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Laser Tattoo Removal Aftermath, I Thought There Would Be More Blistering and Scabbing, Normal?

I just had my first laser tattoo removal session 2 days ago and I'm not experiencing any of the blistering and scabbing I was warned about. There... READ MORE

Lazer Tatto Removal Blister/scabbing Question

Hi I'm an african american male I had my first session of lazer tattoo removal last week it has been 6 days and the blisters/scabs are starting to... READ MORE

Pinpoint Bleeding/scabbing Laser Tattoo Removal?

I went for a laser tattoo removal consultation and was told that there wasn't going to be blistering but there would be pinpoint bleeding and that... READ MORE

Is no blistering/scanning/peeling after laser tattoo normal?

I just had my first treatment on a tattoo that's primarily shading and black lines. I was expecting to have scabbing and bleeding but after being just... READ MORE

Can I Apply an Anti-itch Cream to a Scab from Laser Tattoo Removal?

It's scabbed over in some areas (and no other open wounds), and it's itchy. The active ingredients in the anti-itch cream are dipenhydramine... READ MORE

What Cream Stops Scarring After Rejuvie Tatoo Removal on Eyebrows?

Its been under a week after treatment. my eyebrows are very scabby with what looks like black ink coming out.they feel very tight and am worried that... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait until I can do salabrasion for a second time?

The first time it was working really well, but I got excited and picked the scab off. Now there is a prominent scar and the tattoo has faded somewhat... READ MORE

I went for my first laser tattoo removal and I haven't experienced any scabbing or blistering. I was wondering if its normal?

I went for my first session last Thursday and so far I've only experienced some swelling and discomfort. And I can see that the shading has gotten... READ MORE

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