Rhinoplasty Videos

Nose Job Recovery: This Mom Talks About Her Daughter's Nose Job Recovery

This mom shares her thoughts on her daughter's recovery after a nose job with Dr. Robert Kotler. VIEW NOW

Nose Job Recovery: This Young Woman Can Breathe Better the Day After Her Nose Job (Part 1)

Dr. Robert Kotler shares this young woman's experience with her nose job which included the Kotler Nasal Airway. The nasal tube device allowed her to breath easier during her recovery. VIEW NOW

"I'm Excited!" — This woman Sees Her Brow Lift and Nose Job Results together for the First Time

Dr. Michael Elam removes the cast to reveal this woman's new nose after a brow lift and nose job. VIEW NOW

This Woman's Nose Job Result Matches the Computer Depiction — See Her Before & After

Dr. Robert Kotler performed a nose job on this woman. Her new nose matches the computer imaging results they hoped to achieve. VIEW NOW

"It's Now or Never!" This Registered Nurse and Busy Mother of 2 Had Breast Augmentation and a Nose Job at the Same Time

Dr. Robert Kolter performed a breast augmentation and nose job on Chantal, a busy mom who works as a registered nurse. See what she says about her recovery. VIEW NOW

"It's Straight!" This Woman Sees Her Nose For the First Time After Hump Removal

Dr. Michael Elam removed the hump on this woman's nose. See her reveal and before and after photos. VIEW NOW

Using Your Own Rib in a Nose Job: The Doctor Explains How It Works

Dr. Donald B. Yoo explains what to expect when a doctor uses your rib cartilage for a revision nose job or Asian rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

This Man Test Drives His New Nose

Dr. Robert Kotler explains how a non-surgical nose job can give a sense of final results without surgery. VIEW NOW

What Does She Think? This Woman Sees Her New Nose

Does this young woman like her new nose? Hear about her experience with Dr. Robert Kotler. VIEW NOW

14 Seconds of Nose Job Results — This Woman Talks 4 Days Post-Op

Meet the experience of this patient of Dr. Robert Kotler's before she has her bandage removed. VIEW NOW

"My Nose Didn't Hurt at All"— This Young Woman Talks About Her Nose Job Recovery

Dr. Robert Kotler shares this young woman's experience 1 day after her nose surgery with the Kotler Nasal Airway. VIEW NOW

Will the Doctor Break My Nose When Removing a Dorsal Hump?

Dr. Sirius K. Yoo demonstrates the steps of a dorsal hump removal and explains whether or not the nose will need to be broken during surgery. VIEW NOW

Considering a Nose Job? The Doctor Recommends Following These Steps

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh talks about what to consider when researching a nose job in order to attain your goals. VIEW NOW

Steps to Remove a Nasal Hump During Nose Surgery — The Doctor Explains

One of the most common reasons people undergo a nose job is to remove the hump on their nose. Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh discusses the steps he takes when removing a nasal hump. VIEW NOW

How to Ensure a Natural Nose Job Result — The Doctor Shares His Philosophy

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh explains his approach to achieving natural looking results. VIEW NOW