Tattoo Removal Videos

67 Seconds of Tattoo Removal: Here's What You Should Expect

Dr. Amy Forman Taub shows what you should expect when getting a tattoo removed. VIEW NOW

Tattoo Removal: See the MicroPen TR in Action

See how the MicroPen TR removes a tattoo without using lasers. VIEW NOW


Faster Tattoo Removal: See What This Doctor Uses

Dr. Manjula Jegasothy uses Topical PFD (PerFlouoroDecalin) to erase the white residue caused by Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal. See what to expect. VIEW NOW

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Laser Tattoo Removal: See the Doctor Inject Lidocaine

Dr. David S. Rosenberg injects lidocaine into a male patient's arm to minimize pain from tattoo removal. VIEW NOW


PicoSure Close-Up: This Red and Green Tattoo Gets the Laser Treatment

By shattering ink into tiny particles, PicoSure helps remove unwanted ink. Dr. William Frazier demonstrates the technology on this red and green tattoo. VIEW NOW

PicoSure First Treatment: See How the Laser Works on Black Ink

Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong uses PicoSure to remove this black arm tattoo. Watch the process. VIEW NOW

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20 Seconds of PicoSure — Watch These Tattoo Stars Disappear

Using the PicoSure laser, Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong helps remove this young woman's tattoos during her first treatment. VIEW NOW

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Watch These Tattoos Vanish With the PicoSure Laser

Looking to remove your ink? See how Dr. James E. Murphy uses numbing cream, ice, and a Zimmer chiller to make your PicoSure experience as comfortable as possible. VIEW NOW

46 Seconds of PicoSure: Watch as This Tattoo Gets Zapped

PicoSure zaps this tattoo. See 46 seconds of Dr. Lee Kleiman's work. VIEW NOW

PicoSure Tattoo Removal: Watch the Laser at Work

Using PicoSure, Dr. David S. Rosenberg removes this unwanted tattoo from a female patient's neck after she received a Lidocaine injection. Is it painful? Hear her response. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Procedures: Here Are Your Options

Dr. Cory Torgerson discusses non-surgical rejuvenation procedures. Let the doctor explain the basics and hear from real patients. VIEW NOW

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Ways to Remove a Tattoo: See These High-Tech Options

Dr. Richard Rahdon explains the various high-tech options he provides patients interested in having their tattoos removed. See them for yourself. Includes before and after photos. VIEW NOW


Watch This 16-Year-Old Black and Green Tattoo Vanish Before Your Eyes! See PicoSure in Action

This upper arm tattoo gets zapped by PicoSure. See 16 years of black and green ink go bye-bye in this first treatment with Dr. Anh-Tuan Truong. VIEW NOW


Tattoo Removal: What You Need to Know About PicoWay

Wonder where the "pico" in PicoWay comes from? Dr. Vic A. Narurkar has the answer. Learn about this tattoo removal technology that's safe for most skin types. Brought to you by Syneron Candela. VIEW NOW

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What Tattoo Ink Colors Can PicoWay Remove?

Dr. Terrence Keaney explains what makes PicoWay so fast and the colors it best tackles in any tattoos you want gone. Brought to you by Syneron Candela. VIEW NOW

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