ThermiTight Videos

ThermiTight Can Tighten Skin and Even Muscle For a Slimmer Neck

Dr. Allan Wulc excitedly discusses ThermiTIght, which is a heated instrument that has been used to tighten the skin and even muscle around the jaw and neck area. VIEW NOW

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Skin Tightening Is No Longer Synonymous With a Facelift: Meet ThermiRF

When most people think of tightening the skin of their face, they think of going in for a facelift, but that's not necessary anymore. Dr. Grant Stevens introduces ThermiRF. VIEW NOW


Remove Bags Under the Eyes With a "Stealthy" Incision Inside the Lid

Dr. Edward Dickerson discusses your RealSelf questions! Watch as Dr. Edward Dickerson discusses Thermi options for bags under the eyes. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Gynecomastia Treatment With ThermiRF

Gynecomastia can be treated with surgery, but why go under the knife if you don't have to? Dr. Stanley Okoro explains how ThermiRF can eliminate gynecomastia non-surgically. VIEW NOW

Are the Results of ThermiTight Permanent?

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question about how permanent ThermiTight is in terms of turning back the hands of time. VIEW NOW

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21-Year-Old Considering Jowl Treatment WIth Fat Transfer or ThermiRF

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question from a young woman asking about possible treatments for her jaw area, so Dr. Dickerson talks about a few of her suggested treatments. VIEW NOW


The Results From Thermi Are Immediate and Continue to Get Better

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question about how immediate Thermi results are, noting that patients will be able to see results right after the treatment, then the area will continue to improve over the next few months. VIEW NOW

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How Many Treatments Are Required to Get the Best Results From Thermi?

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question discussing the number of Thermi treatments necessary to achieve the best results. VIEW NOW

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Doctor Q&A: Am I a Candidate For ThermiTight If I Have an Irregular Heartbeat?

Dr. Edward Dickerson explains the potential risks with a ThermiTight procedure, and whether a client with an irregular heart flutter would be a good candidate. VIEW NOW

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Which Anesthesia Is Best Before a ThermiRF Treatment?

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers your questions on RealSelf about ThermiRF and which anesthesia method might be best. VIEW NOW

What Is ThermiTight? Minimally-Invasive Radiofrequency Treats Wrinkles and Saggy Skin

Dr. Kimberly Lee explains the new technology that promises to promote anti-aging effects over time with a minimally-invasive treatment. VIEW NOW


Armpit Fat Has Been Difficult to Treat... Until Now

As Stanley Okoro explains, armpit fat has been difficult to treat... until now. He describes the various options for attacking this stubborn area of fat, including ThermiRF's radio frequency and the SmartLipo laser. VIEW NOW


The Many Uses For ThermiRF: Tighten Skin, Destroy Fat, and Relax Wrinkles

Dr. Stanley Okoro runs down the many benefits of ThermiRF, a new radio frequency tool used in multiple capacities all over the body. VIEW NOW


ThermiRF: The Newest Technology to Dissolve Fat and Reduce Wrinkles

Dr. Robert Hardesty explains the technology behind ThermiRF, a new tool used for dissolving fat, reducing wrinkles, and tightening skin. VIEW NOW


Loose Skin, Sagging Brow, or Excessive Sweating? ThermiRF Can Help

Dr. Joseph Eviatar describes some of the various applications of the ThermiRF machine, including ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth, ThermiRase, and ThermiDry. VIEW NOW