Sinus Surgery Videos

Learn About a New Treatment For Sinusitis

Dr. Marc J. Kayem explains a new procedure which uses a balloon technique to treat sinusitis. VIEW NOW

Treat Pressure and Pain With Balloon Sinus Surgery — See the Simulation

Dr. Demetrio J. Aguila, III, explains the in-office procedure to treat sinus pressure and pain. VIEW NOW

Can I Get Sinus Surgery During a Nose Job?

Have sinus problems? You may be able to fix them while you're getting your nose done. Dr. Samir Undavia has the details. VIEW NOW

Improving Breathing and Removing Nasal Obstructions: See Inside the Nose

Danny has suffered from nasal obstruction and difficult breathing most of his life. Hear how Dr. Robert A. Guida plans to treat his patient's problem. VIEW NOW

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