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TCA Peel Only with a Plastic Surgeon

I got a tca peel friday evening, and it's thurs....

I got a tca peel friday evening, and it's thurs. morning, and I look awful.

I have high expectations for this painful peel since it is my second one.

I had a Jessner/ tca mix last time, and I believe that I had better results.

My skin is raw, but I hope-pray that these scars go away. This peel is awesome, and low cost---DON'T do this at home! It's acid...go to a plastic surgeon. 

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Yes, please share where you got it!
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I used a 12.5% TCA solution and followed the instructions to the letter; I am extremely pleased with the results....if you are very careful, there is no reason you cannot do this yourself successfully. I have enough of the solution to give peels for at least 50 people and it cost me 25 plus shipping for what I am using..my skin is vibrant, and the lines have diminished greatly, I know it takes some courage, but, have all of your supplies at hand, and proceed cautiously. Good luck!
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What brand of TCA solution did you use?
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I agree, I also did the 12.5% at home and had great results. Of course if instructions are read and everything is done correctly and you start with a low strength everything should be fine. I also paid only $30 and have lend it to a few friends and everyone has had great results. If you are not sure start with the 8% i got mine at makeupartistchoice.com Good Luck
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Just wanted to say I agree as far as lower TCA percentages (18 and under) go!

I paid 300 dollars to get an 18% peel done professionally (performed by a nurse). She was so careless slopping the acid on that it ran down my neck and back. Thank god it didn't get into my eyes and ears.

I would never be that careless with my own face!! + it made me realize that the procedure is not rocket science or neurosurgery. As long as you are cautious and don't push it too far, I think you're better off doing it yourself.
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after a longer wait, did your skin improve or are you still unhappy with it? thx jb
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