Drinking + Rhinoplasty

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Smoking/drinking Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I'm having a closed rhinoplasty next Thursday. I gave up smoking this week as recommended by my surgeon. However, as a 18 year old male I like... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Drink Coffee and Wine a Few Days Post-Op Rhinoplasty

Is it ok to drink coffee 4 days post op of rhinoplasty surgery? Can i have a glass of wine? READ MORE

Did I Jeopardize the Final Result of my Rhinoplasty by Smoking and Drinking 3 Weeks Post Op?

The first 3 weeks after my rhinoplasty I took it easy. However, after the 3 weeks I was on vacation for a weekend with friends and had a few drinks... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Op - What Effects Can Heavy Alcohol Consumption Have on Rhinoplasty Results?

Last week I went on a girls holiday, going out partying and drinking quite a bit every night for a week. I probably did not eat properly or drink... READ MORE

Cant Smile, Drink with a Straw or Laugh Hard After Rhinoplasty, When Will I Be Able To?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty nearly 7 weeks ago and I am still finding it difficult to smile, talk over expressively, laugh hard and drink through a straw.... READ MORE

If I drink or smoke anything within the first 10 days after my rhinoplasty will I violently bleed everywhere?

I get my cast and packing out and off after 7 days but new years is very close to my surgury so what will happen if i cosume either a little or alot... READ MORE

How soon after rhinoplasty is it ok to start tanning again? And drinking? Is it ok to have a cocktail after 9 days?

How long after rhinoplasty is it ok to start tanning again? And drinking? I don't usually drink except when I have a night out or when I go to parties... READ MORE

Whenever I eat or drink, I feel my nostrils flare and it pulls on the internal stitches just a little. Is this normal?

Had rhinoplasty a few days ago. Whenever i eat or drink i feel my nostrils flare and it pulls on the interal stitches just a little. Is this normal? READ MORE

10.5 month post op, the tip is swollen. I did not use a cast & I'm a regular smoker & drinker. Does this prolonged my healing?

I am about 10.5 months post-opbut tip is still swelling. In the am especially my tip is pretty stiff and softens through the day and by the end of it... READ MORE

Can I drink and smoke marijuana 7 weeks after my rhinoplasty? Could it increase bleeding?

I got my rhinoplasty the 21 of july and everything went very good. On Tuesday 16 of September i'm going on a trip with my friends for a week. I would... READ MORE

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