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Fraxel Repair is a fractionated CO2 laser treatment that is used for skin resurfacing—wrinkle treatment, reversing sun damage, treating acne scarring—when more dramatic repair is in order. LEARN MORE â€ş

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I have horrible acne scars and now my skin is sagging and I have more deep lines and wrinkles. I have big 'Ol bags under my eyes. It's pretty depressing. My doctor said that I would see great improvement if I did the Fraxel Repair. I did it and spend a boat load of money-- for really no... READ MORE

I had a fraxel re:pair treatment performed about two weeks ago to treat severe acne scarring (primarily rolling type) by building up collagen under the skin. I am satisfied with the result as of today. For the first week, I was elated because the post-procedure swelling improved the texture of... READ MORE

I had a fraxel repair session done for acne sacrring on my cheeks (went ahead and did my upper lip and chin to help it blend better once it's all healed). Day One: Thursday 01/24 at 4:30p.m. Went in with no makeup they put numbing cream on my face for about an hour gave me valium and a shot... READ MORE

Fraxel repair permanently scarred my face. it burnt tracks (holes) in my skin that go all the way down to the dermis. my once poreless complextion know is covered in unsightly holes. the fraxel also breaks down the collagen and elastin causing the skin to sag. my once youthful, glowing, nearly... READ MORE

After years of sun damage and age, my hands needed to be rejuvenated. After reading reviews and doing research, I decided to have the Fraxel Repair procedure performed on my hands. I have had other laser work down on my face and neck with no complications so I thought doing a laser procedure... READ MORE

I did a Fraxel:Repair, which is the modern version of the Co2 (ablative laser). This procedure is highly advanced and it requires a computer calculation of a matrix of skin. Unlike the classical Co2, where a layer of skin is taken out, with Fraxel Repair, only selective columns of skin (micro... READ MORE

I don't think i've ever posted on a blog about myself, but i wanted to share my experience and hopefully i can help those who have similar situation. I was so upset and ashamed of myself. By way of background, I have had acne since a teenagers. it's not severely bad bad, but bad enough to leave... READ MORE

It was definitely a different experience. I chose my doctor based on reviews from this site and they laser that this facility uses... I have done several skin TCA peels over the years and my scars have improves. Now that I could afford it I decided to go with the laser in hopes of improving... READ MORE

I know some folk have an improving result with Fraxel... Friends have had it done and I have watched their relatively easy recoveries. Pure vanity prompted me to book my first Fraxel sitting... The first and last I might add. Personally I wish I had never considered it and stupidly my skin... READ MORE

I am a 54 year old that has lived in the California sun my whole life. I seen a segment on Fraxel repair for lip lines that caught my attention. I would love to soften my wrinkles that I have accumulated through out the last few years and having surgery is not for me. I have researched Fraxel... READ MORE

Hey all, I've been reading alot of reviews online about the positive and negative effects of fraxel laser. Let me begin by tellign you I've had cystic acne since I was 10 years old. It's been the most embarrassing thing I've had to deal with almost my entire life. I've been teased and humiliated... READ MORE

One month ago I had Fraxel Re:Pair on my forehead to treat acne scarring. I had terrible acne growing up and it was a really negative experience for me. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. It was traumatic. Accutane cleared up the acne but scars remained on my forehead and that is where the... READ MORE

Well, it's only been 24-hours, but so good. I had the re:pair for light acne scarring on my cheek, fine lines, and pore size. I'm 36 years old and a fair blonde. I posted a camera phone photo just so you can see the red. The flash is kinda blocking some of it, but it looks like... READ MORE

I had my face and neck done with the fraxel repair in an effort to reduce wrinkles. The procedure itself was not too bad although I did look I had gone through a meat grinder. Bandages have to be changed every 2 hours for the first 2 days and you must use great care. I was so excited to look in... READ MORE

I did Fraxel Repair on November 16th 2011 around my eyes, since my eye lids were drooping more than I would like them to specially the right eyelid which is why they increased the intensity on the right eye which is why its suffering more lol. anyways the procedure its self was ok the worst part... READ MORE

The procedure was tolerable as far as pain. Healing is tolerable with moderate itchiness. I researched this procedure after comments that my skin looked older and wrinkles were becoming very apparent. I saw a procedure on Dr. Oz that was very similar to my problems and researched and found... READ MORE

Today is the second day and I haven't taken a picture yet, but will update as the days go by. I had my entire face done including my eyes. The procedure itself was very painful even though I had the numbing cream and numerous injections. My face is very swollen. I have taken a week and a... READ MORE

I trust in my doctor, and I am only posting this here so I can share with others who may be going through the same thing and feeling a bit scared, and I want to read other stories. I had Fraxel Repair done on my entire face and neck. I am on day three, and my face is now severely swollen, red,... READ MORE

I was looking for a doctor to get laser fraxel in my both cheeks, then i saw a Docto's website in Washington DC and made an appointment. The doctor is a plastic surgeon as a read in his website, but once there, the doctor just saw me, for 10 seconds and told to a technician to do the... READ MORE

I went in to the office in which by the way they are they most friendly group of people. They take very good care of you, they pamper you. They put numbing cream on my face for almost an hour, then started an IV which put in in a twilight sleep(because I was having very aggressive procedure for... READ MORE

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