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The Jessner Peel is a medium-depth chemical peel that can be used to refresh skin or as an acne treatmentLEARN MORE ›

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Jessner Peel - Orange, CA

After a year without any procedures on my face. I noticed I needed some deep exfoliation. I'm always trying to get rid of my ice pick scars as I have put my life on hold until I can be confident in my dented skin. Today is day 2 of jesser peel. My face was treated with a microdermsbrasion... READ MORE

Looking Old and Tired - Murrieta, CA

I have never had any type of pampering and I have been contemplating a facelift so as I had several plastic surgeons tell me facelift but also to have laser as well. My daughter in law told me to go get a peel which I have never done before so I found a coupon through groupon for my area and... READ MORE

This is Me - Kentucky

Well I went ahead and done another peel the one I did last night didn't work I must've washed it off too fast but this one is great I've done it right it looks the way it's supposed to. I'm just worried that I didn't hurt myself cause I did do this lastnight but didn't really know what I was... READ MORE

Self-Applied Peel for Ice Pick Scars/Hyper-Pigmentation - Las Vegas, NV

I struggled with severe acne for the past 5 years and have finally gotten it under control. However, I am now left with severe redness and Ice pick scarring which make my skin look very rough and uneven. I first tried the jesnner peel 2 years ago and it did help with the acne but I saw better... READ MORE

Ultra Jessner Chemical Peel is Good but Do Not Do Microdermabrasion Prior - Florida, FL

I am an expert in chemical peels , have been doing it often this past year to achieve an even tone, which I am very close in getting, last year I had those deep acne scars and dark spots, now I am doing the peels a lot more superficial a single layer and spread out few months apart Luckily I... READ MORE

Just Got my First Chemical Peel Done to Get Rid of my Acne and Acne Scars - Harker Heights, TX

I was recommended by an esthetician at a medspa to get jessner peel done in order to get rid of my acne and scars problem. I was nervous at first because i have a really sensitive skin and i am only 19! I thought that it would be too harsh for my skin but it wasnt that bad. I just got 1 layer... READ MORE

DIY Jessner Peel

I am confident I can do this. I follow instructions well and understand that good results are achieved with multiple, lesser peels. So, I'll take it easy. My target is brown spots on my arm. Two IPL treatments haven't taken care of them and peels seem more economical. Jessner's Peel... READ MORE

Jessner Peel for Hyperpigmentation and Acne - Los Angeles, CA

I received a three-layer Jessner peel. The peel seems to have reduced some of my hyperpigmentation, while slightly irritating my skin- today is my fourth day after the peel, and I have experienced a few whiteheads (which I believe were there prior to the peel) and one cyst. I generally... READ MORE

Jessner Peel for Melasma - San Francisco, CA

I've heard this helps with melasma, so here goes. I tan very easily and as a result rarely wore sunscreen in my teens and 20s. I also swam competitively and surfed, so I am seeing a lot of sun damage now. It only hurts for a few minutes (strong burning sensation), so if you're a wimp like me,... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction - California

I'd had a Jessner's peel before with no problems and nice result. Last week had another with severe allergic reaction. Extreme swelling of my face, lips and throat, with oozing particularly on my chin. Also had hives on my neck. Swelling did not begin to recede for over 14 hours and was... READ MORE

Jessner peel for melasma

I did a Jessner peel about 1 week ago, it was my first peal and I was really excited to get it done. I have bad melasma as a result of being pregnant so I purchased a series of 3 treatments in hope that it will help minimise some of the dark patches I have on my face. I was that after the... READ MORE

Got New Deep Wrinkles Around the Lips and Along the Smile Line - Carlsbad, CA

I am very scared that those will be permanent. I had Kassner done on Thursday and right after the procedure I was joking that I look like 50 around my mouth. The next day it only looked worse and it started peeling. I was not concerned at that point. After the skin peeled off the deep wrinkle... READ MORE

Jessner Peel Review - New Jersey, NJ

I have done light peels and microdermabrasion many times. I have been unsuccessful getting rid of my melasma, so 5 days ago I went for the Jessner peel. I was told leave it on for 2 days, don't wash my face and then within a few days the peel will start. All I have now is a bunch of breakouts... READ MORE

Jessner Peel to Help Improve Texture and Hyper-pigmentation (African American Skin) - Washington, DC

I have mild adult acne that leaves hyper-pigmentation, especially on my cheek area. I have gotten a series of VI-Peels in the past and they really helped improve the texture of my skin and clear my acne on my cheeks. But, of course the acne came back (due to stress) so I wanted to try a deeper... READ MORE

56 Yrs Old - Northfield, NJ

I've been getting these for 20 yrs, usually just 4 or 5 layers, with decent peeking, but not quite enough. This time a got 8 layers and very very pleased. Used aquaphor and tns cerrimide rotation for the 10 days it peeled. Continued with the cerrimide after is stopped peeking. Skin is tight and... READ MORE

dont do it. Livermore, CA

I just got this stupid thing after it was specifically recommended to me and now a couple days later my face is covered with burning, itchy eczema. It hurts so bad I can't even sleep and I was not warned that this was a possibility. I have never even had eczema on my face before, only my hands.... READ MORE

Jessner's Peel for Melasma - Cedar Park, TX

I have been battling with melasma for years, and my dermatologist recommended a Jessner's Peel. I got my first one in October. My new skin looked awesome, and I was so happy. But the results only lasted one week! I got a second Jessner's peel a month later, and this time the results lasted... READ MORE

55 Year Old with Age Spots and Sun Damage - Vero Beach, FL

When I consulted with Tanya Sperling , MSN,ARNP at Water's Edge Dermatology she discussed the medical benefits of a Chemical peel. I scheduled the appointment for a late afternoon ; the procedure was conducted by Tanya and her assistant Jenny with close monitoring of the skin peel process. I am... READ MORE

40 Year Old Caucasian Female Needed Some Skin Brightening! Saint Augustine, FL

Went in for a facial and they had an add on option of the Jessner Peel for only $35. I decided to get it, had always wanted one. I had tried the Obagi one in the past and it did nothing and I had no peeling at all. (This was their minor one, I know they have a deeper one too.) I have done 3... READ MORE

Jessner Peel On Dark Skin - Murfreesboro, TN

So i got a jessner peel on my face approximately 3 1/2 weeks ago i have another one scheduled for tomorrow. When i got it done i got 3 layers and it did sting but nothing i couldnt deal with. I was looking to have some extreme results with the way my face peeled i looked a mess i started peeling... READ MORE

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