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Evolence was a collagen injectable used to fill out facial lines and wrinkles. The manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, pulled it from the market in 2009. LEARN MORE ›

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Evolence Ruined my Life !

I was injected with this product j drr my eyes give years ago. Dr. Said it was cheaper and good . It right away left two bumps under each eye. Dr tried everything. Finally he said we should do a mini eye lift as that should get rid of the marks. I used to model makeup with my eyes. I didn't want... READ MORE

update....its been over a year and several months now and look at the lumping it worse! - Austin, TX

I was talked into doing it..not sure why he wanted to put under eyes. guess it comes down to dollars. I finally got evolence removed!!! took over an hour this product was yellow and hard.. What was causing lumps. Plastic surgeon wasn't to sure at first . He had to order a specific tool ... READ MORE

Evolence Left Terrible Long Lasting Bumps Under and Around my Eyes - Indianapolis, IN

Evolence is the worst dermal filler ever! My plastic surgeon who I have been to for 20 years decided to use it under my eyes. BIG MISTAKE. He hit a vein and it left a huge soft bump and in other areas around my eyes you can see where he injected it. He has tried small doses of cortisone but... READ MORE

Evolence is Horrible Under Eyes

NO PROS AT ALL!! It has been. since March 2008 and I still have lumps under my eye!! HORRIBLE PRODUCT pictures are taken two days ago!! I am so upset about this product and the fact that i cant get any assistance with this problem. I spent thousands on surgery to make myself look better... READ MORE

Stay Away from Evolence

I have had nothing but problems with Evolence. I have had lumps that have abcessed with pus, drained and received 7 series of cortizone injections to fix them. Nothing works so far. It has been a nightmare that is not resolved yet. I receive cortizone every two weeks to keep the inflamation... READ MORE

Evolence Hated It

Had evolence injected into my lips, had restaylene before and loved it. My surgeon advised me that evolence would last longer but the main thing was that it would not make my lips swell for 3 days like restaylane does. Evolence did not make my lips swell, but hated the result not natural... READ MORE

Glabella Area Bleaching the (Permanent) Filler- Stroke Syndrome Almost Blindness(like Your Eyes Are Being Cut out when attacked)

Evolution is made from poly(acrylamide-co-DADMA) and microscopic, porous spheres. Whereas Outline forms the framework for new collagen assembly, Evolution also provides the bulk. The microscopic spheres held within the gel are porous and attract the pro-collagen molecules right through the... READ MORE

Horrible Product- Left Permanent Bump on my Face - New York, NY

In June of 2009 my very reputable PS suggested using the cream color product under my eys to cover the dark circles. After injection it was very swollen and obvious I had a filler placed under my eyes 2 months later he injected it with a steriod. The evolence under my right eye has disolved... READ MORE

Evolence Rocks! - California

I love this stuff!!! My nasolabial folds are gone,my lips look luscious. The best part is how long it lasts! Once a year and I am good.... READ MORE

Had Evolence in my Face and Have Seen 4 Specialists to Try to Get Rid of the Hard Masses Under my Skin - Newport Beach

I am an RN and I attended an aesthetic school that allowed us to practice on one another once we were educated on the technique of administering dermail fillers. I had a horrible reaction to the product. My face swelled, first one side then the other. I have seen 4 specialists and visited... READ MORE

Evolence Disaster - Finland

I did have evolence put in my cheeks ans near to tear througs. now i have lumps and face is uneven. more on to other side than other. one side i look like ihave more bigger eyebag than i did before. this is disaster. what cani do to take this off of my face?? anything. please help me. READ MORE

Evolence Under the Eyes - Georgia

It left me with awful lumps and bumps under both eyes...terrible experience...had to have surgery to correct this problem. My advice: Be very careful with any injections under the eyes! READ MORE

Total Disaster Under my Eyes After Having Evolence

I had Evolence 19 months ago and have been left with horrific lumps under both my eyes and NOBODY has any solutions as to how to get rid of this horrible product from my face...It hasnt dissolved like i was told that it would and it just looks horrible and I dont know what to do. READ MORE

Totally Worth It on Frown Lines

On 9/09 had two syringes done on frown lines (marinete lines) some of the nasolabial folds. I had deep folds from the corners of my mouth down to my chin area.On 10/16 went back and had one more syringe on one side of mouth. It was worse than the other to begin with. Did not have to use all of... READ MORE

Lumps from Evolence Injection (Nasolabial Folds)

I wanted to reduce the appearance of my nasolabial folds. My research showed that evolence was an appropriate collagen filler for this purpose. Now I have lumps and it looks worse than when I started.I had evolence injections into my nasolabial folds a week ago and I still have lumps on one... READ MORE

Help my Smile is Crooked After Evolence

As of today there are no pros, my face looks bloated and distorted. Unless something radically changes I hope that this does not really last as long as they are saying it is going to!I had evolence in the nasal folds, one syringe each side on Friday at 1:30pm, it is the following monday at 4:00... READ MORE

Evolence Bad Experience (Nasolabial Folds)... So Worried! - Pensacola, FL

Ughh...I am so scared. Had two syringes of Evolence injected 4 days ago (nasolabial folds) and I have a hard bumpy line on one side with redness and the other side looks maybe 25% better but with red bumps...and it still hurts. I am feeling very disappointed and worried that those bumps and... READ MORE

Evolence Breeze for Undereye Smile Lines

I was taken in by the nurse who said evolence breeze was smooth and would camoflage lines i had under eyes when smiled so that is why i tried it.charged me £600.00 and 1 year later i still have lumps and bumps under eyes. i look a mess and she will not help neither refund or disolve.can... READ MORE

The Best Filler for Nasolabial Folds! - Peabody, MA

Love it! This is the third time I've had injections into my nasolabial folds and my first time using evolence. Previously, I've had Restylane, which I liked and Juvederm, which I did not. I blame the doctor who did it as she injected too much and too close to the surface IMO. The doctor who... READ MORE

Disaster - Evolence Injected into Bilateral Malar Implants

I have bilateral malar implants. A physician injected evolence into the base of the right implant as there is scarring at this site. The product "bumped" and the physician attempted to help mold the product using pressure the malar implant burst its capsule and was moved into my eye... READ MORE

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