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Teeth Look Awesome -- The Pain is Temporary

I am a 53 year old man who has very good/strong...

I am a 53 year old man who has very good/strong teeth, but over the years, they were becoming more yellow and stained. I have some old metal fillings in my upper teeth, but I take good care (exam & cleaning twice per year) and have had a few old fillings replaced over the years. I had been thinking of having ZOOM whitening done for some time, and decided to buy myself a whitening job as a Christmas present to myself.

My regular dentist doesn't offer the process, so I found another reputable dentist who does the procedure. I went in for an initial evaluation, and he examined my teeth, telling me that I was a good candidate for the process. He gave me a tube of high-fuoride toothpaste to use twice a day for one week and told me to take two Alleve on the morning of the procedure.

When I arrived at 9:00 a.m., I was given a form to read that described the entire process and made clear that there would likley be some discomfort afterward. The technician then began by very carefully applying the gel and the gauze. I had 4 fifteen minute sessions, with the last one being the most difficult. My teeth were pretty sensitive by the end, and the sensitivity continued after I left the office (around 11:30). It got more intense as the day wore on (I was at my own office), and I took Advil around 4:00 which helped, and I took some more later that evening. The pain was pretty much gone the next day. The dentist gave me white tooth-sensitive toothpaste and told me to eat white or very light colored foods/beverages for 24 hours because my teeth were still porous and could absorb some of the dark color from foods like cola, coffee, red wine, blueberries, etc.

I am VERY pleased with the results and feel that it was the best thing I have ever done to enhance my appearance. My teeth look great and I have already had a few compliments on my new white smile. I realize that this process isn't for everyone, but I think the temporary pain is well worth the results! I feel more confident when I smile and plan to go ahead with some other minor cosmetic work to (botox, Fraxel) to make myself look better.

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I had this treatment in mexico,a litle painful but it was worth it, Iwould recomended to anyone that really takes it seriously,pain will go away within 24 hours,a advil will take care of the pain,good deccision,thank you doctor.
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