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The CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser used in skin resurfacing. Its effects are similar to those of chemical peels and dermabrasion, except it removes skin layers by vaporization rather than with chemicals or a sanding device. LEARN MORE ›

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Hello: After full face lift Tummy Tuck and Lipo in the past 10 months (Whew) I am going to complete my middle age crisis problem lol and have inner thigh lift and mini arm lift completed in July 2016, all in the same surgery session at Cosmed Clinic in Tijuana with Dr. Quiroz and Dr. Castaneda... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr Lim after being told by three other specialists that the warts on my eyelid couldn't be removed due to the sensitive skin on the eyelid. One Dr actually told me that he could remove the warts but I would possibly lose the ability to blink. (Lucky I didn't take that option!)... READ MORE

I had two Matrix CO2 laser procedures done -April 2014 and June 2014. The second was deeper targeting my deep scars. While it took nearly a year to fully heal (my skin was rough for 10 months) it was worth it. My acne scars' depths have improved by about 50% - 1st one yielded 15% improvement... READ MORE

I had a CO2 laser with Erbium for acne scarring and fine lines. So far there is no improvement at all. I understand the results are not immediate, but I expected to see something at this point. I had Fraxel Restore a few years ago which did nothing either. I think I'm just not a good... READ MORE

I originally went into a local place ran by Mr. Wade Banker and his wife Angie called Luxe Laser in Maumee, Ohio for literally 3 small acne scars. I asked the doctor if he could spot treat the small blemishes. He proceeded to tell me it 'would be better if we could go over your whole face... READ MORE

06/09/10, 5:30 pm: I've just had Matrix CO2 fractional laser resurfacing done at a MedSpa and wanted to share my experience as there aren't a lot of reviews of this particular laser out there. I was at the Spa for three hours total. My goal was to get rid of sun damage on my face and... READ MORE

38 years old. I had co2 done with a great plastic surgeon I wanted my cheek wrinkles and under eye wrinkles gone. Right now I don't really see a difference he told me it'll take time. Some people on here said the wrinkles went away immediately others said it took time. I am thankful nothing bad... READ MORE

I suffered from acne scars and I have decided to do this laser. So I went to the doctor and she suggested me to do an aggressive treatment and she said the downtime is about a week no more than 15days. The procedure is almost painless and fast. The first day is okay and I just iced my face... READ MORE

I got a pretty good deal on a laser treatment $750- she basically threw in the chest laser for me since I've been going to her for a long time. It was partially CO2, under my eyes and a strip down my neck and all over my chest - the rest was the Yerbium laser. It's been almost 2 full months, and... READ MORE

Would like to turn back time. So with that being said erase the lines and wrinkles. This will be the first of three treatments, they will be 3 months apart. Will keep you posted after my treatment today. I forgot to mention I have a brown spot on the left side of my face he is going to work... READ MORE

Hi ladies and gentlemen! I was just wondering if any of you have advice on what kind of laser to use on my skin? I had acne all through my teens and early 20s with the occasional breakout now. I think I have shallow and moderate boxcar scarring, and it is typically much worse in tangential... READ MORE

All I can say is I'm completely unhappy with this procedure. My skin looks worse and It's embarrassing not to have 3 layers of make up on. I had great skin to start I was only trying to get rid of some wrinkles. The worse part it the doctor has not even called once to follow up with me even... READ MORE

I have been Dr. Yoho's patient for 11 years, and this was the 3rd of 5 procedures I have had at his office. Please refer to my other reviews (liposuction, 2 breast augmentations, & varicose vein treatment) as well for a full picture of how Dr. Yoho has made a difference in my life. This... READ MORE

I decided to have the CO2 laser done to reduce the additional skin or premature skin when i laugh. These wrinkles occured when my face lost fat. I tried the CO2 laser which is not ablative but doing the spots (fractional). The procedure itself was not painful. The outcome looked in the first few... READ MORE

Decided to go thru with CO2, + upper eye bleph 3 months earlier. I have a very high tolerance for pain... have had needles in my eyeball to prevent blindness from Diabetes, and hugely painful laser in the back of my eyes for the same reason. I am not a complaining type of person. I was very... READ MORE

I found Dr. Argarwal on the Realself website. I chose him for my consultation for many reasons. I liked him because he is a “facial” plastic surgeon – specializing only in the face. I read the reviews of his work on RealSelf, which were all excellent. That in itself was impressive. Then I searc... READ MORE

Wanted to minimize the appearance of the scar and at the consultation my doctor told me he wouldn't be able to get it completely gone but probably 70%, which I was okay with. Keep in mind I had the chicken pox scar lasered and a few acne scars. After the laser appointment for 2 weeks my face was... READ MORE

I thought I was aging pretty well until I got glasses last summer. ???? I grew up beside the pool in Tucson, AZ and got burned multiple times. I've worn sunscreen 24 7 since I was 19, but after the sunburns got brown spots which did fade. I rides horses, hike, etc and lead a very active life,... READ MORE

I recently had EXELO2 CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing full face treatment at CMC NSW Cosmetic Medical Clinic by Jenner Ching Mei Chan. The experience was very comfortable from start to finish. The downtime was one week, which is acceptable for me. I've had excellent results that I can’t b... READ MORE

Saw a Channel 4 documentary "Embarrassing Bodies" on rhinophyma. At the time I didn't realise thre was a solution to it and thought I just had to suffer it, but the results shown were transformational. GP referred me to consultant plastic surgeon but no NHS funding available so looked for... READ MORE

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