Tattoo Removal Videos

Tattoo Removal in 4 to 6 Treatments — Learn About PicoSure Laser and How Much It Costs

Dr. Travis L. Shaw explains how PicoSure can remove tattoos faster than other laser treatments and the cost per area. VIEW NOW

15 Seconds of Tattoo Revmoal With the Q-Switched KTP Laser

See this woman's tattoo removal results after six treatments with the Q-switched KTP laser. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Removes a Tattoo From Behind a Woman's Ear

Dr. James W. Goodnight uses a YAG laser to remove this woman's tattoo. To help manage pain, he also numbed the area before the procedure. VIEW NOW

Learn About Tattoo Removal With YAG Laser in Under a Minute

A Brief overview of Laser Tattoo Removal. Tattoo Removal does require several sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart, but the results are well worth it! VIEW NOW

What's Tattoo Removal Look Like? See 2 Minutes of Footage

Dr. Alberto de la Fuente Garcia removes a tattoo from this woman's upper back. See the treatment. VIEW NOW


Caring for Tattooed Skin — The Doctor Shares These Tips

Dr. Reuel Aspacio gives skin care tips for keeping a tattoo or permanent makeup looking its best. Removal options are also outlined. VIEW NOW

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"It Feels Like a Little Electrical Shock" — This Man Gets PicoWay

This man gets his first tattoo removal treatment with PicoWay. Does it hurt? VIEW NOW


PicoWay: See The Laser Remove This Ankle Tattoo

This woman gets her first tattoo removal treatment with PicoWay. VIEW NOW

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Watch PicoSure Remove Black and Blue Ink — 45 Seconds of Tattoo Removal.

See PicoSure remove this tattoo. It should be gone in three to four sessions, according to Dr. Phillip Bekhor. VIEW NOW

Watch This Tattoo Removal Session in 20 Seconds

Dr. Stephen J. Ronan performs tattoo removal on this woman's wrist. VIEW NOW

17 Seconds of Tattoo Removal: See This Man's Ink Disappear

Dr. Stephen J. Ronan uses the Enlighten laser to remove a tattoo in two to three treatments. See what to expect. VIEW NOW

67 Seconds of Tattoo Removal: Here's What You Should Expect

Dr. Amy Forman Taub shows what you should expect when getting a tattoo removed. VIEW NOW

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Tattoo Removal: See the MicroPen TR in Action

See how the MicroPen TR removes a tattoo without using lasers. VIEW NOW

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Faster Tattoo Removal: See What This Doctor Uses

Dr. Manjula Jegasothy uses Topical PFD (PerFlouoroDecalin) to erase the white residue caused by Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal. See what to expect. VIEW NOW

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Laser Tattoo Removal: See the Doctor Inject Lidocaine

Dr. David S. Rosenberg injects lidocaine into a male patient's arm to minimize pain from tattoo removal. VIEW NOW