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Fraxel Repair is a fractionated CO2 laser treatment that is used for skin resurfacing—wrinkle treatment, reversing sun damage, treating acne scarring—when more dramatic repair is in order. LEARN MORE â€ş

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9 months after fraxel, my scars are still there, as are the hypo pigmentation, red lines and streaks and rough skin.  prior to this my skin texture was perfect, but not so firm at 48 and I was hoping for tightness.  The laser had little or no effect on the loose skin.  ... READ MORE

I am a 24 y/o female and had fraxel re:pair done on 2/23. I have previously had 4 fraxel restores done and was very unsatisfied with the results (a diff. physician performed the restores). I wanted to improve some texture irregularities, red blotches, and a few scars. I did a lot of research on... READ MORE

Price included: face, neck and chest... Also includes extra $580 for botox two weeks earlier to facillitate healing of forehead, lips, 'bunny lines'.  This was a 'special' price, and I don't kow if this price will be honored moving forward.  It was their Xmas... READ MORE

Ok, i had Fraxel Repair on December 19th.  I had it done to my entire face and neck.  I have attached pictures for your review and comments.  I will say this is not for the faint at heart.  I don't think I would do it again.  My skin is clearer but I was expecting... READ MORE

Reviews on realself have helped me decide on this process (Fraxel re:pair) and upper bleph surgery (as well as my dcotor of course!) and so I wanted to share with others my journey. Having had a series of PIL fotofacials with Vbeam and been very pleased, I was ready to attack the saggy skin... READ MORE

So far my experience has been very good.  But - it's too early to tell what the final results will be.  Attached is my after picture from today.  I will download the before picture when I find it. The attached picture is of my lower lids with the Fraxel Re:pair.  I will... READ MORE

I went into this procedure knowing exactly what to expect. I chose this procedure for mild acne scarring on my cheeks, my right side being worst than my left. I had done my research, chose a board certified plastic surgeon who performed the procedure... and who has experience with the... READ MORE

Recommended by a friend to see Calabrace couldn't get in to see him but Nana was available regretted my decision ever since. I seen him told him what I wanted he recommended the fraxel without telling me if you do this it has to be done more than once knowing I was on a budget this was not fair... READ MORE

I had laser treatment to remove prominent red veins from my nose, and red 'blood spots' from my body. I had this done about 7 years ago by Tom Bozek. The treatment was amazing - got rid of it completely. The red veins on my nose were just starting to come back recently, so I had another session... READ MORE

I did this procedure to treat white stretch marks on the inside of my arms that appeared during adolescence. Despite what doctors have told me, almost all of my stretch marks have appeared white/silvery from the beginning, unfortunately. I seem to be prone to stretch marks, as they are all over... READ MORE

My initial fraxel was close to two years ago. I had a lot of sun damage. I am pale skinned and all the freckles were starting to join. I looked tried and rough skinned. The fraxel was miraculous quite frankly. it gave me back so much confidence. I dropped 6-7 years. my skin looked fresh and... READ MORE

After years of feeling self-conscious about my skin, I finally looked to Dr. Brunner at the suggestion of one of her patients. She has a large clientele and wonderful reputation in the Princeton, NJ area, so I felt extremely comfortable with her. I am currently 2 months out from having the... READ MORE

I have received a number of treatments with Dr. Brunner, including Fraxel laser resurfacing, Restylane Filler, and Botox injections. Dr. Brunner is very professional & caring. She is a truly talented and dedicated physician. She has that "artistic eye" and the ability to provide very natural... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair - done on 2/2015 I have a small scar on my forehead about the size of a nickel, it is from a burn and the scar is rough in texture, and the scar healed terrible and pretty much the texture on my forehead is bumpy with rough edges and is noticable. I have had this scar for about 5... READ MORE

Hi, I felt it was important to write a review and share my story, as I had read so many before going in for treatment. Sorry, I will not be posting pictures, because I was private about my treatments. I had acne scarring on my cheeks - ice pick and rolling - left over from puberty. The... READ MORE

I'm having Fraxel done today on my face, so very nervous! I've heard good things and bad things...I've been wanting to have something done on my face for so long now, to treat acne scars from cystic ance I've had growing up...and being a tanaholic for so many years:/ my mom warned me the damaged... READ MORE

I had some deep acne scars, and I wanted to get rid of them. I saw Dr. Fabi. She was awesome. Over the course of a month, my scars improved dramatically. I saw a drastic difference when I looked at my before and after photos. I would recommend Dr. Fabi to anyone who is considering cosmetic... READ MORE

I am 51 years old and i had very bad sun damage on my face.I chose my doctor based on reviews from this site and online research.I had a fraxel repair session done for lip lines around the mouth.Went in with no make up they put numbing cream on my face for about an hour gave me a shot to relax... READ MORE

My husband and I had the best week! We went in together and had our face treated with CO2 and Fraxel on our neck. Of course we were swollen and frightening for the first week, but it was fun. We were given Demerol, but not put out so the shots in my face were pretty uncomfortable. I didn't... READ MORE

As I am emotional writing this review, I know what it's like to search for any kind of answers... unfortunately I don't have any, I only know that I've kinda lost hope on my damage getting better and would like to share my story. I am a little more than a year out from my Fraxel nightmare and... READ MORE

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How much does Fraxel Repair cost?

The typical cost for Fraxel Repair ranges from $1,300-$5,500 with an average cost of $3,425. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 147 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more