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The Jessner Peel is a medium-depth chemical peel that can be used to refresh skin or as an acne treatmentLEARN MORE ›

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My biggest concern is the bags under my eyes and dark circles. I thought I'd start with chemical peels and move up to lasers and then surgery. The Jessners was my first peel and I liked the results the first few days after. My eyes looked better and my skin improved overall. However, the results... READ MORE

Hello , I did an at home jessners peel on Sunday night. This was my fourth peel, my last one being 2 months ago. This time I am shocked and scared - my entire face turned instantly brown. the discoloration is very bad and today it seems to have gotten worse, with no signs of peeling yet. Please... READ MORE

I decided to perform my first peel today. I did a spot treatment when I received the kit as per the instructions. During this trial, I did not notice any major discomfort or changes that indicated that I would need to be alarmed. One week later (today), I mustered the courage to go ahead and... READ MORE

I do a very light Jessner's peel once every two months to keep acne under control and keep my skin texture smooth. I don't let me skin frost- single layer on most of my face except my nose and forehead gets 2 layers. I follow with an LED treatment once daily and use Copper Peptide Serum twice... READ MORE

I purchased the Jessner through my facialist. She gave me a "hook up". She explained how to use it. I was good to go. I had a photoshoot with a friend due in a few weeks and thought this would be great to do beforehand. WRONG. I had MAJOR peeling. It stings like the dickens. I had so much... READ MORE

I've had two Jessner peels so far and I have another one scheduled for tomorrow. I bought a package of three for about $300CAD. I'm 24 and white. I had a horrible breakout and acne scars and I got it done by a media ethtician (sp?) who recommended it. It burns REALLY badly when they put... READ MORE

The company states that optimal results are achieved by 5 peels. You just have to be patient and let the chemicals do their job. I have now had 3 and omg what a difference. My skin is definately getting smoother and the wrinkles caused by years of sunbathing are getting less noticable with every... READ MORE

I had mine done at a dermatology clinic by an RN and the application process was a breeze. Of course, the burning sensation upon application was uncomfortable but I was given a mini handheld fan to help with that. Definitely nothing unbearable plus I knew what to expect since I'd had a peel... READ MORE

I had a bad experiences for Jessner Peel. It was performed at the skin care center,not a doctor's clinic. I had a peel last Friday for removing brown spots on my face. After the peel, my skin turned extremely red and now it has lots of small dark color scrabs on my cheeks. Several parts on... READ MORE

Same doc I used for breast aug. Hires only RNs for all skin care procedures. Have had lots of microderms with the Jessners after over last three years. This last Jessners is making my face very sunburned looking second day in...using vasleline. Remember feeling scared like this before.."what... READ MORE

I am 34 years old and still get acne on occasion and have enlarged, oily pores. Everytime I get a zit, a dark scar is left behind so I stated getting the jessner to get rid of the scarring. Every 6 months or so, I get a jessner peel. It takes a good 7 days for the entire thing to peel with the... READ MORE

I had my first Jessner peel a week ago, and I am very happy with the results. I got a peel to brighten my complexion and hopefully lessen some of the age spots that have appeared around my jawline. The peel was successful; I now have plump, shiny and bright skin. The age spots faded considerably... READ MORE

I saw lots of improvement in my face, always had oily skin, had weekly treatments for 2 in half years, I was not informed that it had risk during pregnancy.I had weekly peels my entire pregncay not knowing it was dangerous, everything seems to be fine, my baby is 3 weeks old, but what are the risks? READ MORE

The Jessner's peel is one of many treatments I've had for hyperpigmentation and Adult onset acne. It burned my skin around my nose and mouth and was NOT supposed to do that. I've also had glycolic peels and microdermabrasion.I need/want a long term plan that I READ MORE

My Jessner's peel was on Monday, on Thursday my skin started getting crinkly with little sheets coming off over the next few days. I thought this would have a better result than other types of facials I have tried since I could actually see that sheets of skin were getting exfoliated. It didn't... READ MORE

I had my first Jessner about 3 years ago and loved it, but i remember not washing my face for several days. Does this still apply or can i wash it soonerhow long before I can wash my face after Jessner READ MORE

Pros:Cheap(29.99USD), easy to apply, little down time, reduced pore size, no acne, softer skin, better texture, very faded acne scarsCons: NoneI had acne and acne scarring so I thought I would try a chemical peel. READ MORE

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