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Artefill is an FDA-approved, collagen-based filler used to correct the appearance of smile lines or treat acne scars on cheeks. The product was rebranded as the name Bellafill, except in the UK and Australia where it's still sold as Artefill.

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65 Yo Grandma

I had Artefill in nasal folds and in my chin and a little in my cheeks. I love that it's permanent. I also had juevederm around my mouth. I got bruises from Juvederm as well as Artefill because I bruise easy. It really made a dramatic difference and I have not had any issues with it at all.... READ MORE

Aretfill/botox - Portland, OR

I use Anil Rajani, MD. I have used him off and on (touch-ups) for the past 12 years (recall Bridgeport Plaza) Yes, that far back. His staff is Friendly, and the Doc always treated me with nothing but respect and those little-added touchs of offering bottle water is just Cherry! I reside in... READ MORE

A Life Changing Result! - Los Angeles, CA

I've been seeing Dr. Rivkin for about a decade now, I have to say, ten years later I look better than I did back when I started and here's why: The main reason is, although I'm a 49 year old man, my jaw line was weak, narrow and quite feminine looking. Well, Rivkin changed that in a total of... READ MORE

Artefill Lumps/redness in NL Folds After 5 Years - Chicago, IL

This post if petty much to show my progress with anyone going through a similar experience. I had Artefill performed by a board certified dr 5 years ago. I have had no other procedures/ fillers of any kind. I did the skin test- and had perfect results for 5 years! It was amazing! A few months... READ MORE

Artefill Granulomas 2 Years After Injections. Virginia, VA

I am a 46 yo -Initially, I was extremely satisfied with the results of my NL injections done by a reputable plastic surgeon in Virginia Beach, Va. Two years after the injections, with no hx of keloid or any type of scarring, I developed very distinct granulomas on the NL injection sites... READ MORE

46 Year Old Female with Sunken Temples and Large Amount of Facial Tissue Loss. Vero Beach, FL

I hope to regain a more normal fullness in my temples, cheeks and under my eyes. Hopefully this will also give my face a mild/moderate lift as well as added volume. In addition I am hoping Dr Pierone can add structure and definition to my chin a little as it is slightly recessed and I have... READ MORE

43 Years Old. Genetic Bags with Line and Crows Feet- Used Artefill. Downers Grove, IL

Hi Everyone. May i just start by saying what an incredible group we have here. Because you all wee so unselfish in posting your procedures and pictures- from which I have learned so much- I feel that it was time to repay the favor! I am 43 years old. I don't have exactly the best genetic back up... READ MORE

Artefill. Beverly Hills, CA

I had several procedures last June, including fat transfer with Dr Haworth. The fat transfer was a success and is permanent. I had a few spots I wanted a little fuller. After a discussion with my plastic surgeon, we decided on Artefill as it is a permanent filler. Dr Haworth did a skin test for... READ MORE

I'm 58 the New 40!!

I have always had A thin face. As I've aged it was much more drawn in and old looking. I also compete in Physique competitions so diet makes me look even older . I had gone to Dr Steven Weiner for sculptra with great results. I still felt like in needed a little more fullness. Dr Weiner had... READ MORE

30 Years Young Cheek Augmentation Artefill Portland Oregon

I went to see Dr. Rajani because I am starting to age and really noticed it after looking through some old photos of myself in my early 20's.When I was younger I got tons of compliments on my high cheekbones but they look less full and more triangular than round now than in my early youth.This... READ MORE

awesome! -Beverly Hills, CA

My first visited to Dr. Joseph office was in 2002 to have my eyes bags removed; 12 years later my eyes are bags free. I started visiting Dr. Joseph again 2 years ago for Restylane filler; which last from 10 to 12 months for me. This is my first time getting ArteFill, I hope it last the expected... READ MORE

what a disaster! - Westchester, NY

I got Artefill done as my doctor said it was very long lasting....in fact, semi-permanent. Well, as soon as I got it done I noticed a difference and was very pleased. The are was indeed more plump. Well....fast forward to 1 1/2 month later...the substance begins to break apart and travel to... READ MORE

5 Years and Going Strong - Beverly Hills, CA

I was part of the 5 year long term test study on ArteFill. I had labial lines forming around my mouth and I was only 34 years old. It is genetic in my family. It was making me look older. ArteFill was used in the labial folds next to my mouth. My doctor was highly familiar with ArteFill and... READ MORE

Artefill Problems and Possible Solutions

I got Artefill injections for the smile lines that have become more pronounced as 45 approaches. I haven't had any other cosmetic procedures except one chemical peel in April. I went to a place that had done loads of the procedure and the doctor convinced me that Artefill was a fine way to go... READ MORE

My Artefill Experience - Vero Beach, FL

First I would like to say how important it is to do your homework. I researched my options for  volume loss in the face and decided on Artefill. I found a physician who used the micro cannula and had experience with over 5000 injections using fillers.The initial treatment can range from two to ... READ MORE

After Perlane, Radiesse, PRP, ArteFill Gets my Two Thumbs Up! - Chevy Chase, MD

I have two areas I dislike--they are my grooves in between my eyebrows. Even after botox treatments, I have permanent "11" deep grooves. I have nasolabial folds. I had Radiesse in the nasolabial --great but temporary result; I had Perlane twice--again great but temporary result. PRP, after... READ MORE

Artesense - Mexico City, MX

TERRIBLE. NEVER INJECT A PERMANENT FILLER around your eye area. It is too thin to really take it in and the fat will not cover it. This was done in Mexico and this is what happened within one month of the injection. READ MORE

help - San Diego, CA

Although I am still not pleased with the outcome for the amount of money I spent, compared to what my face looked like before I would say it was somewhat worth it. I had 6 syringes of Artefill injected into my face. 4 into my cheeks (2 on each side) and 2 into my nasolabia lines. As you can see... READ MORE

My First Time Filler Under Eyes is Artefill - Houston, TX

I am middle 40's. I have always taken care of my skin by taking lots of B complex vitamins, and all other vitamins for skin, especially vitamin C which promotes collagen. I never go in the Sun, and always wear powerful sun screen for the most minimal exposure. So I never needed collagen or... READ MORE

Couldn't Be Happier with Artefill

Full disclosure: my husband is a facial plastic surgeon and did my injections. I won't say much to avoid anyone thinking my opinion is biased and I think the results in the photos speak for themselves (they are unedited, the color is slightly different because of an orange shirt I was wearing in... READ MORE

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