I Should Have Heeded the Warnings from Others!

I read thread after thread about the zinging pain...

I read thread after thread about the zinging pain you experience after Zoom, the burning lip, etc. and asked all the appropriate questions at my dentist's office BEFORE my treatment. They assured me that as long as the procedure was done correctly (3) 15 minute intervals where they checked to be sure the gel was covering my gums, and re-apply the sunscreen, that I would not wind up with burned lips and gums. This was true as I do not have any burns. The pain is another story.....I read the paperwork that said "you may experience mild discomfort" Mild??? I also read that if your teeth are normally sensitive you may experience more than mild discomfort and that a desensitizing procedure can be done prior to the Zoom procedure if that was the case. They just recommend taking Advil to ease the discomfort otherwise. My teeth are not normally sensitive so I didn't inquire about the desensitizing nor did they even ask me if I would like to have it. I took 800 mg of Advil (max. dosage) prior to the procedure just to be on the safe side. My teeth were slightly sensitive during the first 15 minutes but that was it.....Until they removed the apparatus and put the flouride on my teeth. All of a sudden I felt this excruciating pain in my lower front teeth. It felt like someone was stabbing the roots with a sharp knife! I couldn't open my mouth because even the air touching my teeth hurt. Then it moved to my upper teeth and continued in waves sort of like labor pain but in your mouth. I told the dentist's office about this and they said "oh, everyone gets that". They certainly did not tell me how bad the pain would be....just that it would be a mild discomfort. After I got home I took another 800 mg of Advil. At this point I was dizzy, nauseated, and in tears. I was hoping the pain would subside but when it did not I decided to call my dentist's emergency number to ask for a prescription for a stronger pain medication. I called and left 5 messages over an hour and a half, but never received a reply. I was getting desperate and started calling all my friends to see if they had any Vicodin. Unfortunatly, no one did. I finally passed out from the pain and didn't wake up til the next morning. It is now mid afternoon on the second day and my teeth are still quite sore but I am not experiencing the "zinging" anymore. I am still taking the 800 mg of Advil every 4 to 6 hours however. I called my dentist's office today and they said that perhaps the dentist's pager was broken, but that he wouldn't have prescribed anything for me even if I did reach him last night. This is very disheartening to me as I was in extreme pain! Needless to say my teeth are whiter, except for near the gum area because they covered that part with gel (which does look kinda strange now since it is clearly a different color)and my eye teeth did not bleach as well;they are kind of blotchy. I don't care if they offered to do them again for free in the future; I would never do this again! Take my advice.....listen to the warnings from others.....


I just got this done today - I left the dentist's at about 5 p.m. It's now 8 p.m. and I'm freaking out because it hurts so much. I was told to use Sensodine toothpaste for two weeks prior and to take ibuprofen before and afterwards. I have taken 3 ibuprofen since I left, and it's still killing me. I'm furious because in no way, shape or form was I fully informed about the risks involved with this. It may be true that I have a low pain threshold, but they should warn people that in the worst case scenario it is EXCRUCIATING! As I arrived at my dentist's, I said "I'm so glad I'm not getting a cavity filled today!" Little did I know. I would MUCH prefer to have gone through that - at least I wouldn't be in any pain now. I don't know what to do - I can't concentrate, I can't eat, I certainly won't be able to sleep. This is really outrageous - they should warn people that it can hurt this badly. Yeah, my teeth are white (ridiculously so - in fact, I think it makes me look older) but it is NOT worth it. No way. I am just praying it will start to wane soon. Also - my lips are kind of sore - the feeling you get before a cold sore erupts - so I'm feeling paranoid about that too! I have a bunch of things I have to do and I can't do anything - they should also have told me that I shouldn't have scheduled anything important afterwards, just in case - but of course they didn't. I have those trays with all the stuff for upkeep and to bleach them further - NO WAY! I'm terrified now. Sorry for the rant, but this is bad. I had Britesmile done about 5 years ago and I had no problem. Maybe it's just Zoom. In any case, DON'T DO IT unless you have some serious pain medication handy!!!!!
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I just did 4, 20 min sessions and feel goodm. My dentist did a great job protecting me from burns, my teeth are whiter, and there are slight sings here and there but not bad. I am wondering if some here have a very low pain tolerance? I still recommend zoom after reading these stories.
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I had Zoom whitening done 8 days ago. During the procedure the solution leaked onto the inside lower lip during the second of three 15 minute sessions. I indicated that my lip was burning but the technician recommended we continue rather than stopping the whole procedure. The chemical burn on my lip continued for approximately 40 minutes. The pain in my teeth was excruciating for the rest of the day following the treatment, but subsided. The lip, however, became swollen to 3 to 4 times its normal size by the next morning. The sore became white and quite disgusting looking (I have a picture I would post if possible) and was slightly greater than the size of a quarter. It has been constantly hurting ever since. Every meal has been painful. I have woken up at least twice every night since in pain, I think because the lip must dry out. I apply vitamin E cream to soothe it. The dentist refunded the full amount this week and was very remorseful. Had I known that this would or could happen I would never have done this procedure. It is not safe and the risk of suffering a severe burn is too great. I would not recommend it and say, "Buyer beware."
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