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40yr Old, Eurasian Skin, Hormonal Pigmentation - Australia

The two patches on my cheeks appeared around 8mths ago. I have not just had a child so it could be down to stress at the time. I've tried several whitening creams, pumpkin peel - to no avail. IPL wasn't recommended for my skin, so I couldn't wait to try Cosmelan when offered the treatment!! Day... READ MORE

Cosmelan MD for Melasma in Orange County

Hello Everyone! I am writing about my experience with cosmelan. I started noticing melasma after our trip to Cabo four years ago. I always had great skin so I was devastated to see symmetrical patches of dark pigment appearing on my cheekbones and upper lip. Since then I had a baby and my... READ MORE

Cosmelan peel

29yrs old suffering from Melasma Day of treatment: I was really lucky and experienced little discomfort and stinging during the 9hrs I had the cosmelan on for. I washed it off and went straight to bed, sleep was I disturbed. The clinic I went two provided hydra vital K and Cosmelan 2 They... READ MORE

29 Year Old Female, Patchy Melasma on Upper and Lower Cheeks

Giving you guys a day by day description of my Cosmelan treatment. Mask applied: 12:30pm. Burning set it during application. Not terrible--about a 5 or 6. Went away by the time I left the office. Was ill-prepared so forgot to bring a hat for the hour ride home. Ended up wrapping blankets around... READ MORE

Cosmelan- The struggle is real, Melasma

44 year old, with dermal melasma on cheeks an upper lip. I've tried EVERYTHING for the last 2 years and nothing seems to work. My dermatologist was equally unhelpful- after using Hydroquinione 4% & Retina for a year with no results.. I started looking elsewhere. I was considering... READ MORE

Cosmelan Treatment for Melasma - Philippines, PH

Just sharing my experience with Cosmelan. It's pricey for a citizen living in the 3rd world country. But it was totally worthieth. I've been battlibg Melasma for the oast 8 yrs. snd no other product has given me this wonderful result. until now I'm consuming the cosmelan 2 which is included in... READ MORE

Best experience ever!

DR.JEYANTHY RAVINDRAN did cosmelan depigmentation peeling treatment to me. I use to have acne Marks, porse and my skin was dark at some areas. I have been really unfortable and wasn't happy with my appearance. Also I was getting ready for my wedding day & I wasn't really sure if I could get... READ MORE

27 Y/o Birth Control Pills, FL Sun, Acne - Orlando, FL

Got mask on today. Supposed to wear for 8 hours secondary to light skin tone. Slight tingling. No pain. Feels like most of it dried, but some of it is crumpling appearance and looks like it's gonna come off. Will continue to update. It's more just annoying wearing it all dt but not... READ MORE

27 Y/o Mixed Female with Acne Scarring

I have tried everything. Chemical Peels, ipl facials, scrubs, microderm, etc. Everything to get rid of my scars. Goal is to have natural looking skin so i dont have to rely on makeup. Today i had my treatment. The mask was seperated to 2 parts. I had the first half of container put on my face... READ MORE

Cosmelan Mid 30's/hyperpigmentation

Fourth time doing cosmelan. Originally completed cause Malon one mask in 2007. I had fantastic results. Did the mask again in 2009 and had the great same results. Completed another mask in 2014… Results were fantastic but didn't last more than eight months. Probably because I didn't keep up w... READ MORE

dermamelan/cosmelan starting today - Germany

I have post pregnancy...4 children...2 of them in the last year.... melasma on the cheeks and forehead.... tried triluma for a month with only subtle results and since is banned in Europe for causing cancer decided to go with the dermamelan treatment. I will post my experience.... bought the... READ MORE

Cosmelan for Dark Spot Removal

Hi, I'm a 32 year old female, who developed a dark spot of pigmentation just below my right eye around 2 years ago. I had two attempts of IPL, much to my regret due to my problem being hormonal. I'm going to provide an update every day on my Cosmelan treatment. Please feel free to ask questions... READ MORE

Cosmelan for Melasma - Australia, AU

I'm 31 with horrible Melasma. I have followed all the reviews on here with a passion and have decided to post my treatment progression for others to view. Posted here are my before pics. I will continue to update as I move through the stages of treatment. I appreciate all comments and feedback.... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 3 Children, Melasma Started in my Mid 30's and Slowly Spread to Bigger Patches -Orange County, CA

I've been suffering mealsma for a long time but it has gotten worse after I moved here to California a year ago! I've been trying everything nothing seems to work. If it did it was temporarily! So I had enough!! Then I found 'real self' and have been following and reading reviews for... READ MORE

Goodbye Melasma...I Hope! - Woodland Hills, CA

So, like many of you, I too, have tried everything to get rid of my melasma that seemed to come on over my last pregnancy. Over the years, I have tried TCA peels at the dermatologist, TriLuma, Hydroquinonne, IPL, you name it. My melasma actually became worse after one of the IPL sessions I did... READ MORE

Bye Bye Melasma. Tampa, FL

I just did my cosmelan 1 on May 9 ... And I went home and I wash off 10 hours later...after the 3 day applien the cosmelan 2 my skin start to burn a lot ... I was so worry about .... I'm in the day 9 since I did the cosmelan 1 and my skin still burn but much less (thanks God) I'm already seen... READ MORE

35 Old with Woman with Severe Melasma !! - Pasadena, TX

I have been trying for years to get rid of the stubborn brown spots on my forehead as well as around my mouth. I've tried everything from glycolic To TCA. for the first time ever I am 100% happy with my results. when I first received my cosmelan 1 I put it on my face and left it on for 12... READ MORE

The Only Thing That Worked for my Melasma

As a teenager, I had beautiful, clear, flawless skin. I had my son when I was 19 and after giving birth, I started using the Depo Provera shot for birth control. A few months after my first shot, I looked in the mirror and saw what looked like dirt above my upper lip. I tried scrubbing it... READ MORE

28 Years Old Struggled with Melasma for More Than 7 Years - Staten Island, NY

I 've struggled with melasma for years, tried everything, i even went further by damaging my skin with a fraxel laser, until i met cosmelan md my life savior, Cosmelan MD brought my self esteem up, no more having to hide those dark patches under ashy make up. I'm so happy with the results so... READ MORE

58 Yr Female Brown Spots Melasma Facial Area. Palm Springs, CA

I applied Cosmelan 2 morning, afternoon and evening first 3 months. After the first month I used product twice daily. Now I apply every evening. Product works great! Very effective I think it' important to continue using product daily to keep melasma under control. I also use the Mesoestetic... READ MORE

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