4 Days Post-op + Tummy Tuck

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Pubic Area Huge After Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I'm 4 days post op and I'm honestly freaking out about this. It looks so ridiculous. Even when I'm laying down it doesn't flatten. Does that mean... READ MORE

I Am 4 Days Post-op from a TT and Just Started my Period. Will This Affect My Recovery?

I am concerned how this affects my recovery and how to handle this with the garments, swelling etc. READ MORE

What is Normal Swelling After a Tummy Tuck?

I am just curious about what is normal swelling and what is the sign of a problem. I had my tummy tuck three days ago. Yesterday when I removed all... READ MORE

"Spare Tire" like swelling after TT!!!!???!

I had a tummy tuck 4 days ago. I had a large ammount of loose skin from a 110lb weight loss. I had a HUGE pannus removed that humg over my pubic... READ MORE

Did I Pop a Stitch on my Abdominoplasty? (photo)

I had an abdominoplasty without lipo 4 days ago. On day 2 I stretched forward without thinking to catch a glass that my son had dropped. I felt a... READ MORE

Why is my Belly Button Burning After a Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I had surgery last friday, march 9th..so far i have had a good recovery besides the fact that my belly button hurts and feels like its on fire!! i... READ MORE

Torn Suture or Muscle 7 Weeks After Diastasis Recti Repair? (photo)

I had open diastasis recti repair surgery in June. the diastasis was sutured with prolene. healing has been smooth, until last week. i got food... READ MORE

Had a Tt. Bbl Lioo N Armlift. Cant Feel my Right Foot Mainly my Toes N Foot? (photo)

Had surgery done august 22. Im sooo stressed out I need to know if theres something I can do currently I have my drains I will be in this country till... READ MORE

My Belly Button Looks Tiny and It Appears I Still Have a Bulge of Fat Under my Belly Button. Is It Caused by Swelling? (photo)

I had a full tt on march 16. I am now 4 days post op and I seen my new stomach for the first time ... My belly button looks small and It looks like I... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck Belly Button Untouched?

I had a FTT 4 days ago. I have a hip to hip incision and 2 drains. However, my belly button is untouched.. I am very short waisted so it looks fine,... READ MORE

Is This Blood Under my Skin After Tummy Tuck??? (photo)

I am 4 days post op and I am worried about the appearance of my skin above my incision and below my belly button. My PS says this is normal, but it... READ MORE

I would like to get other doctors' opinions about my tummy tuck results. 4 days post (photos)

I'm 5'2, 128 lbs pre sx. I am petite & wanted my pre-mommy stomach & tiny waist back. Tues 3/11/14 I got full TT, w/ medial thigh lipo,some flank &... READ MORE

Will my Belly Button Look Normal? (photo)

I had a ventral hernia repair w/rectum plication 4 days ago via general surgery. The surgeon said he removed some excess skin as well. I just saw my... READ MORE

I Am 4days Post Op and Have Severe Burning Pain Along the Incision, is This Normal?

I am 4 days post op and have severe burning pain long the incision, is this normal or could the binder be too tight? READ MORE

Can HRT Cause DVT when Having a Tummy Tuck?

I recently had a Tummy Tuck , and have been on HRT for many years . I had a massive amount of swelling 4 days after surgery and went to the hospital... READ MORE

Hard Time Sleeping After TT and Thigh Lipo?

Hi Everyone, I'm po day 4 and have been having a hard time sleeping.... Neck pain/ head aches, every position is uncomfortable and wacky weird dreams... READ MORE

Is it normal to have creases and folds and uneven stitching along your TT scar? (photo)

I am 4 days PO. Should I be worried about the creases and unevenness of my TT scar? My belly button goes off to one side and there are vertical... READ MORE

4 Days PO, Should My Surgeon Have Done Muscle Repair? (photo)

Hello, I am 4 days post op (TT) and I am extremely concerned that I will not achieve optimal results. Only after research and questioning did I find... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal 4 days post-op?

I wake up in the morning like the first picture and by afternoon I'll be at the 2nd pic I am not over doing it I am mainly in bed just walking around... READ MORE

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