Revision Rhinoplasty Videos

Nose Job Recovery — What to Expect

Dr. Manish H. Shah explains how long nose job recovery takes and what to expect before and after your procedure. VIEW NOW

A Natural Nose Job Result — The Doctor Shares His Advice

Jon A. Perlman explains his experience with performing nose jobs and what he recommends to achieve a natural looking result. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Explains Open Nose Jobs — See These Before and Afters

Dr. Jonathan Pontell discusses the open nose job technique and shares some before and after photos. VIEW NOW

Nose Job Revision: Emotions Run High When This Young Woman Sees Her Nose for the First Time

Dr. Michael Elam performed a nose job revision on this young woman. See her cast removal and reaction to her new nose. VIEW NOW

"It's Perfect" — See How Chin and Nose Surgery Balance This Woman's Profile

Dr. Michael Elam talks about how it's not uncommon to conduct a chin Implant and nose job at the same time. He reveals this young woman's new look. VIEW NOW

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What's an Open Nose Job and What's the Recovery Time?

Dr. Burke Robinson talks about how the technique for nose jobs has changed over the years, and explains incisions for an open nose job , scars, and recovery. VIEW NOW

What to Expect From Your Nose Job — Treatment Time, Anesthesia, and Recovery

Dr. Umang Mehta answers common questions that you may have before nose surgery. VIEW NOW

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Restoring Confidence — The Doctor Shares This Story

Dr. Jason Moche tells us about a former patient who had a lack of self-confidence prior to her nose job. VIEW NOW


Life After Rhinoplasty: How Will My Nose Change as I Age?

You've gotten a nose job but how will your results change as you do? Dr. Peter J. Brownrigg has the answer. VIEW NOW

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Nose Job Recovery: When to Resume Normal Activities

Dr. Jerold Olson talks about the stages of nose job recovery. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Nose Jobs (SPANISH)

Dr. Roxana Cobo explains what to expect from a nose job procedure. VIEW NOW


Redoing Your Nose Job: How Long Should I Wait?

Dr. Fred G. Fedok goes over the basics of revision rhinoplasty. Remember: Results vary based on your particular situation. VIEW NOW

Nose Job: What to Look For In Your Surgeon

Dr. Micheal R. Menachof explains the qualities he believe are important to look for in your surgeon. VIEW NOW

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Ethnic Nose Job: Techniques For a Natural Look

Dr. Greg Chernoff explains the types of ethnic nose jobs and what to ask during your consultation. VIEW NOW

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How Long Is Recovery From a Nose Job?

Dr. Shaun Parson discusses what you can expect when recovering from a nose job. VIEW NOW