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Don’t let the mention of a gas make you think carbon dioxide lasers aren’t powerful. Used for dermal resurfacing, this type of laser removes outer layers of skin to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. LEARN MORE ›

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Decided to go thru with CO2, + upper eye bleph 3 months earlier. I have a very high tolerance for pain... have had needles in my eyeball to prevent blindness from Diabetes, and hugely painful laser in the back of my eyes for the same reason. I am not a complaining type of person. I was very... READ MORE

Would like to turn back time. So with that being said erase the lines and wrinkles. This will be the first of three treatments, they will be 3 months apart. Will keep you posted after my treatment today. I forgot to mention I have a brown spot on the left side of my face he is going to work... READ MORE

After having cystic acne cause deep scars on my face I chose to have this procedure done in hopes of a smoother face for my upcoming wedding. I'm not sure if it was worth it yet but I will be posting pictures every day to show my progress. So far I am on day two and I'm not in as much pain as I... READ MORE

I am starting this review on Day 6 post procedure, having covered quite a bit in a comprehensive review of my other concurrent procedures filed away under Rhinoplasty. However, I thought it might be time to start a separate review to address my issues with the laser resurfacing of my lower kids... READ MORE

It's day 5 since my procedure and I'm nowhere near healed yet. Can't go anywhere or do anything. Trying to be patient and accept my fate for the next few days.... Originally I was booked in for full face of fraxel repair at the same time but the doctor deemed me at high risk of hyerpigmentation... READ MORE

I originally went into a local place ran by Mr. Wade Banker and his wife Angie called Luxe Laser in Maumee, Ohio for literally 3 small acne scars. I asked the doctor if he could spot treat the small blemishes. He proceeded to tell me it 'would be better if we could go over your whole face... READ MORE

I wanted to improve the appearance of my skin prior to a facelift, so I decided that the Fractional C02 Laser was a good fit. Dr. Nir answered many of my questions, and his staff are wonderful. I was given instructions to follow (information and prescriptions to fill). The numbing cream did... READ MORE

I've had fillers and this is the next recommended step. Thankful for the other posts and reading their experiences. I'm as prepared as I can be and hope to document good information for others weighing out options. I'm hoping for smoother skin as I have large pores and tightening around the... READ MORE

I did this because of my age. I am 50 years old. I thought I would try the laser instead of using botox or fillers to see if it works. I have never used botox, or fillers. I thought I would start with a small area of my face to see how it works with my skin. This is my first laser treatment.... READ MORE

With years of sun damage and following 2 MOHs surgeries and 5 biopsies, I opted for a CO2 laser procedure. While CO2 laser resurfacing is not a cancer treatment, my objective was to mitigate sun damage that may lead to more basal cell carcinoma. When Dr. Chesnut performed my first MOHs surgery... READ MORE

Hi. I finally went to the well reviewed Dr. Groff in San Diego who will be performing a UPC02 Full Face Laser with an erbium pass around my mouth, lips, and eyes. As far as I have seen his before and afters show the best result. One of my goals is to get a lift to my lip as my lips have sagged... READ MORE

I had the CO2 Laser treatment in both 2014 and 2015 and both times I have been amazed with the results. Why did I do the COs laser? 1. The CO2 laser is the most amazing anti-aging treatment because it can fix all aging signs except dark spots. However, Dr. Kortesis is a wonderful doctor so he... READ MORE

I was told the laser they were using was CO2 fractional, then they said it was fraxel. When I asked whether it was restore or repair, they just said it was the same machine. Im really not sure it was actually fraxel. I should have looked at the machine, but I was soo nervous. They put numbing... READ MORE

I'm very red but that's just my skin healing I got fractional for my white stretch marks 20-year-old ones from having a baby I have five more treatments to go hope this helps i've had this problem my whole life will 20 years of my life and I wanted to see a difference I feel like I'll be in a... READ MORE

I have been waiting for the perfect time to finally have my fractional laser procedure to correct some of the leftover acne scars and light wrinkles I have obtained surfing as a child without sunscreen. Unlike the lucky women of color with tons of melanin in their skin, I am of German and Irish... READ MORE

I went in for a facelift and came back looking 20 years younger thanks to Dr. Madnani. I never heard of CO2 lazer surgery but with my facelift, this was also included. Not only did it take away man of my wrinkles, but lifted my eyes, my facial expression, made my skin very smooth and supple. ... READ MORE

I decided to have the CO2 laser done to reduce the additional skin or premature skin when i laugh. These wrinkles occured when my face lost fat. I tried the CO2 laser which is not ablative but doing the spots (fractional). The procedure itself was not painful. The outcome looked in the first few... READ MORE

My experience with severe cystic acne is not unique, but I think it’s important to explain. In my first two years of high school, I did not have perfect skin – a few pimples around the jaw or on the forehead that would slightly flare up during certain times of the month – but nothing that... READ MORE

I saw the ablative laser done at seminar 20 years ago and have always wanted it. I have had numerous friends do it with no problem. The pain was excrutiating! I only had from below my eyes and around mouth, including chin. A 35% TCA peel was applied to the rest of my face and neck. I also... READ MORE

Going into get the co2 fractionated laser I felt super nervous About the whole procedure as it was very expensive per treatment and not knowing how my skin would react after reading a few things online about othe peoples experiences to laser and their results post treatment, Davin girls made me... READ MORE

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