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The average person can lose 100 hairs every day, but more substantial hair loss can be a sign of more than just age. Read up on the causes, and the treatments. LEARN MORE ›

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I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Griffin for my first visit on January 15, 2016. While, this was mostly a consultation-I've done a total of three with other Doctor's. I never once received the quality service he has given me and time. I'm now on a non-surgical journey for my hair loss. While, he... READ MORE

The problem: Thinning hair. I had a lifetime of handfuls of hair loss, but it always grew in at about the same rate, so it didn't matter. At some point it was no longer growing back at the same rate. I realised how bad it was when I found myself trying to style my hair to cover thinning at the... READ MORE

I have used the drug Spray Yuda Pilatory for his head twice a day for three months. Restore hair color in the area of baldness, increased thickness of t he hair. I just love it. Use only original preparation I received from your dermatologist Extra strength Yuda Pilatory Yuda Pilatory (Strong... READ MORE

I have had two moles excised some years ago ,the first one was from my left eyebrow and the second one was from my left beard. Both have left very small scars. I contacted multiple doctors (including overseas) to do hair transplantation over the scars to hide them both. Unfortunately a doctor... READ MORE

After contemplating about taking finasteride I decided to go for it. I took my first pill on September 18, 2015. I'm 24yrs old now and I didn't really notice my hair loss up until about 2 years ago when I joined the military in the summer of 2013. Later that year I noticed the hair around my... READ MORE

I have been in this state for 3 years from now, i am35 years old now, and it started when i was 19 years old and still on my college days. at first it was just mild falling hair, and i just shrugged it off cuz i was really too blind about what was happening to me. Then after a few months my... READ MORE

Xiao Bao, who is a handsome and mischievous little boy ,usually call me the “wide forehead” .He asked me yesterday: “hey, wide forehead, where is your wide forehead anyway?”. I didn’t response him in details, but my hearty laugh did give myself an answer that It brings on many changes... READ MORE

As a 25 year old female, one wouldn't think I would be a typical candidate for Rogaine - and I wasn't. I visited a hair transplant surgeon because I had a bald spot on my scalp from hair being ripped out a few years back and because my hair had been receding due to hypothyroidism. He suggested... READ MORE

Very happy with the result ,hair loss(shedding) as significantly been reduced and visible improvement in my hair growth .the light treatment for the scalp as been very helpful in reducing the hair loss ( shedding) and i have been given a few other medications by my doctor for the improvement in... READ MORE

I had been experiencing thinning hair for several years. As a woman that is very stressful and scary. I went to numerous other physicians about this and no one seemed to know the cause nor have much concern for my issue. After learning of the laser cap from Dr. Mendelsohn’s office I was so... READ MORE

I came to see Dr Dawes Higgs 1 year ago with thinning hair and bad acne problems that I've suffered from for many years. She prescribed me on a few medications and serums that i have been using for over a year. Not only did she set me on the right path but she picked up an abnormal result in my... READ MORE

Dr. Cooley is one of the best hair loss specialist I have ever met. He listens to you answers all your questions. I Would recommend him for anyone who's going trough hair loss or wanting a hair transplant. In the future when my hair loss stops I will be having my hair transplant with Dr.... READ MORE

As I mentioned and my review of Dr Prasad, I was looking for a different alternative to the common treatments for hair loss. After trying almost everything, the hair injection treatment developed by Dr Prasad ended up being a great option. The injection was minimally invasive and now 7 months... READ MORE

Dr. Meshkin is THE BEST!! Completely professionally office and they make sure you are comfortable before, during & after the treatment. They truly care about you, the patient. Could not have had a better experience. I researched other doctors and they were not as experienced nor as thorough... READ MORE

The staff was very helpful in answering questions and preparing me for what to expect.I originally came for a Hair transplant surgery. The hair injection treatment is an option Dr Prasad recommended at this stage of my hair loss . I feel like my hair loss has stopped and am seeing stronger more... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata a few months ago and had steroid shots in my bald spots. My doctor recommended a steroid topical along with minoxidil. I started using minoxidil (2% at first and then switched to 5%). Then, I slowly noticed dark bags under my eyes forming. I really thought it... READ MORE

Dr. Papantoniou has been treating me for a variety of skin cancers on my face. On one visit she biopsied the top area of my forehead. She thought it was frontal fibrosing alopecia. when the results came back, her diagnosis was correct. I now go each month for scalp injections to slow the process... READ MORE

Noticed my hair was thinning on the top and became very concerned. Dr. Surowitz checked to make sure there was nothing medically wrong and discussed my options with me. We decided to use the laser cap and Rogaine. I feel Dr. Surowitz had my best interest in mind and that he truly cared about... READ MORE

It's my pleasure to share feedback about the services and treatment I am undergoing in DR Renita Rajan Skin and Hair Clinic . I have enrolled for Hair treatment and pigmentation. There is a seamless process right from the first day, which enables to undergo medical tests based on the results, DR... READ MORE

Visited Dr. Pak several times within the past 2.5 years. During each visit, Dr. Pak (a perfectionist) combines his professionalism, care as a physician, and aesthetics, to provide a natural blend/ desired look. He and his staff worked tirelessly in increments, to fully satisfy the desired look.... READ MORE

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