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I Just Had the First of Six Treatments Yesterday and May Add More Depending on my Results.

I knew going into this that it may or may not work...

I knew going into this that it may or may not work. Last week my doctor had me start taking 500mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine and Niacin B-6 three times a day. He asked that I walk an hour a day. I am drinking 70 oz of water per day and he wanted me to eat 1500 calories per day and increase my protein intake to 60 oz. I am not eating this many calories nor am I eating this much protein. He asked that I cut out all brown drinks and alcohol. I still have a glass of wine each evening. I am turning 50 in August. I am 5'4" and weigh 138 which is my highest weight ever. I would like to lose about 13 lbs. The target area is my stomach. After my treatment I received a brief message from a small vibrating device on my stomach and a footbath that was supposed to pull out toxins. I cannot make any recommendations at this point, but will update my progress. My second treatment is tomorrow
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By the way I also have not given up on working on my self . I'm back in the gym. Eating right. I have some loose skin because of having 3 kids, Maybe at some- point, later on down the line,I might consider lipo suction. But first I'm going to step up my workouts and push the limits and see what I can accomplish with weight training and lots of cardio.
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Mani if your on a 1500 calories a day and excercising and drinking the water and doing all that stuff etc. You will definately lose weight but it wont be do to the zerona, It will be the results of your own hard work. Please save your money I was scammed out of $2500.00 I was told to waite for 1 1/2 weeks to resume the zerona mean while they gave me a bunch of the same garbage supplements! because I hadn't lost any weight. I'm refusing to take them and I'm determined to contact the FDA & Media In My area if need be to get my money back. I will picket outside this so-called doctors office if I have to, to prevent future victims, And report him to the liscensing board. HE may of cheeted me out of my money but I won't be Silenced, I'm determined to fight for justice!
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Hi Gotscamd42,

Sorry to hear about your experience. Have you written a review so others know what happened to you and hopefully it will not happen to them? Please keep me updated.

Thanks so much,


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AMEN sister!!! People, listen to this lady. She speaks the truth. I am another Zerona victim whose money was taken with false claims and hopes that it would work for me.

Yep, I lost weight (5 lbs)and 14 inches but it was not worth it.
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Hi everyone,I just wanted to give you an update :) I Got My money Back! yeah! Not only did I mention that I would file complaints with the federal trade commision,the better business,Consumers affairs etc. I also mentioned that I have a very flexible schedule and so I would have no problem pickiting outside his office, during the Doctors high peek business hours with big signs stating " zerona is abig scam". LOL and I also mentioned that I would bring the Media in on this. the Doctor was Glad and very willing to refund me all my money! Good luck to the rest of you folks that also got scammed. don't give up! fight to get your money back.
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Wow! I so respect you for that. I mean, you lost 14 "total inches" and were still able to get a refund?? Can you provide some details on how you presented your case? Was it based on your dress size remaining the same, or something else?

I am wishing I had gotten fierce with my doctor when I had the chance. But I don't get angry easily, and I felt so foolish for doing Zerona in the first place I just tucked my tail between my legs and scurried home. Then I got a rather aggressive email from the business manager for the clinic and I let her intimidate me. I should have made a lot of noise, instead expecially after I became "invisible" to them afterwards. But I know something about the law, and I didn't think filing a complaint in small claims court would get me anywhere.

Congratulations to you!
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Sorry Trikkegirl, But I never lost anything much less 14inches. that comment was posted by Reneew. But I definately did get my money back. Good luck!
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I am like you willing to fight to get my money back. Would it be legal to picket in front of the Dr's office. I had thought about that too. I called the FDA because my Dr states it's FDA approved. The FDA had no idea what I was talking about. I have since found two medical dr that state that the laser level on the Zerona can not penatrate the skin. I'm happy for you and will try my best to get the same results.

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Let me guess, you did not get the results that you were looking for did you? I too had my treatment in charlotte. I was very disappointed in my results. Were you?
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Not to butt in, but it was probably an ultrasound massager. Some clinics use them. I have one myself at home. It was useful after lipodissolve injections to disperse the injection fluid. It applies heat and vibration to the tissue under your skin.
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I like to know what "message" you received from the small vibrating device on your stomach?
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