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This herbal take on the chemical peel contains natural plant ingredients meant to treat fine lines, areas of dryness, uneven pigmentation, and acne. LEARN MORE ›

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Green Peel by Dr Schrammek at Nara Simon Fulham

I have done the Green Peel (fresh up) at the Nara Simon, Fulham Branch, and very happy about the results. You are not supposed to wash your face for 24hrs. The peel I did was a "fresh up" only and the skin does not peel off. Its certainly made my skin more even and hyrdrated--which was the... READ MORE

Herbal Peel Fail

I did the herbal peel two times already the first peel was alright I didn't get the best results like the person who did my face said. The second time was horrible I broke out like crazy!! It's not worth it your marks don't get lifted they stay the same. It's look like it at first until your... READ MORE

22 Year Old, Didnt Wanna Wear Bb Cream..looked into Green Peel - Oakville

I had really bad acne before I had my daughter.. it cleared up during pregnancy. I was left with decent skin..a bit red from all the treatments, there was pigmentation beneath my eyes, and my nose had lines on it from so many extractions.. On a normal day, I can usually go without make up and... READ MORE

34 with Redness, Breakout Scars, and Some Discoloration on my Face - Chicago, IL

34 years old and sick of my face being splotchy with some redness (apparently from inflammation), breakout scars, and some discoloration from the sun. I got a green peel yesterday. It doesn't hurt but it kinda feels like a cactus or mini static shocks for 24 hours - not bad though. The Dr... READ MORE

MyGreen Peel Experience

I did a mild Green Peel in August which left my skin with a better skin tone. Please keep in mind that I have sensitive smooth skin. I have never had acne or any type of problems with my facial skin other than sunburn. The reason I went in the first place to do a Green Peel is because the... READ MORE

Black Girl Blues- Active Acne and Scars - London, GB

I had the green peel treatment done yesterday. I was reluctant to try this product as not many have worked in the past. Prior to this treatment I was having diamond microdermabrasion however I was told this treatment would be better as I was getting the occasional breakout. The procedure was... READ MORE

Amazing Results

This is an incredible treatment. I have eczema and highly sensitive skin. This is a great treatment that helps lighten hyperpigmentaction, treated small acne breakouts, even skin tone and revealed healthier new skin. I have had the lighter version done but prefer the classic deeper peel. Some... READ MORE

47 Yr Old, Some Acne Scars, Pigmentation from Sun Damage - London, GB

I had a Dr. Schrammek Green Peel yesterday. Medium strength. My aesthetician recommended this. Before this I have been going for a monthly microdermabrasion facial for 2 years. I use SkinCeutical products daily and SPF50 sunscreen everyday. I spent a fortune on my skin so far in my life! The... READ MORE

30 Year Old Old Acne Scars- Part 1 - Toronto, ON

I debated on having the herbal green peel done because of the price and the 5 days of unsightly skin. I finally decided and I received one today. I will discuss step by step my experience at a renowned holistic skin care clinic. First They removed all make up They removed some black heads... READ MORE

Needed Solution for Discoloration from Old Acne Wanted Even Skin Tone - Palo Alto, CA

I am 29 and as I got older I have been covering up more and more skin every day to leave the house because of old acne discoloration. Even when my skin is clear I have to put concealer on those old spots. It was not fun and I hated the look. My mom finally convinced me to go to the spa, get a... READ MORE

Bio Peeling - Brisbane, AU

I had my second done last week and my skin really shows smoothing all over the scar from my ugly pimple scar i carried for years. The procedure equivalent to usual beauty therapy but with just the added 2B bio peeling products. I mean that my skin was cleansed and there bio peeling applied,... READ MORE

Love the Green Peel - Houston, TX

My aesthetician did the medium Green Peel on me. It was amazing! My skin peeled and it helped with my pigmentation. My skin looked much smoother and had an even tone. I loved it. She massaged the herbs into my skin for about 5 minutes. She recommended that I take a Dr. Schrammek Blemish... READ MORE

Will the GREEN PEEL Actually Be THE Peel That Makes a NOTICEABLE Difference? - Burbank, CA

I have done several different superficial peels but none have really been of any noticeable difference. Sure, my skin looked smoother at first but then seemed to go back to its old self, i.e., thick, oily, uneven textured, superficially scarred skin, with its large pores esp. on my nose still... READ MORE

Green Peel for Scars/acne - Sydney, Australia

I have had really bad acne in the past and was left with terrible scars. I could cover them with makeup but they would still show through. I heard about Green Peel from my beauty therapist and after seeing some before and after photos i just decided i might as well try it, since ive tried so... READ MORE

Green Peel Curiosity - Dallas, TX

So i have serious black heads on my nose n dy said i needed a green peel that a microdermabrasion wouldn't work. i didnt think i was that bad for a peel. hopefully when this is over, i will not have to see those black heads again since i had them all my life. i hope this truly worksso the green... READ MORE

Green Herbal Peel - New York

Let me just say for me, the herbal peel did wonders. i am actually in the midst of peeling right now, just got my second peel 3 days ago and i cant wait to get this layer removed. i got my very first herbal peel done about a month ago and was really impressed. Now, i never had any skin issues as... READ MORE


I got the green herb skin peel kit . Iv done it before but this time my skin look like it has been sooo severely burned on my face, it's a very dark red color and burns still after the peel, the next day it was still the same. What should I do or use? If I use something will it effect the... READ MORE

I had some acne scars - Waste of Money - United Kingdom, GB

I had some acne scars and my beautician suggested me to do this green peel, she gave me a little book with photos of the green peel and how it works and it looked good so i said i'd try it. I did it and i had it on me for about 10 minutes, she didn't give those extra lotions and... READ MORE

Skin Glows and Feels Smoother, But... Japan

I've had acne since I hit puberty, when I was 12 or 13. Now I'm 19 and the acne has calmed down but it has left red and dark marks on pretty much my entire face, specially on the cheeks and chin. So I looked up online anything that could get rid of the acne marks: creams, vitamins, laser... READ MORE

Green Peel Journey - London

I suffered from acne which is now gone but has left the typical red marks and some shallow pits. I know a peel will not remove the pitting but since I have a big night out planned in a week I wanted to do this peel to just refreshen and give an overall improvement in the red marks. So today... READ MORE

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