Rhinoplasty Videos

How Risky Is Getting a Nose Job?

What are the biggest risks of getting your nose done? Dr. Stephen Weber has the details. VIEW NOW

Can You Fix My Bad Nose Job? Learn How Much Revision Rhinoplasty Can Do

How much can another nose job help? Dr. Stephen Weber shares his experience. VIEW NOW

Why You Might Not Be Seeing All of Your Doctor's Before & After Photos

Dr. Stephen Weber offers his advice on picking a doctor including the importance of before and after photos. VIEW NOW

What to Expect During Your Nose Job Recovery

Dr. Jon Perlman describes what you can expect after your nose surgery. VIEW NOW

4 Weeks After Getting Her Nose Done, This Young Woman Shares Her Story

We first met this young woman just days after her nose job. Now she how she feels a month later! VIEW NOW

Does This Young Man Still Like His New Nose After 18 Days?

We first met this young man 96 hours after he had his nose job. How's he feel 18 days post-op? VIEW NOW

This Mother Sees Her New Nose With Her Young Daughter in the Room

This young mom just had her nose done with Dr. Michael Elam. See what she thinks of the final results. VIEW NOW

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Will I Have to Stay Overnight at the Hospital? This Doctor Recommends...

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian explains what he recommends following facial plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Nose Job?

What can you expect from nose job recovery? Get the answers from Dr. Stephen Weber. VIEW NOW

How Does a Nose Job Improving Breathing?

Getting your nose done isn't just about a new size and shape, says Dr. Stephen Weber. Learn why it's one of his favorite procedures. VIEW NOW

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What Is the Dorsal Hump of the Nose?

It looks simple but isn't. Learn more about the dorsal hump from Dr. Vartan Mardirossian. VIEW NOW

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"You're Freaking Me Out" — This Woman Reacts to Her New Profile

One week after surgery, this woman sees her new nose. See her reaction. VIEW NOW

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Consider These 3 Areas When Getting a Nose Job

Dr.Steven K. Struck explains the areas he addresses when he does an evaluation and how he performs the procedure. VIEW NOW