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This herbal take on the chemical peel contains natural plant ingredients meant to treat fine lines, areas of dryness, uneven pigmentation, and acne. LEARN MORE ›

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Green Peel Definitely NOT WORTH IT - Tacoma, WA

Sept of 2009 I went to a Spa in Tacoma and the aesthician suggested a green peel. All I wanted to do, was reduce my pores on one side of my face- they were not really visible, but I could see a them a little, so I thought Id be proactive.Long story short- everything the woman claimed it would... READ MORE

Herbal Power Peel Home Peel

Pros: I saved a ton of money doing the peel myself. Cons: Not sure if I got the same results as an in office peel. I have adult acne and large pores and wanted to improve the texture. So, I have been using this herbal power peel for about a month. The peel is customizable and can be used as... READ MORE

Is Green Peel for Everyone?

1. Precondition: I have been visiting skincare for my acne prone skin with enlarged pores and troubled chest area. The skincare suggested that I undergo the green peel and stem cell peel combination treatment, so I bought the series for $1000. 2. Day One: I tell her to be gentle with my skin and... READ MORE

Green Peel for Texture and Acne Breakouts - Painful, Expensive, but Worth It - Toronto, ON

I chose to do a green peel for my skin texture and periodic breakouts that still occur even though I am aproaching 30 yr. My main concern was texture of skin. After breaking out on and off for years my skin texture was not smooth and i had some mild /moderate scars on my cheeks/ side of face and... READ MORE

Beware of Shingles and Cold Sores! - Palo Alto, CA

Dr.Schrammek green peel. Wanted to get rid of some old acne spots (mild pigmentation) and improve overall skin condition. Everything was fine (well.. irritating, but I was ready to suffer) until day 3d, when all of a sudden blisters developed all over my face! Very painful and just..... READ MORE

Green Peel - What I Think So Far... - London, GB

So spent last night reading reviews of the Green Peel. Here is what I think so far. I don't know why everyone is complaining about how sore it is as I have not found it so. It is somewhat uncomfortable but not highly painful at all. It did feel like my face had been dipped in fiberglass as I... READ MORE

Green Peel Didn't Make a Difference - Galway, Ireland

A friend of mine had the green peel done in Galway. Her face looked really badly sunburnt after, the skin speicalist told her she would be able to return to work the next day but she couldn't leave the house for five days. It was red raw for the full five days, seriously it looked awful and... READ MORE

Small Acne Scars

I had my peel done five days ago and went to see the beautian to remove the leftover skin. I still have some flaking skin and the top layer of skin was still peeling!!Nonetheless, I do notice a difference in my skin. I had small acne scars on my cheek that didn't seem to be going anywhere and... READ MORE

Painful, Expensive, and Doesn't Give Good Results

I have not personally had a green peel, but worked at a Medical Spa for a year, and saw probably 50 clients get the herbal green peel. We recommended a series of three treatments, a month apart. I did not see one customer that was happy with their results, and most of them said the pain was... READ MORE

HORRIFYING and Depressing Experience!

I received the green peel and yes, it was an uncomfortable process, but I didn't care. You see, the medical spa that I went to suggested the green based on my acne and hyperpigmentation. So I didn't care that the process would be uncomfortable--there's an old saying "suffer for beauty... READ MORE

Day Two of Green Peel

I had horrible acne in high school which left scars on my cheeks and its been the one thing that I've always tried to "make better."  I was always trying the latest makeup that promised ultimate coverage or a new cream that swears will lighten red marks and acne scarring. ... READ MORE

Acne Scars Not As Noticeable!

So far I have had one peel and after 5 years of being depressed when I look at my skin I am happy with the results. Its not 100% gone but what do you expect from something that does not contain any acids. I had pin point acne scars and I had the peel done 1 week ago and it did work. Of course I... READ MORE

I Look & Feel Years Younger

Yes it is expensive & painful but worth it. Most people don't follow up with their treatments & dont use the right products. I have had 7 treatments done & everyone thinks ive had a face lift. No other product can achive what Green Peel can. The herbs create new skin cells, other... READ MORE

Pretty Good - Plano, TX

Out of several types of spa facials, this is one of my favorites. It makes my face feel smooth and improves the circulation for a while. It is not like a deep resurfacing that would smooth uneven skin like scars or really remove lines and wrinkles. Only a doctor can do that kind of strong... READ MORE

Minimal Effect - Might Be Worth It if It Wasn't So Expensive!

Opted to try the green peel after my esthetician said she saw significant results after just 1 treatment. I have oily, acne prone skin with hyper-pigmentation and light scarring from past blemishes. The treatment was definitely uncomfortable, but it wasn't anything near unbearable. My face was... READ MORE

Dr. Shrammek Green Peel

I had my first green peel ( the Dr. Schrammek one )in Melbourne Australia 10 years ago. During my third pregnancy we moved over to Melbourne from the UK and after a few months and not even sunbathing I began to get pretty bad pigmentation - blocks of joined up freckles and uneven tone - on my... READ MORE

I Miss my Green Peels

A local aesthetician learned how to do green peel in S Korea and began doing them when she came back to the States. I had medium green peels every two weeks for over a year. Everyone raved about my skin and how youthful I looked, even my aethetician's sister, who started getting them herself... READ MORE

Green Peel

I have had 4 green peels for hyperpigmentation over 3 years. I got ok results with the 1st one, then no further improvements with the following 3. I went back for the further 3 treatments as per recommended by my beauty therapist. It took handfulls of courage to go back, as the pain involved was... READ MORE

Green Peel for Acne and Hyperpigmentation

I thought a chemical peal was the way to go for removing acne and brown spots, hyperpigmentation. The esthetican convinced me to go a "gentler route" and get the green peel. Don't be fooled! a green peel may be herbal but it's NOT gentle. It burned when on my face for 10 minutes. I left... READ MORE

I had the green peel done last week. Loved the Results - Chicago, IL

I had the green peel done last week. I have pitted acne scars and discoloration. I was actually told today that my skin looks like porcelain. Those are words I never thought I would hear. The actual peel was uncomfortable but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I will probably go a... READ MORE

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