Zoom Whitening Does NOT Hurt

Alright...I was SO nervous about getting this done...

Alright...I was SO nervous about getting this done - because of all of the reviews out there that say how much it hurts.

I had NO pain during my procedure - and little to NO sensitivity after. This was just done yesterday, and I am just fine. I really wish people didn't exaggerate the sensitivity to make others nervous.

The nurse who performed my whitening was in the room the entire time, and checked on me frequently.

If you are considering doing ZOOM - ask about the sensitivity and what the procedure will be like. I think the best advise I have heard it to BE SURE you are going to a good dentist who will protect your mouth, and explain everything.

In the end, my teeth are a bit whiter - and they even give you gel to do a touch up later, if you want them whiter.

First Choice Dental

The nurse was so great - she made sure I was comfortable the entire time and did a great job protecting my mouth.

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I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. That said, I got zoom today and I don't think I'd do it again. Shooting nerve pain through the roots of all of my teeth all day. I
Just hope the pain stops soon. Have taken NSAIDs throughout the day but it's not touching the pain. I fear this may never end. OUCH!!! - ps- the procedure itself was painless.
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Im finna have zoom whiten done on Monday March 19 2012 and um very scared after reading all the reviews. Does this procedure really hurt?
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It's hard to say, as everyone has a different pain tolerance, and some peoples teeth are more sensitive than others.

There are some things you can do to try to reduce the amount of sensitivity you experience. Here is a Q&A where several dentists share some thoughts on the topic:

"Toothpaste to Reduce Sensitivity Before Teeth Whitening"

Hope that helps & would love to hear your thoughts on it if you decide to get it done!

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Thanks Megan
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Today is March 30, 2010 and I just got my teeth Zoomed. Good grief does it hurt! One of the people on this site commented that it's like your nerves are being shocked with electricity. I could not agree more. I am a very tough girl with a high tolerance to pain, and I about jumped out of the dentist's chair. I'm only about 3 1/2 hours out of the dentist's office and I can only pray that this pain goes away. To be quite honest, as gorgeous as my teeth look right now, if the pain isn't gone soon, I'm going to regret having it done. It's not worth the vanity to me. If your teeth are at all sensitive naturally (mine aren't) don't get this done. Good luck, whatever you decide.
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Ok well here's the good news. I woke up today and the pain has disappeared. Thank God! I almost didn't recognize my smile. It looks so shiny and bright. Still not sure it was worth the pain. Ok well maybe, but I think you will have to determine for yourself if your vanity is worth the 1 day ordeal. Good Luck
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All, I hate to say it but for some it is going to hurt. Unfortunately I am one of them. It is like electric shock stimulus directly to the nerve endings that occur during and after treatment. They are not constant, but rather come and go every 30 seconds to a minute. Some worse than others. I admit my teeth look great, just not sure it is worth the pain. What's the ole saying, no pain no gain. Whitening could not exemplify this more.
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Zoom DOES hurt. I got it done this morning and it hurt during. Then it eased up for about an hour after having it done. Then it came back five times harder. I couldn't do anything but cry. It still hurts 6 hours after finishing so bad that all I can do is lay in bed trying not to open my mouth.
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I just got Zoom teeth whitening today and I must say....IT DOES HURT!!! While I was getting it done...I was fine..got a sharp pain in my bottom teeth maybe twice..that was ok...but right now...I almost regret doing it....My teeth do look whiter though..happy about that..but THE PAIN!!! I hope it goes away.
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I had zoom done last week and it was painful during and after the procedure. During I had pain in my bottom canine teeth, it started at the top and the traveled all the way down thru the roots. They had to cover my bottom teeth for my last 15 minutes. I had pain in other teeth, but these were the worse. The pain was fairly strong for 2 hours after and then got better. It took about 24 hours for it to go away, still a little tingle every now and then. Results, ehh. I see a difference, but I think GoSmile gave me the same results. What I am hoping for is longevity, I am hoping this last longer than other methods I've tried. If you have any tooth sensitivity, get ready for some pain! But, it is manageable.
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I just had zoom done today July 23, 2009 at 10:00 am. The procedure was okay but I am being totally honest when I say that the sensitivity and pain afterwards is very real. My dentist gave me 4 shots to deaden my nerves and I still feel pain. Every couple of minutes I am getting sharp pains in my bottom teeth. My teeth are whiter but I am still in a lot of pain. I have taken tylenol and BC power and I am still in pain. I hope this pain ends soon. I have not been able to eat or drink anything.
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