Rhinoplasty Videos

Rhinoplasty Techniques — Open Vs Closed and How to Solve Breathing Problems

Dr. Greg Chernoff explains the techniques he uses for Rhinoplasty procedures including open, closed, and how the procedure can help improve your breathing. VIEW NOW

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Patient's Reaction to Seeing Her New Nose For the First Time, Following Septorhinoplasty

Dr. Michael Elam performed a rhinoplasty and septoplasty on this woman. See her reaction when the bandages are removed. VIEW NOW

Septoplasty: Learn What to Expect From the Procedure

Dr. Marie E. Montag explains what a septoplasty is and how it can be combined with a rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Nose Job Techniques: Learn About Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty

Dr. Marie E. Montag explains the differences between these two techniques and when each is recommended. VIEW NOW

How Many Post-Op Visits Will I Need After My Nose Job?

Dr. Robert Kotler explains how post-op appointments depend on the type of nose surgery you have. VIEW NOW

When You'll See Your Final Nose Job Results — According to the Doctor

Dr. Robert Kotler explains how long it takes before you see your final results. VIEW NOW

Having Your Nose Job at an Out-Patient Facility — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Kotler talks about where he performs nose jobs and how long you'll be expected to stay after surgery. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Pain Management After a Nose Job

Dr. Robert Kotler talks about pain and explains what's normal. VIEW NOW

When Can You Go Home After a Nose Job?

Dr. Robert Kotler talks about how long you'll stay in the surgical facility after surgery. VIEW NOW

How to Evaluate Before & After Photos, According to the Doctor

Dr. Robert Kotler explains the importance of evaluating before and after pictures. VIEW NOW

Will a Nose Job Help My Snoring?

Dr. Robert Kotler answers a common question people have about snoring. Surgery has the possibility to help with snoring. VIEW NOW

Nausea and Vomiting After Surgery — Why This Doctor Says It's History

Dr. Kotler answers a patients question concerning nausea and vomiting caused by anesthesia. He explains what can be done to prevent and to help you recover. VIEW NOW

Do You Bruise Easily? Here's What You Should Know Before Surgery

Many patients get concerned about bruising after surgery. Dr. Robert Kotler talks about what can be done to prevent bruising. VIEW NOW

Combining Facial Procedures to Improve Your Look

Dr. Marie E. Montag explains the benefits of combining procedures and which procedures are most commonly combined. VIEW NOW

How Smoking Impacts Healing After Cosmetic Procedures

Smoking can have a dramatic impact on your body's ability to heal. Find out how smoking impacts wound healing from Dr. John J. Edney. VIEW NOW

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