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The CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser used in skin resurfacing. Its effects are similar to those of chemical peels and dermabrasion, except it removes skin layers by vaporization rather than with chemicals or a sanding device. LEARN MORE ›

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Refreshed Indeed! at Least Shaved off 10 Yrs. of Sun Damage! - Aliso Viejo, CA

Excellent Doctor or should I say artist? Dr. Miller is really an artist and has the eye for exactly what is best for each person and is 100% honest and ethical with his recommendations. He is always kind and professional in all his procedures and after visits. The CO2 laser was an involved... READ MORE

47 Yo Male with Outer Eyelid Hooding

I have been seeing good results for ladies getting their eCO2 (Lutronic's fractionated CO2 laser) treatment: especially, around the eyes. The healing time to bright pink skin was roughly one week for them. I wanted to see what I can get for my sagging eyelids. Before the procedure, I was... READ MORE

37 Year Old Unhappy About the Way my Skin Was Aging

I stumbled upon Co2 laser resurfacing a few years while googling things I could do to improve the things that I was self conscious about. Due to cost and downtime, I didn't know if it would ever become a reality. I am not 5 days post op and already couldn't be happier that I had finally done... READ MORE

Co2 Laser Resurfacing Special

First off I have to say Dr. Seline is amazing. She does all my Botox and is hands down the best most honest and artistic Dr. in Roseville and surrounding areas. (I tried others when she was on maternity leave and she had to fix it for me) I have wanted to to the CO2 resurfacing for a couple... READ MORE

New Life for an Old Face Damaged by the Sun-- from the South-- Age 58 - Atlanta, GA

I was happy that the CO2 laser peel was recommended and combined with my other procedures. This procedure may not be for everyone, but it certainly turned back the hands of time on my face. If you are not ruthless about covering up and wearing a hat then this is not for you. I had to hide from... READ MORE

60 Year Old Complete Face Makeover

I am going in this Wednesday, March 22 for a major overhaul. CO2 laser face lift, necklace tightening , upper eyes and fat fillers. I am excited but not looking forward to the long recovery. Hopefully in about 3 to 4 weeks I'll be a new person. I looked at 5 different surgeons and he was by far... READ MORE

Co2 Laser Pin Holes in Face 2 Months After Procedure

I had a co2 done 8 weeks ago and I am very nervous this is my end result. I have seen on here that other people have had an issue like mine. I want to keep posting on here because if I find something that helps maybe I can help someone else too. I use to have a very smooth forehead, now full of... READ MORE

Eco2 Laser - Singapore

Here is my result after 3 rd treatment. completely destroy my cheek. from mild dents to a rolling scar and the doc didnt compensate or apologize or explain why. i had to took cab to work everyday since the ugly scar surfaced. very depressed and had to spend more money fixing it and had seen... READ MORE

Lower Eyelit Resurfacing, CO2 Canada

I did this because of my age. I am 50 years old. I thought I would try the laser instead of using botox or fillers to see if it works. I have never used botox, or fillers. I thought I would start with a small area of my face to see how it works with my skin. This is my first laser treatment.... READ MORE


I had my CO2 Laser treatment on my face 12 days ago . The Dr from Hale was reassuring and so lovely . The nurse put the cream all over my face then 40 mins later the Dr injected 6 pain dental numbing injections into my mouth area. This went numb very quickly. I was very apprehensive at the time... READ MORE

67 Next Month Keeping Skin Fresh - Santa Rosa, CA

Just had the CO2 laser with PRP today. It wasn't any worse than having a tattoo done. We went for the aggressive round ( I live far away and fly in) . She used the skin numbing salve ( it works well ). I had the face, neck and upper chest done. It feels like a sunburn now. I can't say how it... READ MORE

CO2 Fractional Laser Recovery

I have ongoing cystic acne that I kind of gotu der control with the help of Retin-A Micro but years of the acne caused some texture problems and scaring especially on my chin and cheeks. I knew I wanted to get this peel but put it off for a year--finally took the plunge and got it. The office... READ MORE

Fully Ablative CO2 Laser to Face

On my way to my dermatologist to have my fully ablative co2 laser done on my almost 51 year old face (my birthday is tomorrow). Have been planning for a couple months and wanted to wait till after the holidays! Up until now, the only work I've had done to my face is fillers and botox with some... READ MORE

21 Year Old Girl, Deep Acne Scarring - Texas City, TX

I was told the laser they were using was CO2 fractional, then they said it was fraxel. When I asked whether it was restore or repair, they just said it was the same machine. Im really not sure it was actually fraxel. I should have looked at the machine, but I was soo nervous. They put numbing... READ MORE

62 Yr Old, with Lots of Wrinkles - Wanted Co2 to Fix It. - Ottawa, ON

Decided to go thru with CO2, + upper eye bleph 3 months earlier. I have a very high tolerance for pain... have had needles in my eyeball to prevent blindness from Diabetes, and hugely painful laser in the back of my eyes for the same reason. I am not a complaining type of person. I was very... READ MORE

C02 Resurfacing and Prp Injections

Okay so i have big pores and very light scaring, but im obsessed with nice skin so I was thinking of getting several fraxel treatments, but my doc said this is basically the best and only way. I finally decided to bight the bullet and do it. The actual treatment did not hurt, he gave me... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Textural Damage to Cheeks

I went in to get the laser for acne scarring on my cheeks. It was noticeable to me but not other people. Unfortunately, I am one of the individuals who has had very negative textural changes to skin that once was smooth. It has been the worst decision of my life and the psychological effects in... READ MORE

42 yrs old 4th CO2

On Friday Jan. 27, 2017 I had a full face and neck CO2 Laser treatment as well as PRP Stem Cell Lift. Alma Rivera was a very experienced and professional technician. My experience was perfect fro start to finish. I asked for a full ablative intense treatment which I received. Alma was... READ MORE

C02 laser exceeded my and doctors expectations

About 5 weeks ago I had C02 laser around my eyes as well as my nose. As I've had issues with 3 main things there. 1. Thinning skin starting around 35 yrs 2. Purple viens/muscle showing through the thin skin near inner corner of my eyes 3. sunken circles. If you read my previous review I had... READ MORE

C02 laser exceeded my and doctors expectations

About 5 weeks ago I had C02 laser around my eyes as well as my nose. As I've had issues with 3 main things there. 1. Thinning skin starting around 35 yrs 2. Purple viens/muscle showing through the thin skin near inner corner of my eyes 3. sunken circles. If you read my previous review I had... READ MORE

CO2 - Frightening

I just wanted to upload a few photos of what happened to me. I was appalled at what i looked like. of course the horror has gone away after about 4 days but still....... i would be wary of having this done given the traumatic feeling of invasion during and after. It is a painful process.......... READ MORE

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