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Endermologie is a cellulite treatment that combines very firm massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin's surface in an attempt to break up the fat cells that cause cellulite dimpling. LEARN MORE ›

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I love endermologie! - Montreal, QC

I can't say enough about how much I love endermologie and why I would highly recommend it. And if you are in Montreal, I definitely recommend Studio MMV in Cote des Neiges for stellar service. First, let's talk about the results. Does it work? YES, without a doubt. This treatment helped re-shape... READ MORE

Fighting Cellulite - Dallas, TX

I'm 48 and hating my thighs with all the dimples and grooves. I'm going to Cancun in October so.....yes, I want to look nice! Groupon offered a reduction in price and after researching, I chose Endermologie. I had my first appointment and all I did was fill out a sheet of my "problem" areas... READ MORE

Great Results!! - Auckland, New Zealand

I had great results with this treatment. With a combined effort of me eating well for weight loss, Endermologie definitely helped with shaping, toning and reducing cellulite. After having a baby a year ago and trying to loose weight, after my first treatment I noticed my weight loss actually... READ MORE

'Won a Makeover' by Leading NZ Beauty/fashion Magazine

Just before my 50th birthday I won a head to toe makeover that included face treatments, veins, and vibrogym. I also had ENDERMOLOGIE with Brigitte B. of Parnell, Auckland N.Z. Her brief was to reshape me especially in the waist area. I had never heard of this treatment before and Brigitte had... READ MORE

Worth the Price - The Woodlands, TX

My hubby noticed, less "lumps" after my first session of Endermologie, so naturally I got a second one. Worth the price. Only takes about 45 minutes and it fells like a deep massage, very soothing and you just feel better when it is done! I did this in conjunction with the Zerona... READ MORE

Ended Up with Glute Dents/hip Dips

I had 10 appointments, did not see any difference until I suddenly recognized something weird when I was wearing a dress, about 1 week after I was done. I went from having a smooth round hip figure, to having these dents... Which I have never had before (on my skinniest, which was SKINNY). I... READ MORE

Endermologie Damaged my Skin Laxity

I can't believe I spent $550 to GET dimpled legs and saggy skin. My legs looked great before this junky treatment, all I had was a dimple on my glutes that I thought this would help (after reading all the 5* reviews here really?) I had 6 sessions total- the lady recommended at least 10.... READ MORE

Lost 5kg, 8cm Thighs, 6cm Waist Halfway Through-localised Fatty Area Slimmed and Shaped - New Auckland, AU

I have been on steroids for 2.5 years that cause me to gain >15 kg on stubborn fat, no matter what I tried I could not reduce the localised fat, the horrible cellulite appearance, even after I lost 7kg, I needed a solution. I came across Brigitte's website in Feb 2016, I pursued an... READ MORE

I Highly Recommend It! - Chicago, IL

As with a diet, if you are consistent getting treatments and follow up once a month maintenance, you will see great results. I was very skeptical and after much research and inquiries, I saw that Endermologie lipomassage had the best ratings. So I thought I'd give it a shot. Well guess what? I... READ MORE

It Does Magic for my Face and Body! - Chicago, IL

I am on my second round of Endermologie treatments, having completed the first round two years ago. It works very well, and the results remain for a very long time for the face and body! There are absolutely no side effects. It's gentle but very effective treatment! The drawbacks are the... READ MORE

I Have Cellulite and I Want It Gone!!!! - Montreal, QC

Natalyia Zay at MedicArt Clinic in Montreal did 10-45 minute sessions on my thighs, butt, back and belly to smooth away the bothersome cellulite that had accumulated in those areas. I am a slender woman (5'8" 130 lbs) but the bumpiness of my skin in those areas really bugged me. Natalyia used... READ MORE

50 Year Old Woman With Cottage Cheese Skin - Dunedin, FL

I actually started getting endermologie to help the healing after my neck lift, however, I went for the full body procedure to see if there would be an improvement in my cellulite (cottage cheese skin). It is recommended that you have approximately 4 sessions close together to get started, and... READ MORE

Endermologie ; Don't Waste Your Money! - New Orleans, LA

I had SEVERAL endermologie sessions; was going a cpl times a week for a couple months . There was hardly any pain involved, actually, sometimes it felt like a decent massage! However, my cellulite was in no way improved nor was my skin tightened or did it show improvement of texture. I just... READ MORE

Endermologie Not Worth It, Try Other Options First! - Melbourne, AU

I had 12 sessions of Endermologie, and while I only expected a subtle change and not a cure, I saw NO change or results at all. It may be good for the lymphatic system, but it did not reduce the appearance of my cellulite. I would not recommend this procedure for cellulite (or weight loss, as... READ MORE

26, Fit and Active, Moderate Cellulite - Melbourne, AU

I recently started undergoing Endermologie for moderate cellulite on and below my bottom. I've had 4 sessions (1-2 a week) so far and haven't noticed a difference yet (it would be too early to tell). My cellulite looks worse initially, due to swelling. But, I read that this is normal. I have 8... READ MORE

Endermologie is the Most Cost Effective Way to Decrease my Cellulite That I Have Found. - Santa Cruz, CA

I am so thankful that Endermologie exists. I have done a series of 15 sessions twice a week skipping some weeks or days when my schedule conflicts. I did this process 2.5 years ago and it decreases my cellulite about 30%-40% depending on the area. I am doing it again now and getting the same... READ MORE

Had Liposuction with Endermologie It's a Miracle - Montreal, QC

All my life I had a complex about my lower body. Exercising 3-4 times a week toned my muscles but didn't get rid of my problem areas . Finally after years of struggle and being against surgeries , i decided to do liposuction. My doctor suggested me to take 3 endermologie treatments before and 5... READ MORE

I Needed a Quick Fix Before a Last Minute Beach Vacation. - South Africa, ZA

Lipomassage really does work! Although, I can see how it could not work. It all depends on the therapist who is doing it. I had done it before and the results were not very good. Then I did it again with a different, really good therapist and I noticed my legs felt silky after the first session.... READ MORE

43 Years Old and No Cellulite! - New Zealand, NZ

I am 43 years of age and have been having LPG Endermologie treatments for the past ten years. I have been going to the same practitioner Brigitte Bourgogne in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealandl for all of this time. Originally I sought treatment as despite being slim, eating reasonably healthily... READ MORE

crazy difference - Montreal, QC

In 2005 going through divorce gained lots of weight . when the scale reached 164 lb had to do something about it , started the gym but the scale didn't seem wanting to go down. Started Endermologie at the gym spa and what a crazyyyyyy difference ! I went down to 135lb and 75% cellulite... READ MORE

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