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Cosmelan is a chemical peel commonly used to treat facial pigmentation issues like melasma (pregnancy mask) by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme in the melanin formation process. LEARN MORE ›

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New Version Cosmelan on Moderate Melasma/sun Spots

About me: my melasma/sun spots first came out about 7 yrs ago, probably due to the pill, but I am not sure. Previously I tanned beautifully, always with the sunscreen (type 3). Now my skin has horrible dark sun spots, even with SPF 50 or 100, within the first 20 min in the sun. Once I am back... READ MORE

30yo Asian Female Using Cosmelan for the First Time - Dubai

I am Asian and whenever I come back to my home country from Middle East, my skin is always irritated. Somehow, I became allergic to the weather (this is just my personal diagnosis). Whenever I am back to ME, I will start to peel and after a few weeks becomes fine. When I travel to Europe, the... READ MORE

Had Dermamelan Treatment, It's my Second Day..still Recovering..praying for Good Results but Not Too Optimistic!! London, GB

I have mild melasma covering 50% of my cheeks. I made it worse recently using self treatment. it increased about 50% within few days due to inflammation. But on the positive side, first time I fully educated myself about this disease and learnt about controlling and reducing it. I have... READ MORE

Cosmelan Peel - Leeds, GB

The mask application takes 5/10 minutes. I left the clinic and washed my face 12 hours later. Face became sensitive and felt itchy. I applied the cosmelan 2 cream then the hydra k factor. I had to apply the hydra k factor every hour or more frequent as my face was extremely itchy, bright red,... READ MORE

Cosmelan for Melasma & Sun Damage. Newport Beach, CA

I've done it 2 times before and was ecstatic with the results. So after many laser failures, I'm doing it again. I just don't like the long almost monthly downtime. But the results are undeniable. With this purchase, I will receive 2 microdermabrasions. Typically cosmelan will cost around... READ MORE

Stubborn Melasma - Will It Ever Go Away??? - Laguna Niguel, CA

I have had Melasma for years, alway worse in the summer, fading in the winter, but never gone. I use SPF 45 La Roche Posay Anthelios, which is very light under makeup (which I have to wear to cover my cheek area.) I have tried OTC lightening products, had successive glycolic peels at 20%, and... READ MORE

23 Year Old Heriot Watt Graduate. No Kids.

I did cosmelan treatment last week Friday the 24th of July and im not sure about the results as yet. I'm on the third day and my face started peeling yesterday 26/07 and now it's extremely dry and dark/redish n some areas. I really cannot wait to see the results.. I'll post pictures after a... READ MORE

51 Years Old - Beverly Hills, CA

I always had pretty good skin just sun damage from my 20's on my cheeks it used to look like just freckles however when I started doing procedures (fraxel, etc), the freckles became very big blotches then it started looking really bad I use derma blend to cover which work but its thick. so I... READ MORE

Didn't Work - Skin Type IV - Austin, TX

Pros: none Cons: expensive. some immediate results but several months later my melasma was back and actually darker. The process is terrible and took 13 days. It is uncomfortable and very itchy. I do not recommend. I missed two weeks of work because the peeling was so intense. Physicians... READ MORE

Cosmelan 2 is the BESTTT for Any Skin !!!!! - Orange County, CA

Got rid of my pigmentation reduce my pore size and made my skin very smooth and gave a immediate glow!! I did the treatment had beautiful results and now I just use the maintenance.... Downtime was very minimal just needed to stay away from the sun and heat for a couple of days.... Very Fast... READ MORE

Cosmelan Set Fake - Germany, DE

Using Cosmelan since several years and bought now a fake version at the shop sweetcare. Pt as it was cheaper there. product had no effect, no redness, nothing. there two different products from Mesoestic . I wish I get my money back. I am very disappointed, when I was reading this post in the... READ MORE

Cosmelan Pack W/o Hydroquinone

I did the peel myself after purchasing the cosmelan pack from ebay. The lady who I bought it from said it was the strong version, apparently there's two different packs. Left the peel on for about 9 hours, washed my face and by the next day my face was tomato red. It took at least 5 days for my... READ MORE

Cosmelan Day by Day - Orange, CA

While researching Cosmelan, I appreciate the day by day status members posted because it helped me get over some of the anxiety of the procedures. I have melasma/freckles/brown spots all over my face but concentrated on the cheeks. I got treated with Cosmelan (w/ hydroquinone) at a MD's office... READ MORE

I Am 39. Saodat - Paris, FR

No goals yet. I have melasma. It appeared in my cheaks when I was pregnant. I tried a lot of creams, fruit peelings. Now I am flyiing to Paris. Two doctors suggest different treatment. 1-Dermamelan 2-TCA - peeling! I am reading about these treatment every day. At last I found this forum. Please... READ MORE

Cosmelan New Formula on Type III Skin - Egypt, EG

I have hyper-pigmentation spots from acne on my cheeks my dermatologist cosmelan treatment although its very expensive but she said it will be worth it day 1 after the mask "22/6" nothings happened just swallon face not red or anything so i applied cosmelan 2 my face started didn't get red but... READ MORE

I Love Cosmelan !!!!!! Best Treatment for Everything …. Beverly Hills, CA

Couple years ago I went in for a laser treatment in Beverly Hills. I guess Doctor….. didn't know my skin type was a # 4-5 hmmm……… $$$ Dr did the laser treatment anyway and ruin my face because it came back worse !!! My Friend told me about COSMELAN and how wonderful it is. I decided to give it... READ MORE

Cosmelan Treatment - Switzerland, CH

I'm already on my 5th week since the start of the treatment and I don't see any slight improvement. I got the Cosmelan 1 mask done in the clinic, went home & kept the mask on for 10 hours, washed with water, put on the Post-Peel Crystal Fibre Mask and after 20 minutes washed it off and applied... READ MORE

Cosmelan 1 Mask - Irvine, CA

I went to Total Dermatology in Irvine to do Cosmelan peel. I left it on for about 10 hours the doc said 8 but I lost track of time! Face sun burned red, feels dry, tight and hot! I applied Hydra K and going to bed. I will follow the Cosmelan 2 on Day 2 Dr. Pilest said to apply two to three... READ MORE

cosmelan 2 - just using the "maintenance cream" - Studio City, CA

Hello all, I'm writing this review because I couldn't find anyone speaking in depth to just using the Cosmelan 2 Maintenance Cream without the the initial Cosmelan 1 mask. I am not a woman of means (not yet) and I don't like downtime and read reviews on Amazon of people having great results... READ MORE

Amazing Results - New York, NY

I've been dealing with hyperpigmentation for a year and a half, which I believe was a result of three months use of Vivance for exams and accompanying acne/irritation. I was devastated and sometimes avoided daytime activities with friends. I tried Apeele chemical peel four times, but with... READ MORE

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