Rhinoplasty Videos

See How a Nose Job May Change This Woman's Profile

In this computer simulation of potential results, Dr. Steven M. Denenberg narrows and elevates the tip, brings the nose closer to the face, and narrows a nasal hump. VIEW NOW

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Hispanic Rhinoplasty: This Woman's 6 Days Post-Op

This woman's of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent and was worried a new nose wouldn't fit her face. Hear what she thinks six days after surgery. VIEW NOW

"My Breathing Has Phenomenally Improved!" — This Man Shares His Story 1 Week After Nose Surgery

This man cam to Dr. Ramtin Kassir to correct his breathing and change the size and shape of his nose. Hear how he's feeling one week after surgery. VIEW NOW

"People Keep Introducing Themselves to Me" — Learn How a Nose Job Change This Young Woman's Life

Unhappy with her nose, this young woman had a nose job. Hear how the surgery changed her life. VIEW NOW

Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty: What Surgery Can and Can't Do

Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj explains bulbous tip and the available surgical options. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Simulation: How Surgery May Change This Woman's Nose

In this simulation of potential surgical changes, Dr. Steven M. Denenberg shows how raising the tip, lowering the hump, and narrowing the bridge may alter this young woman's profile. VIEW NOW

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What's a Nose Job Look Like in Surgery? See For Yourself (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Jonathan Pontell shares footage from inside the OR. See photos from before surgery and 10 days post-op. VIEW NOW


Nose Job Before and Afters: "It's Pretty Much a Perfect Nose"

Dr. Michael Elam shares this woman's first look at her new nose. VIEW NOW

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"It's Like a Better Version of Me" — This Young Woman Sees Her New Nose

This woman has wanted a nose job since middle school. Dr. Michael Elam reveals her final results. VIEW NOW

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Bulbous Nasal Tip: See the Different Changes the Doctor Can Make

Dr. Steven M. Denenberg shares potential changes to these people's bulbous nasal tips. See what options are available. VIEW NOW


Life After Rhinoplasty: This Woman Discusses Pain Level and Has Her Stitches Removed

Dr. Jonathan Pontell removes this woman's stitches one week after her nose job. See before and after photos and hear about pain level. VIEW NOW

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No More Hump! This Woman Gets Her Nose Done

This woman has wanted a nose job since she was 17. Now she's done it, but does she like the results? VIEW NOW

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78 Seconds of Nose Job Results — This Young Woman Reacts to Her Post-Op Look

Dr. Michael Elam reveals this woman's new nose. See before and after photos. VIEW NOW

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Removing the Splint After Rhinoplasty — This Woman Sees Her New Nose

This woman is one-week post-op following a rhinoplasty. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains the surgery and removes the splint. Does she like the results? VIEW NOW

Simulation of Nose Job Results: See What Narrowing the Tip Does For This Profile

Dr. Steven M. Denenberg shares a simulation of a surgery where he'd narrow the tip of the nose. VIEW NOW