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Is it Okay to Drink Coffee and Wine a Few Days Post-Op Rhinoplasty

Is it ok to drink coffee 4 days post op of rhinoplasty surgery? Can i have a glass of wine?

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Okay to Drink Coffee and Wine a Few Days Post-Op Rhinoplasty

It should be Okay to Drink Coffee a Few Days Post-Op Rhinoplasty

It is probably Okay to Drink a small glass of Wine a Few Days Post-Op Rhinoplasty as long as you are not taking pain medication.  In general we ask patients to not drink for 1 week post-op

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What should be avoided after rhinoplasty?

It is best to err on the side of caution after surgery. Coffee, alcohol and smoking should be avoided for two weeks after surgery. Smoking is known to adversely affect healing, while coffee and alcohol probably don't have a significant negative impact. Alcohol may delay resolution of swelling and caffeine may raise blood pressure, so it's wise to be safe rather than sorry.

Oakley Smith, MD
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Are caffeine and alcohol ok three days after a rhinoplasty?

I would follow up with your surgeon regarding post-operative instructions. Caffeine can raise your blood pressure and put you at risk for a possible hematoma. Alcohol can have a blood thinning effect and also put you at risk for a hematoma. I generally ask my patients to refrain from alcohol for about 5 days. Regarding caffeine, if my patient has normal blood pressure it is ok to have a cup of coffee in the immediate post-operative period.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Refrain from caffeine or alcohol after a rhinoplasty...

In our practice we generally ask patients to refrain from caffeinated or alcoholic beverages for at least two weeks after a rhinoplasty surgery. Swelling can be a real problem after rhinoplasty and these beverages tend to make the swelling worse.  Check with your surgeon for his/her specific recommendations.

Wine or coffee after rhinoplasty

Having a glass of wine or coffee a few dyas after surgery should be ok provided that you do not mix medications with the wine.  But to be safe, you should check with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Coffee and wine following rhinoplasty surgery

While I do not see any specific reasons why you cannot have either a glass of wine or a cup(s) of coffee, I cannot tell you if there are specific reasons that your surgeon would not want you to partake. Therefore, it would be best to call their office if you want to know with certainty.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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