Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss (350lb to 238lb)

I used to be heavy (fat 350 lbs) and with diet and...

I used to be heavy (fat 350 lbs) and with diet and exercised went down to 238 lbs. I decided to have a tummy tuck to remove all the extra skin.

During the tummy tuck the dr. removed 25 lbs of skin and fat I only had a tummy tuck, I didnt have liposuction even though my dr. did recommend me to have it, I didnt get it(by the way, my body went into shock)

today (5 months later)I weigh 213 lbs and Im glad I have 25 lbs less of extra skin hanging around but Im kind of disappointed of my results because the dr left me crooked.I notice my belly button is not in the center and I look "deformed" from my hip area.

HI, I had mine done 3 weeks ago and my stitches are very bad, I had to go casualty Fri nite and the doc on duty said he has never seen such bad sutures. I am scared to look at myself properly as I feel like bride of Frankenstein but I can feel that they are uneven and I had to get drained out last week as there was a lot of puss in my stomach. I am so swollen and my legs and feet have been too during the last week or so. I just don't know what to do.
Where did you go and what doctor?
Wow! you need to go to another PS that is good at TT and dont be cheap with your body, pay a good PS even if you have to wait till you save money, you dont want to go thru this again, get it done right. Comunicate in detail what you want with your PS, your the one with the money, your the boss.

Are my results "normal" for a heavy woman,or does...

are my results "normal" for a heavy woman,or does anybody think the dr. could've done a better job? I would like some advice on how to make this better? maybe having a liposuction? or another tummy tuck accompanied by liposuction? My scar is so crooked, its like a zig-zag diagonal shape is that normal?
What's the name of the Dr?
Both my sister in laws and I and a couple other friends have went to this same dr. He has done an awesome job with all of our procedures I got a tummy tuck and my breast implants with him and he did an awesome job. Everyone that knew me before the surgery seen a difference in me and my husband love the results.
Magy, I am so sorry about your situation. I definitely agree with the ladies. This is one of those things where you are worth the money to get the best you deserve for the results you want. Is it expensive? Yes! Are you worth it? Yes! Do the research for another TT in your area; one easily accessible to you when you need some care or revision. Check out his credentials and see pics of others he performed surgery on. And save the money to get exactly what you need for the results you want. I am paying for my surgery on my own and saving as much as possible. No treats or trips for the next few months for me. That's sacrifice for me as I LOVE to travel! Every penny saved for this surgery and I am pulling money out of my 401K. I deserve it!

Hang in there!~
Dr. Luis Andres Gonzalez Herrera

The results speak for themselves

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