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Sientra's FDA-approved silicone breast implants come in both round and shaped, smooth and textured varieties. Sientra also offers a Capsular Contracture Care Program — a guarantee to replace your implants up to five years after surgery if capsular contracture occurs. LEARN MORE ›

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I had my consultation last Wednesday & I just scheduled my BA date for 3/18/15. My pre op apt is 3/5 and I am freaking out a bit, anxious and excited. I'm 5'1 and about 95lbs. The PS said I'm very narrow and 400cc will be the absolute most he will be able to fit. Originally all I wanted was... READ MORE

Hi, Ive had a TT/Lipo. Now I'm ready for the BA. Feeling very good about my doc and am thrilled with what she's done for me so far. This would be the completion of my Mommy Makeover. I am a mom of two kids (ages 10 and 8 years old) and breast fed both but for a very short time. Still, the... READ MORE

Hi realself ladies. I am finally writing my own review after reading so many of your brave ladies' reviews. I am 28 years old, 5'6, 138# am athletic and started planning my BA about 7 months ago when my bust just decided to up and leave for no appairent reason. I have no children I did not... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old and a B cup. I'm sure I want 350CC + I'm opting for silicone implants, possibly the gummy bear ones. I prefer something softer and more of a natural feel. I have been contemplating if I should or shouldn't do this. Everyone is telling me to wait until I have kids. My husband... READ MORE

Hello ladies I thought I'd share my story. RS as been educational and helped me made my decision a little eaisier.  I'm 33ys old, Asain mutt, no childern, 5'3 115lbs average/athletic (yoga, running - dont have the best diet lol) Rib cage 29ish, I think BWD is 11.5ish, bra 34AA. I have pretty... READ MORE

I just finished writing a nice review then the computer froze, so here is a condensed version that I will expand on later. I have been so flat all my life, where everyone around me has nice breasts and pretty bras, a huge selection of bikinis for the summer! I figure the time is right to get... READ MORE

Like other ladies on here I lost 30lbs and lost the fullness in my upper Breast. I felt uncomfortable in bathing suits and could not wear cute tops. I wanted to do this for me to build my self confidence and esteem back up. So I found Dr. O and from the consultation which my husband attended I... READ MORE

I had my consult at the Wall Center in Shreveport, LA with Dr. Lee and he was wonderful. I got to see my Vectra results and chose Sientra Moderate 300cc silicone gel implants. I've always been tall and thin so I don't want to overpower my frame. Dr. Lee and I were on the exact same page size... READ MORE

My surgery is in 17 days! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I'm very active and more fit than I have been in my entire life. I feel more like I'm 21 than 51 :), however; I have no desire to look like I'm 21. I just want the fullness in my breast restored. I don't want to look like I... READ MORE

Very new to this on-line community. Posting my goal pictures. Have 2 consultation appointments (with 2 different surgeons) on June 29th! I'm 5', 5 3/4" and about 135 lbs (athletic frame). Considering highly cohesive "Gummy Bear" implants with one surgeon offering a $500. price reduction for... READ MORE

Hi Realselfers! I am a 42 year old mother of 3, 5'8 and about 125lbs. I am so thankful that I found this site! I stumbled on to it when I was looking for a dr to do botox. I had never done it, or any other cosmetic procedure, and was scared but LOVE my results! I ended up going to Dr.... READ MORE

I don't even know where to begin... I have been wanting implants for the past 15 years, but always knew I wanted to wait until after I had kids. I am so glad I waited! For the past year, I've been researching different surgeons. Dr. Jejurikar was at the top of my list. Then, after meeting... READ MORE

I have been stalking this site for years, reading reviews (good and bad), looking at all the pictures, and I'm finally taking the plunge! Still not sure of size, I'm leaning toward 300 but I'm still on the fence between 300, 325, and 350 cc's. I'm getting Sientra highly cohesive silicone gel... READ MORE

I have been researching Breast implants for over a year. I have went to 3 Dr. offices. The first 2 weren't spectacular and my husband and I got a bad feeling in the second Drs Office. We met with Dr. Juan Brou this morning. Within 5 minutes of speaking with him we knew he was the surgeon! His... READ MORE

I have always had small breasts and always had friends with large natural ones. I have always desired my own breasts to feel sexy and feminine. I was given the lower half - a big butt and thick thighs - and I have a muscular frame, so acquiring a proportionate and natural chest size was on the... READ MORE

I'm 5'2, 130lbs. My bra size now is 34DD but I feel saggy. During consultation the doc measured me just barely drooping like not even 2 inches by their standards of how they measure drooping. I really want to lift more than I do the implants but I want to implants is well I have decided to go... READ MORE

After years of contemplation I finally decided to get serious and take the plunge. I've always wanted bigger boobs and now I finally have them. I did two consultations and chose Dr. Robert Cohen. I never felt comfortable with the first PS no matter how hard I tired. I know I chose the best... READ MORE

I recently relocated to Orange County and after thorough research, I chose Dr Larry Nichter because of his extensive background and positive reviews online. Meeting him at our initial consultation, he was very knowledgeable and calm and I was very excited to have him as my plastic surgeon. I... READ MORE

I was always frustrated about how my upper body looked and always wanted bigger chest. I met with 4 different plastic surgeons who are well known in the area for their work before I decided to go with Dr. Reid. I chose Dr. Reid because of his knowledge and how much he pays attention to me. I... READ MORE

Hi, I was going to wait to begin a review but I need a place to ask opinions and searching the site isn't leading me to answers. I will post clothed photos of my before and afters so my wonderful surgeon can have another great review on here. He did my tummy tuck in October 2014 and I have a... READ MORE

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