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Artefill is an FDA-approved, collagen-based filler used to correct the appearance of smile lines or treat acne scars on cheeks. The product was rebranded as the name Bellafill, except in the UK and Australia where it's still sold as Artefill.

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75 Years Young and Looking Much Younger Now!!! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have had filler before, with varied results, but mostly swelling and a lot of bruising. I have never been more delighted. Dr. Morello inspires confidence and made me very relaxed. We discussed at length what he would do, and that is exactly the result I got. I couldn't recommend anyone higher. READ MORE

First Artefill Treatment - Houston, TX

Well, it took me more than a year working with the same doctor before i was sold on artefill. a lot of info on the web kept me away, but she finally won me over when she told me she's had it injected herslf, and because she's been injecting me with juvaderm and botox, i trust her eye for doing... READ MORE

Dr. Lam -- Your Face is the Canvas and He is the Artist - Dallas, TX

I've had both Botox and Artefille with Dr. Lam, and the results are nothing short of amazing. I am 47 and people routinely guess that I am in my early to mid-30s. I have had lines around my mouth filled, and sculpting around the eyes and cheeks. Dr. Lam uses a "distraction" technique (i.e., no... READ MORE

Refresh - Bellevue, WA

This filler was placed under the hollows of my eyes and the sides of my lips and areas around my mouth that were showing wrinkling. This was totally worth it however, it caused slight bruising under my eyes and swelling that lasted about 5 days, each day slowly minimizing. Would recommend and... READ MORE

I Am a Fan of Artefill and Dr. Leon Etter - Houston, TX

I have had Artefill from Transformations Aesthetics (Dr. Leon Etter) on 4 separate occasions. The secret to success of any facial restoration process is the Doctor performing the work. Dr. Etter is an artist and the time he and his staff spent with me in preparation for the procedure and in... READ MORE

ArteFill Works Well with my Fine Lines. - Elmhurst, NY

I had an Artefill injection few months ago at Dr. Wei’s spa. At first, I don’t see any dramatic result, but after about a month, I can see that my fine lines is disappearing, and the deep lines between my eyes are much lighter. My whole face just look better, younger. Base on what Dr. Wei sai... READ MORE

Artefill is a HUGE Waste of Money!

Had Artefill injected into nasal labia folds, smile lines and under eyes. Saw some improvement, but little. Had additional Artefill injected under eyes and saw no additional benefit. Only 2 months later I saw a plastic surgeon who injected Belotero and said he didn't see any trace of the... READ MORE

Artefill Sucess - Baltimore, MD

I wanted to reduce my labial facial folds and Dr. Papel skilfully and permanently removed them with Artefill. He was punctual, conscientious about pain control, informative about this procedure. He answered my questions regarding other possible alternatives and helped me to decide which would... READ MORE

Artefill and Kenalog - Chicago, IL

I had artefilll injected a little over a year ago in my cheeks. Over the year my cheeks enlarged and were too big for my face. I had a small dose of kenalog 10 injected into my cheeks. The cheeks look deflated now, but seem to be building up a little, it has been 2 months since the kenalog. Is... READ MORE

Artefill Injections Under the Eyes - Elgin, IL

The artefill under the eyes looks awful! It balled up and created divets under each eye and eye bags after about 3-4 months. As time went on it looks worse and worse, NOT better and better like they told me. To correct the problem we tried 2 steroid injections and they did not help that much. ... READ MORE

Beware of

I am looking to hear from people that have had Artefill in the Wa state area injected by their Dr. who was following direction by a supposedly qualified consultant. Over 3 weeks ago I went for botox and only a Artefill skin test and information.Consultant was a excellent seller and I bought it,... READ MORE

Artefill/Artecoll, Artesense and Whatever else They're Calling It - Vancouver, BC

I had this lip filler procedure done a total of 5 times over two years. Was more than the original "two or three, depends" that was casually suggested I'd need, but I did not mind as I'd done a ton of research and I knew it was a gradual process, plus my lips were extremely thin to begin with.... READ MORE

Articol -Vancouver, BC

Had it done twice almost ten years ago and again 5 years ago. Love it no problems , I was told to message my lips for a week after.. no lumps no bumps. The DR that did the procedure has retired , It seems most Doctors do not want to use Art-fill and the rest can't do it right. I would get it... READ MORE

He Transmits Love and Positive Energy and Great Talent - Plano, TX

Excuse my grammar since English is not my first language. Dr. Lam Is very Unique he is the very few that uses tools that makes things safer (no Needles) but a speciall canula (safer) I been having fillers from Dr. Lam. for a few years now. He really lisens to you and he takes his time. I feel... READ MORE

Many Rounds of ArteFill and Very Lilttle Change - San Francisco, CA

I have have had lots of injections. The dermatologist injected more than 20k of ArteFill in my cheek bones, cheeks, nasal folds, and there is not much progress at all. I am not sure what to do. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for all your comments. My experience seems quite... READ MORE

Great Results! - Vero Beach, FL

I am thoroughly convinced that Artefil should only be injected by how experienced the physician is in using this product. My dr trains other dr's how to use it. I needed it in the tear troughs, sides of my temple (from volume loss) , a divot in my cheek, and my chin. Dr Pierone uses a micro... READ MORE

Not Worth It - Arizona, AZ

I had ArteFill injected under my eyes and a around my mouth, it did not last long on my right side only my left, now my face is uneven around my mouth, a few months later a noticed a lump under one of my eyes, I went to a eye surgeon and he had no idea what it was from, so he did surgery and... READ MORE

Artefill After CO2 - Detroit, MI

I had full face co2 2 weeks ago now on to Phase two which is artefill. anyone have any advice? the Co2 didn't give me the results I was hoping 4. I hope this will. This is no reflection on my doctor he is amazing there was just so much damage from: sun, drinking, smoking, picking, cancer yada... READ MORE

Help - Schaumburg, IL

I decided to get artifill because i hated the way my eyes looked. Its day three it looks like I have worms under my eyes... Did any one else experience this??? did it get better??? Is there anything I can do, I lookl like I. have been crying for hours. I feel like it but I dont want it to look worse READ MORE

Beware of Lumpiness and Unevenness - Oakbrook, IL

This is a permanent filler. You must be fully informed and prepared to deal with the consequences when receiving permanent substances to your face. I wanted only the temple region filled with a permanent product because, doing the math, is be spending way more on injections every 2-3 months... READ MORE

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