NOT take a bad one. How cool is that. I am fit and healthy, so now the way my face looks keeps up with the rest of me. READ MORE

This has been a great experience. I look so much younger. I no longer have a "chicken neck". People I work with can see something is different, but don't really know what it is. I was very impressed with my whole procedure; before, during and after. Everyone at the center were so... READ MORE

I had the Lifestyle Lift done in Phoenix September 2010. My wife is in health care admistration and checked out the doctors and the company. I was pleased with the presentation and preop. I had the basic lift and additional lipo suction and muscle tightened under my chin. The surgery lasted 90... READ MORE

I,m glad you emailed me for my experience with Lifestyle Lift.I have been wanting to thank you since I had my procedure!It was definately worth every penny.You have changed my life!!I did it because my son was getting married and I felt I looked older than I was.My before & after pictures... READ MORE

I struggled with whether to do this or not. Give in to vanity or age "gracefully". Only I wasn't aging gracefully; I was beginning to look frumpy, saggy and tired. I was reluctant to look at myself in the mirror. I still felt young and vibrant on the inside; my outside just... READ MORE

I am 47 years old and was starting to appear much older than I felt. My eyelids were resting on my lashes, diminishing my eyes. I looked tired all the time and started to see an increasing amount of fine lines around my eyes. Honestly, I looked older than I felt. I had seen the TV advertisements... READ MORE

After losing 150 lbs. from gastric by pass, I had a significant amount of lose skin on my entire body, but my face bothered me the most since that was the part I could not cover. The lack of necessity of staying over night and a prolonged recooperation were the things that attracted. I was... READ MORE

I have to say that all aspects of the Lifestyle Lift exceeded my expectations. The hospitality and warmth shown me throught the process was deeply appreciated. The information prior to the experience, including the visit with the surgeon was helpful and reassuring. All my questions were... READ MORE

Excellent experience enhanced by taking Protandim starting 30 days before the procedure. Protandim reduced the recovery time in half by significantly reducing the inflammation and pain. The scaring was minimized and healing sped up with True Science face cream. The combination of a Life Style... READ MORE

I am 45 years old. I am slender and reasonable attractive, but I had noticeable sagging under my chin and jowls beginning to form. My lower face looked at least a decade older than my upper face. Today, two days after my surgery, I have visible bruising and swelling, I am stiff and relying on my... READ MORE

I had my eyes and my throat area completed. One eye looks very good and the other does not match. The throat area looks like I was in an accident. I had it done in May in the Cleveland office. I could not go back to work in a week and cried afte the bandages came off. I don't think everyone... READ MORE

Healing time & process was what I expected since I had had some plastic surgery in my 20's. Tightening of the facial and chin line muscles worked and helped to decrease "marionette lines" and reveal a lost chin line. However, I was left with loose, deeply wrinkled... READ MORE

I had a Lifestyle Lift with Dr. Ishoo in Waltham, MA in Dec of 2007.  As per the LSL “script”, this Dr. was most comforting and assuring prior to my “revolutionary procedure.”  He called me when I wanted to cancel my surgery with concerns that he was not Board... READ MORE

From the very beginning I would like to make it clear that I am not trying to discredit the idea of tightening the jowls and neck, and reducing frown lines and wrinkles, nor I am saying that all offices are providing the equal quality services. But I was unfortunate to have my procedure done at... READ MORE

I had the Lifestyle Lift surgery in June 2011. At the same time laser surgery was done around my mouth and chin. A friend recently asked me if, knowing what I know now, I would have gone through with it. Here's what I told her: I am a very calm person and have had two cataract... READ MORE

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How much does a Lifestyle Lift cost?

The typical cost for a Lifestyle Lift ranges from $4,400-$10,200 with an average cost of $7,075. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 788 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more