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Is It Harmful to Wear a Compression Garment for an Extended Period of Time After a Tummy Tuck?

I am 18 weeks out, and I wear the garment during the day for comfort and to reduce swelling. I don't have much swelling without it but I do have some.... READ MORE

Is Extra Swelling at 7-8 Weeks After Tummy Tuck is Normal?

I wasn't that swollen before, even if I'm still wearing my spanx during the day. The swelling is mainly above and around the belly buttom. READ MORE

Does Wearing the Spanx Make a Difference on How Flat a Tummy is at the End of the Journey?

Week 8 after a full TT, feeling much better, I wear spanx on and off and wondering if I should wearing it all the time. Usually wear it when I know I... READ MORE

Would spanx or full body compression garment be ok to be replace abdominal binder with?

I HATE this abdominal binder. It won't stay straight and constantly riding off my sides so its basically not serving it purpose with me. Would spanx... READ MORE

How Long After a Tummy Tuck Should I Be Wearing Support Garment?

How long should I keep wearing support such as spanx? READ MORE

Puddle of Fluid on Lower Abdomen - Will it Go Away?

I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago. And was just removing the excess fat i am happy with the result thus far. Just a lil anxious about the fluid. Im... READ MORE

Binder & Spanx Like Garments? (photo)

Tummy tuck was 5/20/13 My birthday was 5/22 :) 1.The hospital gave me 1 basic white binder the NEXT DAY after the surgery. Did that do damage to my... READ MORE

I am 8 days post op from my abdominoplasty/back lipo surgery. What can I do to get the swelling to go down besides rest?

I over did my activity today, I'm pretty positive this is why I'm extra swollen. I also had my drains removed 2 days ago because I stopped draining. I... READ MORE

Compression Garment W/no Lipo?

I had a tummy tuck w/no lipo. How long do I have to wear the compression garment? I have NEVER worn a girdle before surgery, do I have to wear spanx... READ MORE

Can You Wear a Binder on Top of Spanx After a Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I'm 5 weeks post op with significant swelling. A week ago I was fine,but have recently returned to work where I'm on my feet for 8hrs. I found since I... READ MORE

I had a Tummy Tuck with Liposcution of my flanks 16 days ago. How long should I wear a compression garment?

I am 16 days post op and my ps said i could stop wearing the binder and switch to a compression garment such as Spanx. How long should I expect to... READ MORE

Is it normal to start swelling a lot at 4 months post op Tummy Tuck & Liposuction? (photos)

Last week I started having the worse swelling! It's bad after I eat but I swell up and stay that way; In the morning it goes down a little then starts... READ MORE

22 Y/o Tummy Tuck W/o Muscle Repair Still Swelling at 11 Weeks Post-op, Normal?

11 weeks ago I had a TT W/O MR, BL&excision of back rolls.8lbs of skin&fat was removed from TT&2lbs from back rolls.No problems with the... READ MORE

Should I Still Be Wearing Spanx at 8wks Post Op After TT with Flank Lipo?

I am a small framed female at 5'2'' and weigh about 125 to 127lbs.I had TTw/flank lipo.I had very little swelling.However, the last 2 wks I have... READ MORE

Can I Go to the Gym Without my Spandex I'm 8weeks Post Tt?

I have been back to the gym for the last 2 weeks I'm 8weeks post tt muscle repair and liposuction of the flanks I am now not wearing my spandex... READ MORE

How long to wear spanx after Tummy Tuck?

I am 11 weeks post PS told me that I should not wear my spanx too long. I do not swell as much when i wear it & it keeps my form well. So I feel... READ MORE

2 wks post op Tummy Tuck, wearing spanx and resuming a more active lifestyle. What is this bubble high on my abdomen? (photo)

One week after my tummy tuck I began wearing high waisted spanx. I feel asleep with it on, and when I took it off I noticed this tangerine sized... READ MORE

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