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Fraxel Repair is a fractionated CO2 laser treatment that is used for skin resurfacing—wrinkle treatment, reversing sun damage, treating acne scarring—when more dramatic repair is in order. LEARN MORE ›

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Excellent Way to Turn Back the Clock a View Years - Miami Beach, FL

The fraxel repair was pretty intensive but not unbearable. After the procedure there was no pain but the skin had to recuperate and needed care. There were soaks that had to be done every hour for the first day. After a week I went out with sunglasses and a big hat. My skin was pink and it... READ MORE

Post Procedure Tips - Houston, TX

I'm 57 years old and have sun damage on my face. I'm not expecting the Fraxel Repair to give the same results as a facelift (I already had a lift last year). I just want to get rid of the fine lines, brown spots, enlarged pores, and some old acne scars. I have the post procedure insrtuctions but... READ MORE

Incredible Results, Amazing - Bloomfield Hills, MI

First off, sorry I did not take before and after pictures -- I'll try to explain my results in words instead. I'm a 33 year old male who has done 3 tours in Afghanistan and 1 tour in Iraq. I developed major sun spots on my face (nose and cheeks) from sun exposure, especially from Iraq -- a lot... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair for Stretch Marks - Yerevan, Armenia

I have tried several methods for easing the look of my stretch marks. In the past, I had four treatments of the Fraxel Re:store laser (Erebium laser), and the re:store laser did not work. However, I recently had two treaments of my 16 year old white stretch marks with the Mixel Co2 fractional... READ MORE

Fraxel-2nd Treatment So Far So Good - Miami, FL

I bought 3 fraxel sessions on groupon for a whopping $139, actually $129 because i referred someone to Groupon. I know it sounds insane but thats ill I have paid out of my pocket. The only downside is that my face wasnt numbed before hand so it was kind of painful. I am 35 years old and... READ MORE

Full Face Fraxel Repair - Westchester, NY

The procedure was fine, little discomfort but not bad. Took a week off of work and didn't leave the house for 4 days. Under the eyes took the most time to heal. The main reason I did fraxel repair was to remove/lighten the sun spots and it didn't work. I now use Retin A 10% and Retin A 5%, works... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair - Newport Beach, CA

Definitely worth it. Cannot believe you are 90% healed in a week when I looked so scary 2days after. Dr. Liu was honest in explanations of what to expect after and made sure she answered all question. I look and feel 10 years younger. You know it worked when your 18 year old tells you you look a... READ MORE

Fraxel - Fairfax, VA

Brown Spots READ MORE

Fraxel Repair: Took the Plunge - New York, NY

Had Fraxel Repair done 11/12/11 and I am doing okay. :-) Grateful the procedure went well and the week is over. I am 40 years old with a mix of ice pick, box and rolling scars. Been on Accutane twice. Accutane saved me. I was very lucky I did not experience any side effects. Last time on... READ MORE

Great for 8 Months But Now Look Terrible - Oklahoma

I went to a plastic surgeon in dallas who promotes fraxel repair on the Internet. I had general anesthetic. Recovery was generally as described by others except I had an allergic reaction to the topicals. two weeks downtime. The doctor warned me that with my fragile saggy skin at 62 I would want... READ MORE

Fraxel C02 Done, Some Complications - Florida

I am day 4 and in the worst pain. I had my face, neck and chest done. Day 1 was ok. Apparently, the script that I got for valtrex was for the generic and not the original. I started to get red and redder, and now I am red/purple day 4. I have run a fever since day 1. I actually got sick day 2... READ MORE

Scarred for Life - Athens, Georgia

If you are going to try fraxel, research, and make sure a dermatologist is the one doing it. Go to a reputable dr. With lots of credentials. I had a setting of 8 or 10 and 5 passes. After about a year, my face crashed. I had noticed deep red track marks around my mouth. It looks like lines all... READ MORE

looking for treatment to get rid of freckles, sun spots, pigmentation and overall skin tone - Amazing Results - San Diego, CA

About 2 years ago I went to Dr. F, looking for treatment to get rid of freckles, sun spots, pigmentation and overall skin tone and texture. He suggested a Mini Fraxel Repair, at low settings, everything went smooth, my skin improved 90% and still is looking great!! I would do it again in a... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after Fraxel repair treatment

-04/08/2009 : 9/6 front & 12/6 rest of face total : 3,87 -12/09/2009 : 8/8/ front 12/8 rest of face total : 4,62 Had two sessions: both times my face cleared up perfectly but the 1st time after a month the melasma patches on the fore head (for which I had the treatment for) came... READ MORE

Not Worth It for Darker Skin Types - Portland, OR

It will be 2 years next April 2012 sine my laser repair. After a researching why my treatement was severely damage, I found out that the Fraxel repair I had done was not meant for my skin type... I am between 3-4. Polynesian ethnicity. The company cannot be sued for false advertising etc.... READ MORE

Great Team of Pros! - Portland, OR

Stretch marks and melasma READ MORE

The Best of the Best..... - New York, NY

I see him for Fraxel Repair. READ MORE

A Life Changing Journey - New York, NY

I simply had no other option. I have been a celebrity stylist for 35 years- I have never worn makeup- I don't consider myself vain-2 years ago it started-I became 'Invisible" I looked like an old lady. I am not a very trusting person either; so I was at the very least sceptical... READ MORE

A First Rate Doctor and Medical Office - New York

In a large city with hundreds of 'dermotologists', it's amazing to find the best. And, Dr. Shelton and his staff really stand out among the rest. I wouldn't trust anyone else! READ MORE

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