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Cleft Palate, Cleft Lip Repair, and Rhinoplasty. Hellertown, PA

I was born with a cleft palate and lip. I have had rhinoplasty at the age of 16. I'm now 37 and finally have insurance! I had my palate, lip, and nose done as a baby and young child. I was referred to Dr Morrissey by my medical doctor. His young son went to dr Morrissey for a precedure... READ MORE

Cleft Repair, Rhinoplasty and Deviated Septum Repair - A+ Results - Seattle, WA

I haven't really won the lottery before, but I feel like i did after being referred to Dr. Bhrany after my initial surgeon couldn't finish the work we had already begun. Meeting with Dr. Bhrany it was soon evident that he would be able to take over and be successful in what was very... READ MORE

Not So Perfect Lips Become Perfect - Toronto, ON

My upper lip had always made me self-conscious due to a cleft lip at birth. It was repaired with less than perfect results...for many years I would try to camouflage my lips with lip liner and lipstick. It was not, until finding Dr. Cory Torgerson on RealSelf that I was freed from constantly... READ MORE

31 Year Old. California, CA

They haven't finish and need to talk to someone. I was under the care my parent and they just stop my operations and I'm in real need of help please. That is my contact info give me a call. Thanks. Yes but do it while you still have a chance I your parent don't know what's going they really need... READ MORE

Thank You! - Akron, OH

Dr. James Lehman were my doctor when I were born for my cleft lip and nose (palet in tact). I am very grateful for everything he has done for me as well as his partner at the time Dr. Parker! I just wanted him to know he set such a wonderful foundation for me, as i just had two surgeries from... READ MORE

Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Repair - Cleveland, OH

Without a doubt, Dr. Guyuron is responsible for helping to make me who I am today. I was born with a bilateral cleft palate and cleft lip, and from the moment I was born Dr. Guyuron was able to see past my imperfections. He was able to see the person that I could be, and because of his... READ MORE

Unilateral Cleft Lip Revision with SeptoRhinoplasty? - United Arab Emirates

I have got this recently .. i had cleft lip and i had surgery for this when i was 4 months old.. i dont have speaking or hearing issues i had a scar on my lip, deviated septum is some issue with the right nasal as well so far this is day number 18th after the OP i can say so far this is good my... READ MORE

He is a genius!

We have received excellent care from Dr. Eric Stelnicki. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in the care of cleft lip and palate surgeries. His office is very busy. It is well worth the wait. I highly recommend him. He's a genius and he is the best. He is dedicated and generous beyond... READ MORE

Can my Cleft Lip Scar from my 1st Surgery Be Normal Looking After Another Surgery? - Seaside, OR

I have a unilateral cleft lip and i've gone through a surgery once but that was when i was still a baby, then, others doesn't seem to notice my scar but now i'm turning 15 people are noticing and keep on asking me, why does my lip look like these? i'm tired of getting bullied when they are... READ MORE

Great experience! - Long Island, NY

I was born with a cleft lip 36 years ago. I had many surgeries but it wasn't until I found Dr Gallagher at age 20 that my life was forever changed. She reconstructed my lips and made them as perfect as they could be. She gave me a lip line and added fat to make then nice and juicy. Thank you READ MORE

Office Review: Poor office staff/management reflects on the Doctor

After one meeting with the doctor and the Cleft lip/Palate team in Boise, I began working with my insurance to get approval for his recommendations. Two months later, the office reports me to Child Protective for medical neglect because I hadn't called them back (this report was resolved as... READ MORE

Marvlous Experience

Very satisfactory Experience . Great and Professional doctor with uptodate info all latest services . Very responsive and u fill find homely environment . Even the support staff is well educated. I found Dr Saraswat Sir ethical best doctors i met . Thanks Sir READ MORE

25 Years Old Single - Denver, CO

Dr. Imola and his crew are absolutely amazing! The entire time I've been working/ seeing them have been an absolute pleasure; I have always felt welcomed and comfortable. Dr. Imola is very professional, informative, and dedicated. I didn't think I would get the results that I have; I'm still... READ MORE

20 Year Old Feeling Better Than Ever - Sydney, AU

I'm currently recovering from a rhinoplasty/ cleft lip and palate repair from Dr Hodgkinson. My surgery was only just under one week ago and I am already so overwhelmed and happy with my results. He has managed to turn my nose into a shape I never thought I could achieve due to my cleft lip and... READ MORE

Age 43 Open Cleft Palate - Cleveland OH

Was born with cleft palate was always told that it could not be closed , was referred to Dr Totonchi who said that he can close palate no problem , Had surgery January 20 2015 and it was a great success . It is really a life changer can eat breath and speak with no issues . He also repaired my... READ MORE

Outstanding Results - Dallas, TX

Dr Hobar is an excellent surgeon. He performed extensive surgery on my lip, palate, and rhinoplasty (rib graft). While I will never be perfect, he did outstanding work. My appearance is greatly improved. I am so pleased and I wouldn't trust anyone else. His depth of knowledge and experience is... READ MORE

Cleft Lip/Repair Revision. Atlanta, GA

As most people who are born with a cleft lip, I had a number of surgeries in my youth, my previous most recent surgery had been at the age of 16, and when I was 34, I wanted another one which would hopefully be my last. I found Dr. Burstein because he is very highly rated in the cleft lip... READ MORE

33 Yr Old Female, Fixed a Crooked Nose & Cleft Palate Scar - South Jordan, UT

The recovery was painful, but any surgery is rough. The doctor & his staff are so nice, they really love what they do & they care about their patients. I've bugged them alot since my procedure & they but me at ease. I haven't met a doctor like Dr. Ward in a long time. If you need any type of... READ MORE

Un ángel En La Vida De Mi Hijo. - Orange County, CA

Hace mucho quería encontrar la manera de agradecerle a Dr. Sundine ahora a través de este medio lo hago. Gracias Dr. Michael Sundine opero a mi hijo hace 8 años y el tiene una carita hermosa quien no sabe de su cirugía y se enteran de ella comentan "-ni se le nota-" son palabras que provocan un ... READ MORE

Cleft Palette - Fort Collins, CO

I was born with a cleft palette and lip, I had my lip fixed when I was a baby by a different surgeon. Dr. Tsoi did surgery on my palette to close the hole by taking a bone from my hip and putting it in the the top of my mouth. He did a great job results were fantastic, healed great. Little... READ MORE

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