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Lacks Attention to Detail - Zona Rio Tijuana, B.C.

Needed removal of skin which was ok but left me...

Needed removal of skin which was ok but left me with an off-center belly button and multiple areas that needed to be revised.


Hi Kristy, thanks for checking back. Because of the infection I got during my last revision at Cosmed I had to have my gastric band removed and have been on antibiotics and wearing a wound vacuum since April 30. I have an open wound in my stomach that measures four inches long, two inches wide, and two inches deep because the infection went undiagnosed for so long. I'm so grateful to have had surgery in the US as I can't imagine traveling back and forth to Mexico to have this scary problem addressed. I keep wondering why Dr. Quiroz never returned my calls as I was a patient for nearly four years. Live and learn is my motto.
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Hi Bambi, thanks for sharing your journey with us, I'm sorry it didn't work out well for you. Have you been able to get it fixed at all?


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Hi Kirsty, an update to my previous notes. I'm still continuing to deal with the after effects of my botched surgery at CosMed in Tijuana. My doctors here advised Dr. Quiroz should have informed me about the problems that can arise after multiple plastic surgery revisions on the stomach. As a result, I now have chronic pain when twisting or moving because of all the scar tissue in my stomach. Also, to date, I'm out of pocket approximately $3,050 in co-pays to my doctors and payments to the insurance company for what they didn't cover. I'm grateful they covered the bulk of the expenses and am trying hard not to beat myself up for having the multiple revisions in Mexico. I wrongfully assumed Dr. Quiroz would advise me of possible complications. Needless to say it wasn't worth it. Regards, Bambi

Requested my medical records several times after I...

Requested my medical records several times after I developed an infection and made multiple phone calls to the doctor and his business manager and never got a single phone call in return. My doctor requested the medical records and got the same response: nothing. Now dealing with painful scar tissue and, worst of all, lost my gastric band as a result of the infection. Money down the drain. Ask questions and get a second opinion, if at all possible. I will send pictures of my scars to anyone who is interested.


I am so sorry to hear of our troubles. I hope things improve from here on out. I am glad to hear the infection has resolved. Will you need to get a new band? I don't know how all of that works. What a journey. All the best to you
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Thank you! I have learned so much through this unfortunate experience and am trying to move forward. Unfortunately, I will not be able to get another gastric band and am back to white knuckle dieting. But I'm very grateful my infection wasn't worse and hope my health continues to improve. I never thought this could happen. I appreciate your kind comments!
Thanks Kirsty, I take full responsibility for blindly trusting my surgeon and not asking why so many revisions were necessary. I am happy I had a positive effect from my body lift and wish I had just left it at that. Unfortunately, I had quite a few symmetry issues that I felt should be corrected and Dr. Quiroz said minor revisions are easy to accomplish and are part of the plastic surgery process. It wasn't until I got an infection and subsequently had to have my gastric band removed and the tissue surrounding my port that I got a second opinion from my US plastic surgeon that I realized multiple surgeries in the stomach area are risky. But I can't go back and my wish is that others can learn from what happened to me. Ask questions, question the answers, try to embrace the body you have despite the way it looks. Once you have plastic surgery you get in this kind of mindset... more, more, more, which isn't always the best way to go. Regards, Bambi

Still having issues with buried stitches working...

Still having issues with buried stitches working their way out, two years later! My dermatologist had to remove one of the more stubborn ones and noted the wrong type of suture material was used (should have been the dissolving type). Having a second CT scan next month to determine if my persistent abdominal pain is related to the plastic surgery I had at CosMed in Tijuana. So not worth all the pain, infections, and expense!


Bambi....my heart goes out to you. I feel empathy for all you had to go through! Your attitude is great about the whole ordeal though...I commend you for that, and the will to love you for you! I totally heard your words though about the "more, more ,more" mindset, as I have to admit I had begun to see other areas that I thought "might need addressing next year" but I quickly snapped out of it reminding myself that I was once a 275 woman and gave birth to 3 children weighing 9 lbs each.....my issue was the bodylift areas they are now fixed......I am going to listen to your words and embrace me as me! I was very fortunate for my outcome...and that I didnt have complications such as your sweet self. Thank you for sharing
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Thank you so much! I'm hanging in there and know everything happens for a reason. I feel blessed to have made it in and out of Mexico safely so many times though looking back, there were times I was positively terrified, especially since I was alone every time and don't speak Spanish! Good for you for understanding the more more more mindset and embracing yourself as you are: a masterpiece! Best wishes!

Buried (permanent) sutures still working their way out after two years

If you are crazy enough to go to Dr. Quiroz at CosMed after reading my horror story, please see if you can get him to show you the suture material he'll use and then hope and pray he doesn't use the non-dissolving sutures he used on me that are still working their way out. They're painful and anxiety producing, especially if you'd previously dealt with a massive infection. There are lots of great plastic surgeons in the United States, many who manage their own clinics to keep costs down, and if you have any complications in Mexico you will end up spending the same amount of money to get the problems fixed, if you can! My surgeon won't do any more revisions because of the risk of more pain and scar tissue so I will have to live with my poor decision to go to CosMed for the rest of my life.

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Still having problems after nearly three years

I developed another small infection where one of the non-dissolving sutures was trying to work it's way out and had to have it removed at my clinic. From the location I knew this suture was one from my very first procedure at CosMed, in 2007! I also understand no one who goes to Mexico for surgery wants to hear these horror stories so I have pretty much given up on trying to help others from their destiny. I doubt I would have listened either as the lure of plastic surgery is very compelling. I do believe in karma though and wish everyone well who still goes to CosMed. Of course everyone loves their doctor when things go well. If you do nothing else, PLEASE INSIST ON GETTING A COPY OF THE LEGAL DOCUMENT COSMED MAKES YOU SIGN BEFORE SURGERY. That way you'll know who to contact in Mexico to file a complaint if things don't go well.


Bambi how are you doing these days, have you had any revision surgeries to fix your issues? I am working on revisions myself...
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Hello! I'm doing pretty well. Haven't had any revisions as I don't want to add to the scar tissue in my mid-section. Also working on maintaining my weight loss which is quite a bit harder without my gastric band but understand everything happens for a reason and we must learn to live with our choices. Hope you are well, best wishes!
Thank you for your note, and for understanding. I too remind myself of how far I've come and I'm getting used to my scars and doing better not beating myself up too much. Overall it's been an incredible learning experience. It also helps to know I'm not alone in the struggle. Hope you are doing well, congrats on your achievements!
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Third revision to my body lift was a disaster. Two areas to be treated were missed, ultimately had to have my gastric band removed in US due to infection.

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