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My Dermatologist Recommends I Get Neuromodulators: What Are They?

Dr. Sid Danesh explains neuromodulators and how they can be used on patients as young as their early 20s. VIEW NOW

Lip Augmentation: See the Stunning Results of Restylane and Dysport

Dr. Joseph Eviatar performs a lip augmentation with Restylane and Dysport to add volume and definition. VIEW NOW

Chin and Jawline Rejuvenation with Xeomin and Radiesse

Dr. Joseph Eviatar rejuvenates a patient's chin and jawline using Xeomin and Radiesse. Xeomin acts to relax the muscles in her chin and Radiesse fills imperfections caused by sagging skin. VIEW NOW

Neurotoxins Like Botox and Dysport Work To Prevent Wrinkles

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses the different types of neurotoxins, such as Botox and Dysport, as well as what to expect when having neurotoxins injected. VIEW NOW

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Liposuction For Men: Eliminate Fat Pockets in Belly or Chest

Dr. James Knoetgen explains the process of liposuction for men who are interested in eliminating those stubborn pockets of fat that persist, even with regular exercise. VIEW NOW

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How Long Before Botox Results Can Be Seen

Dr. Reath and his Nurse Injector Jill Maze discuss how long it takes for Botox results to be seen and the variables that impact the process. VIEW NOW

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Botox Introduction: Targeted Areas and Benefits

Dr. Michael Bowman provides a brief description of Botox, highlighting the areas of the face for which it has been approved and it's benefits. VIEW NOW

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Brow Muscles Eased With Light Botox Injections

Dr. Shervin Naderi explains the versatility of Botox as he administers only half of a drop above each of the patient's brows in order to prevent an aggressive, wrinkle forming arch. VIEW NOW

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Botox Injections Works to Prevent Wrinkles By Paralyzing Small Muscle Groups

Botox is an option for consumers who are looking to prevent the development of wrinkles, but it does not reverse the effects of natural aging. VIEW NOW

How Does Botox Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles?

Dr. Matheson Harris discusses what Botox is, where it comes from, and what it is used for. He explains how Botox blocks facial muscles from contracting and creating wrinkles. VIEW NOW

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What is the First Step When Considering Cosmetic Treatments?

Dr. Mitchel Goldman discusses the first step when considering cosmetic treatments. VIEW NOW

What Alternatives to Botox are There?

Dr. Luis F. Villar shares his initial findings of comparing Botox to Xeomin. VIEW NOW

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What is the Best Treatment to Volumize the Cheeks and Face?

Doctor Margaret Weiss discusses the best treatment to volumize the cheeks and face. VIEW NOW