Hydroquinone for Fading Spots - New York, NY

After pregnancy I had melasma and age spots...

After pregnancy I had melasma and age spots started appearing. My dermatologist recommended Obagi Blue chemical peel.

I decided not to do this...was too expensive and he warned me I needed to stay out of the sun for a period of time. This isn't possible because I work at a plant nursery part-time. He then prescribed me a product with 4% hydroquinine called Aclaro. I used it twice daily. It took about 2 months until I saw good fading on my cheek spots. For some reason the spot on my nose didn't change! In the end I bet I spent more on Aclaro both in terms of money and time than the Obaji. So, my recommendation is go for something that'll give you fast repair, not a product like Aclaro or even Perricone (tried that too).

Hi im 23years and have used hydroquinone 2% for a long time.When i read about it im really scary. But i like to use it.can i use it for lifelong?
You should take a break from it from time to time, esp if you plan on being in the sun. But keep in mind that the studies were not conducted on humans, from what I have read. Also -- I believe the amounts used were EATEN rather than rubbed on the body (please verify this, any researchers on here?) So unless you plan on eating it, I say go for it but don't overdo. And if cancer runs in your family, try kojic acid, vitamin c, plus major sunscreen and you might never need it anyway at your age.
Hi.Im a 23 year girl.I have used hydroquinone usp 2% for a very long time but when i read about it i feel very scary.Can i use hydroquinone usp 2% for lifelong period.
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