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41 Years Old General Hair Loss and Loss at Middle / Front of Hair

I don't know if my hair loss is normal for my age or not. I do know that all of my friends the same age are not experiencing problems with their hair like I am. I had normal hair approximately 2 / 2.5 years ago with a good bit of grey (though I did dye it). Approximately 2.5 years ago I had a... READ MORE

Hair Loss Surgery

I have seen big difference in my appearance. I have noticed a huge increase in my confidence. The after care is very good. Plenty of information leading up to the surgery and after care was very organised. It worth every penny and the change looks very natural. It took my a while to grab the... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny Thanks to The London Nova Clinic!

My hair line started receding at the age of 18! I have never gone out of my home with out a hat on... I feel insecure around my wife I just wanted that little bit of confidence back. Now I have a tone of confidence! The results really exceeded my expectations thanks so much guys! I feel like a... READ MORE

Finally Regrowing Hairline After Traction Alopecia

I've been wearing braids and weaves for years and perming my leave out and about 2 years ago I realized I would be completely bald if I didn't stop. From 2015-2016 I tried just not pulling on the little hair I had remaining, and using castor oil on my bald spots with very little success. I took... READ MORE

John Frank - New York, NY

The man knows his business! Furthermore, he incorporates a team that functions seamlessly. He started with my crown which was of primary concern. Then he continued to fill in my "horse shoe" head pattern! E ready for a long day but only a couple weeks out I see the ends to the means! READ MORE

Minoxidil for Thinning Hair (Female)

The problem: Thinning hair. I had a lifetime of handfuls of hair loss, but it always grew in at about the same rate, so it didn't matter. At some point it was no longer growing back at the same rate. I realised how bad it was when I found myself trying to style my hair to cover thinning at the... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Norwood 3? Using Finasteride for 3 Months - Canada, CA

Hey everyone, this is my first post on here as I have just recently started to become very self conscious of my appearance. As little as two years ago when I started university, I had long hair that I could flow back and it was awesome. Through first year about Midway through, I really started... READ MORE

I had the best experience possible

Dr. nettles is an exceptional doctor he is super professional kind knowledgable and genuinely cares about his patients. I came to Dr. Nettles in August 2016 at the age of 27 I was suffering from stress related hair loss and almost 40 percent of my hair was gone. Today my hair is almost... READ MORE

Feb 5th, 2016 my 2nd Dr. Feller and Bloxham Procedure. Great Neck, NY

A week past and pulling through. Thank you Dr. Feller and Dr. BloxHam for your compassion and giving me hope for a better day and for helping many others. The office staff are awesome starting with front office Kathy who went above and beyond from expediting my procedure appointment to promptly... READ MORE

Propecia & Rogaine... It Works!!?? - Valley Forge, PA

I felt the need to a write a review. I'm a 20 year old male who sought out a dermatologist for hair loss and genetic balding/recession. I went back today for a 3 month checkup and I must say... WOW. I think this stuff actually works! I take the 1mg of propecia in the morning once a day. I have... READ MORE

My Results So Far from my Hair Treatment Regiment - Los Angeles, CA

Back in August 2015 I decided to take control of my hair loss. My regiment is: 8/24/15 Nioxin shampoo and Scalp therapy IGrow Laser Helmet Biotin pills Niacin pills 5% minoxidil twice a day 11/2/15 added 0.5 Derma Roller (every other day) 1.5 Derma Roller ( once a week) 2/14/16 Added 30%... READ MORE

Cortisone Shots - Only in Well Trained Hands! - New Zealand, NZ

Due a case of alopecia areata barbae I went to see Dr David Lim at the Skin Institute in Ponsonby (Auckland, New Zealand) what a mistake I made!! As you can see he injected me multiple times with 10 mgs of pure cortisone which left me with significant damage and holes in my face! Please do... READ MORE

From Saudi Arabia, Hair Loss Problem....Istanbul, TR

I'm Meteb and I had a hair loss problem, i was getting bald.. in Saudi Arabia , we have to wear our traditional Custom as formal... so wearing this for long time, it might hurt the hair and also the scalp and it might lead to baldness... i found Dr. B and His technique of Organic Hair treatment... READ MORE

Hair Loss Treatment Journey/Non Surgical. Atlanta, GA

I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Griffin for my first visit on January 15, 2016. While, this was mostly a consultation-I've done a total of three with other Doctor's. I never once received the quality service he has given me and time. I'm now on a non-surgical journey for my hair loss. While, he... READ MORE

E.g (58 Old) YUDA Pilatory Treatment - China, CN

I have used the drug Spray Yuda Pilatory for his head twice a day for three months. Restore hair color in the area of baldness, increased thickness of t he hair. I just love it. Use only original preparation I received from your dermatologist Extra strength Yuda Pilatory Yuda Pilatory (Strong... READ MORE

31-year-old with Minor Eyebrow and Left Beard Mole Removals. Vancouver, BC

I have had two moles excised some years ago ,the first one was from my left eyebrow and the second one was from my left beard. Both have left very small scars. I contacted multiple doctors (including overseas) to do hair transplantation over the scars to hide them both. Unfortunately a doctor... READ MORE

Hopped on Finasteride W/ Biotin SBR^ 1.1/1MG - Austin, TX

After contemplating about taking finasteride I decided to go for it. I took my first pill on September 18, 2015. I'm 24yrs old now and I didn't really notice my hair loss up until about 2 years ago when I joined the military in the summer of 2013. Later that year I noticed the hair around my... READ MORE

35 Y.o Mark

I have been in this state for 3 years from now, i am35 years old now, and it started when i was 19 years old and still on my college days. at first it was just mild falling hair, and i just shrugged it off cuz i was really too blind about what was happening to me. Then after a few months my... READ MORE

Guys, You Can’t Call Me Wide Forehead Anymore! - Beijing, China

Xiao Bao, who is a handsome and mischievous little boy ,usually call me the “wide forehead” .He asked me yesterday: “hey, wide forehead, where is your wide forehead anyway?”. I didn’t response him in details, but my hearty laugh did give myself an answer that It brings on many changes since my ... READ MORE

Extra Strength Rogaine: Aged 5 Years in 2 Months, Even Though Hair Grew - Tacoma, WA

As a 25 year old female, one wouldn't think I would be a typical candidate for Rogaine - and I wasn't. I visited a hair transplant surgeon because I had a bald spot on my scalp from hair being ripped out a few years back and because my hair had been receding due to hypothyroidism. He suggested... READ MORE

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