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Everybody’s had a zit and everybody’s wanted it zapped. Acne treatment ranges from prescription medication to surgery. And that doesn’t even begin to cover all the ways to treat acne scarsLEARN MORE ›

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33 Woman Cystic Hormonal Acne and Tried a Lot Adult Acnomel Worked! Hutchinson, KS

While I've never done accutane or rentina A I have done minocycline, Spiro, clyndimycin, differen, proactive, lerocette, clay, coffee, cat litter, and any other mask out there. I have battled acne for around 15 yrs and never had success. Minocycline gave me mailyasma(sp?) on my checks and while... READ MORE

Decrease Blackheads, Whiteheads & Enlarged Pores Rapidly. Salida, CO

Listen up: for those who suffer from #blackheads and #whiteheads and #enlargedpores consider using #adapalenecream I recently received this rx by my #dermatologist and have seen using it nightly. It is an #acne medication - which is what I'm using it for. but I've seen a dramatic change in the... READ MORE

My (Complicated) Acne Journey! Doxycycline, Benzoyl Peroxide, Retin-A and All my skin care Tips!

I've struggled with acne for over 14 years. My mother told me when I was young that by 19 years old, I would be all done with acne and I could move on with my life. She was so wrong. I am 28 years old and still I struggle daily to control it. Finally I have found what I believe to be the perfect... READ MORE

My Very LONG Acne Journey and CLEAR Skin in 10 Weeks - San Francisco, CA

I've struggled with acne for over 10 years. I tried all sorts of things - all the antibiotics, and eventually Accutane. It would clear up initially sometimes, but would keep coming back. Never try antibiotics! It’s so harmful for your overall health. Everyone told me, I would be all done with a... READ MORE

21 Year Old, Just started on Accutane 20mg for moderate perssistant acne!

So I have had pretty persistant acne for most of my teenage years but its always just been little blemishes here and there especially around my time of the month. I told my doctor and we talked about birth control being an option to control this type of acne. I was put on the Alesse birth... READ MORE

Trying Out Finacea & Tretinoin - Millburn, NJ

Just want a clear face! Dealt with acne ALL my 25 years. Went to multiple dermatologists and tried everything under the sun. In my opinion the only thing that worked for me was Proactive however I've learned that to be like Pringles (once you pop u just cant stop) its addictive. Its like you... READ MORE

54 Year Old Woman Needed Repeat Laser for Acne Scars. Warren, OH

This is my second laser treatment for acme scars- the first was erbium with 3 passes and my skin looked pretty good at first but the scars didn't really seem to improve. This time I had a contour TRL laser by Sciton and my surgeon went deeper above my lip and around chin where the scars were... READ MORE

19 Yrs Old, Cystic Acne and Pretty Bad Scarring - Cooltouch Laser, Los Angeles, CA

My acne just spiraled out of control in these past fews months so I knew I had to take action and FAST. I went to Dr. Rahimi, who came very highly recommended everywhere I searched. I am so glad I did! He explained in detail the treatments he thought would benefit my skin and gave me a range of... READ MORE

Got my Confidence Back - Toronto, ON

Adult acne hit me in my late 30s. A friend recommended Dr. Kellett to me when my acne was getting out of control and affecting me socially. My first appoint with Dr. Kellett was in December 2014. She made me feel at ease from the moment she walked in. She did a detail assessment and made... READ MORE

27 Yr Old Female Experiencing a Rare Type of Breakout. - Los Angeles, CA

Due to a lupus flare, I suddenly broke out with inflammatory, cystic acne. It was absolutely horrible. I support myself by working as a fashion model, so I was really stressing. They got me in the next morning, Dr. Gray gave me 2 rX topicals, and one week later, my skin is clear. I HIGHLY... READ MORE

23 Year Old with a Random Acne Breakout - San Francisco, CA

I have always grown up with good, healthy skin but when I recently moved to San Francisco that all changed. I kept breaking out on mostly one side of my face but it was spreading across my forehead and chin. I contacted the closest dermatology office near me. All the staff made me feel important... READ MORE

Spirolactone Ended 16 Years of Cystic Acne. Richmond, VA

I've suffered from acne since I was just 8 years old. For years I visited a rather mediocre dermatologist who was unable to diagnose the cause of my problem and as I grew older the acne only worsened. By the time I was in college, I was deep in the throes of cystic acne and beginning to get... READ MORE

Tribeam Acne Laser - Upland, CA

I recently purchased a series of 5 tribeam acne laser treatments. I have had 2 tribeam acne lasers so far. I am getting these done at Skin Physicians and Surgeons in Upland. I am still getting new whiteheads on my chin daily. The rest of my skin is looking clear. I will update after my... READ MORE

Bad Acne on my Bridge of my Nose. - Toronto, ON

I was given too many cortisone injections for an infected that was on the bridge of my nose. I have been left me with a terrible scar on the bridge of my actual hole. When asked how to fix it, he wanted to cut it out and put stitches on the bridge of my nose. I then asked how are... READ MORE

23, on the Road to Skin Recovery! - Cleveland, OH

I met with Dr. Feng and her skin care department to try and figure out what was causing my severe under-the-skin, pain-in-the-ego adult acne.  I’m 23, eat healthy, exercise and have tried EVERY SINGLE ACNE TREATMENT AVAILABLE.Some work for a while, like Pro-Active, and then instantly stop he... READ MORE

Terrible Skin and a Few Treatments and BAM Solved! - Sydney, Australia

I thought it would not be worth the cost, but believe me it was. I do still get the odd pimple here and there but nothing like a complete full face outbreak in which nearly all of my cheeks and forhead were full of pimples. I recommend it despite the price as it brings back so much self... READ MORE

21 Years Old

What would be the best peel to treat this hyperpigmentation/acne scarring? I have normal to dry skin. I have done 3 laser treatments already and that seemed to clear up my skin a bit but there are still some stubborn marks there. Laser treatments are too pricey for my taste. Also, I know... READ MORE

Treatment for Acne and Acne Scars with Biophotonic Klox (Lamp)

I've been having acne problems ever since I was a teenager. I've tried a whole lot of treatments over the years. From the usual salicylic cleaners, toners and cream, to Accutane, as well as isotretinoin topical creams. I've also taken Diane 35 for a while. The latter truly helped, but since my... READ MORE

Worst Dermatologist Experience Ever - Atlanta, GA

I went to Dr. Duvall because my normal dermatologist was all booked up. I went in because I had three persistent pimples on my neck. She suggested that she inject them with cortisone to make them resolve faster. I seriously regret allowing Dr. Duvall to perform this procedure. Though I have... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and LILT Therapy - Melbourne, AU

I have been battling acne for over a decade now, without much success. After trying every magic pill and magic cream I am turning to micro/peels/laser. I started getting microdermabrasion's and mild peels on the 1st of August 2013. I had a treatment every 1-2 weeks alternating between mild... READ MORE

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