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Artefill is an FDA-approved, collagen-based filler used to correct the appearance of smile lines. The product was rebranded in December 2014 and now goes by the name Bellafill. As of January 2015, the injection can also be used to treat pitted acne scars on the cheeks. 

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Just spend 2000. for 2 syringes only / she wanted to use 5 more cant afford it. I wonder if i was overcharge or not. I dont see how most people can afford to spend 7000 on just fillers in the face. I really didnt see much of a difference after 2 syringes in the nasel fold. Im wondering for the... READ MORE

I am 49 and just had my first Artefill cosult today but I've been researching/watching Artefill since 2004. A brief history: The original product, Arteplast, had a high rate of granuloma formation due to irregularies in size, smoothness and electrical charge. The product was refined and became... READ MORE

I had bruising for about 12 days after the procedure, and I was faithful in taking Arnica to help with the bruising. Dr. W. is one of the premier doctors in the area for injectable fillers including ArteFill, and I did have him do my "raccoon eyes". I have been self conscious of my dark... READ MORE

I had ArteFill injected in 2011 and did not do my homework. The results were good for the first year and then bumps began appearing in the areas injected. I used prednisone for 7 months and the lumps resolved, but are now back. I have no idea if the lumps will get worse, get better, and am sick... READ MORE

The staff was very courteous. I appreciated the time that was spent explaining all my options. I would have liked for Dr. Castellano and Patti to be there at the same time since I gave the same information to both, but that is minor. Dr. Castellano was friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming. I... READ MORE

Had another two 0.8 cc syringes done in the face yesterday. that puts me at a total of five 0.8's since february. doctor does not put it right below the eyes or in the frown line area between the eyes. but everywhere else is ok. it's messaged in so lumps don't form. some pics show people with... READ MORE

I have been extremely self conscience about my facial acne scars for over 15yrs now. Trying numerous procedures with no permanent results. In the past I have tried Fraxel, mild peels, and Juvaderm.. All which were temporary. Dr. Wayne used Artefill and I am VERY pleased. It's a permanent... READ MORE

Not researching or reading clearly, i had artefill injected into my lips. I already had full lips, but wanted a small lift, which i should have used juvederm, but lesson learned. Actually you cant even tell that i had my lips injected, but ONLY when I smile I see small lumps under my top lip.... READ MORE

Dr. Windle is a Dr. that doesn't make you feel like you are taking up his time. He always takes extra time to explain procedures and your options. In several instances he has shown me that he is firstly a Dr. of integrity telling me I didn't need a particular surgery and pointing out a much... READ MORE

Howard Caplan is the best. If a procedure will not help you, he won't do it just because you want it. I wanted to fill in some of the smile lines around my mouth. I had Juvederm in the past and the artefill was much better. Its much more permanent. Make sure you get someone good. Dr.... READ MORE

I had artful injected into my temples and close to my eyes in La Jolla, CA. Years later I developed granulomas around my eyes. I have 5 of them. Why are doctors allowed to put this stuff in. I don't know how to fix it. I can't stand how my eyes look. I would have surgery if I knew of a doctor... READ MORE

The experience was exceptional. I have had various minor procedures over the past 15 years, and never has my experience been more positive. From the staff, the procedure time and the results are exactly what I wanted: subtle yet effective. I have been coming to Image Lift over the past 18 months... READ MORE

Dr. Castellano is seriously the biggest sweetheart ever! Bedside manner absolutely counts for a lot in my book, however his expertise in his craft go FAR beyond his sweet spirit, he is simply a genius--I would call him an artist, his knowledge of he facial anatomy and how to manage the natural... READ MORE

I have had filler before, with varied results, but mostly swelling and a lot of bruising. I have never been more delighted. Dr. Morello inspires confidence and made me very relaxed. We discussed at length what he would do, and that is exactly the result I got. I couldn't recommend anyone higher. READ MORE

Well, it took me more than a year working with the same doctor before i was sold on artefill. a lot of info on the web kept me away, but she finally won me over when she told me she's had it injected herslf, and because she's been injecting me with juvaderm and botox, i trust her eye for doing... READ MORE

I've had both Botox and Artefille with Dr. Lam, and the results are nothing short of amazing. I am 47 and people routinely guess that I am in my early to mid-30s. I have had lines around my mouth filled, and sculpting around the eyes and cheeks. Dr. Lam uses a "distraction" technique (i.e., no... READ MORE

This filler was placed under the hollows of my eyes and the sides of my lips and areas around my mouth that were showing wrinkling. This was totally worth it however, it caused slight bruising under my eyes and swelling that lasted about 5 days, each day slowly minimizing. Would recommend and... READ MORE

I have had Artefill from Transformations Aesthetics (Dr. Leon Etter) on 4 separate occasions. The secret to success of any facial restoration process is the Doctor performing the work. Dr. Etter is an artist and the time he and his staff spent with me in preparation for the procedure and in... READ MORE

I had an Artefill injection few months ago at Dr. Wei’s spa. At first, I don’t see any dramatic result, but after about a month, I can see that my fine lines is disappearing, and the deep lines between my eyes are much lighter. My whole face just look better, younger. Base on what Dr. Wei sai... READ MORE

Had Artefill injected into nasal labia folds, smile lines and under eyes. Saw some improvement, but little. Had additional Artefill injected under eyes and saw no additional benefit. Only 2 months later I saw a plastic surgeon who injected Belotero and said he didn't see any trace of the... READ MORE

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How much does ArteFill cost?

The typical cost for ArteFill ranges from $600-$4,200 with an average cost of $2,125. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 134 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more