4weeks PO- new pix.

I am a mother of two girls, one is 18 and the...

I am a mother of two girls, one is 18 and the other is 12. I had my first child via c section and the second naturally. I have yearned for a tummy tuck since the birth of my first. I have been through so much in my life, but one major thing was I lost my husband and kind of lost myself. I ate to feel comfort and then gained a ton of weight. I was just about 200lbs. I finally woke up one day and said this is enough. I want to be here for my kids when they are grown and started excersizing my tail off. I am very athletic, I ride my bike and I work out weekly. it seemed like my "Gut" would not go away. No matter how many situps and crunches that I do. So I decieded to do something for me- After all I have never done anything for me. I was to busy making sure my girls had the proper care and loving to make them as strong as they can be. I go for my Pre Op Appointment today 3/11/2013, and my surgery is scheduled for 3/29/2013- This is the day I start my new life. Hopefully confident and secure in my own skin:)

P.S.- I am posting a picture, please dont gag....Lol


Iafter thinking about it for yrs myself I finally had my TT on 2/13/13 best decision ever.. I am 4weeks out, driving, walking and light work only. Best thing o do if u r doing it for yourself.. Good luck.. Please go to Walmart and buy an electic heating pad 9ft cord adjustable temp controll 4 only $13.. U will definitely need it. Also prepare a chair with rubber grips on the feet.. U will need for the shower..or u can buy one of course :).. One other thing u may need is the small pillows that go around your neck.. These things r a must... Good luck
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Thank you so much for the tips- I appreciate any and all:)

3/14/2013 Ok so I had my pre-op on Monday....

Ok so I had my pre-op on Monday. Everything went well, he took pictures which was nerve wrecking. I also took my bikini bottoms along with me to ask him if the scar could be below them. He marked me and it will sit right below the band- I can't believe it I may actually be able to wear a bikini this year. I have not ever worn one in my entire life....eeeekkk- so happy:) I go for all of my tests and bloodwork on Monday. Pray that all goes well with that. Also have my supplies ready and just waiting on my meds to come in- the pharmacy did not have them in stock. Any tips or special items that any of you all used would be gretly appreciated.....thanks:)


Heat pad, shower chair (a must), neck pillow, comfortable loose shorts, whenever u take of your binder (especially the first times) do this while sitting or laying & wait a few minutes before getting up.. Some girls get dizzy &/or faint (everybody is different) but just in case :) , if your shampoo & body wash etc are located in a high area in your shower locate them where they will b easy to reach. I borrowed my bf Minnie refrigerator & put it in my room & stored my jello, juices, soy milk (help my tummy soooo much). A control organizer for your tv, ceiling fan, light if needed really is handy, If I think of anything else will let you know.. Hope this helps & don't b nervous everything will b ok. U will look amazing..I am still swollen & my confidence lever is out the roof jiijii
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Your going to look great!
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Thank You so much. I cant wait.....

3/20/2013 9 days- I cant believe it. I am having...

9 days- I cant believe it. I am having mixed emotions about having it done. Spending that kind of money on myself, especially since I have kids. I know that it could be used towards them but, from what I have read from all of the tummy tuck sisters- thats normal. I think I have everything prepared for this. Just trying to get my mind totally prepared. I am a major outdoorsy girl and I know that I will not be able to do the stuff that I enjoy for a little while. I hope all that have had theirs done already are healing well and will say a few prays for those coming up. I did order my compression garment- If anyone has a favorite or a must have one Please let me know. I was at a loss at all the ones available. I ordered a Leonisa- Anyone use this brand? If so which one? Thanks ahead of time for any help:)


Hi! Congrats on your weight loss! I am going the same date as you. Struggling with various emotions. Fear, guilt, embarrassment, uncertainties. Money wise is never a good time to shell out thousands of dollars when you have a family. I wish I knew that years ago instead of waiting 13 years! I think it's funny how so many of us women do so much for everyone else and have so much guilt when doing something for ourselves. I just want to be happy! My PS is supplying the garment and other medical necessities (ie.,gauze). And I won't get meds for home until they see how I tolerate what they give in the first 24hrs at the hospital. Are you staying overnight?
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No, I will be staying close by to the hospital that it is performed at. The doctor has a office locally and one out of town by the hospital and is also the chief of plastic surgery at the hospital.
OMG! U r so close to your life changing experience.. I know exactly how u feel about the guilt of spending the $ but u will notice a big change in your attitude as u will feel better about yourself.. I have always had a pretty good attitude but I am super happier now..it's weird but awesome.. I to am an outdoors person..so I prepared a nice area outside where I could just walk and sit & n joy by breakfast or just sit and enjoy fresh air. This really helped me and kept me from going crazy.. Because the first two weeks I just wanted to get up and run without looking back.. Keep us posted on your journey.. Good luck & god bless u
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8 DAYS.....Holy cow- I will be on the flat side....

8 DAYS.....Holy cow- I will be on the flat side. Cant believe it, I have waited 13 years for this. I wish all the best of luck with up coming surgeries and those who have already gone through it quick recovery. I received my compression garment for after the binder. I tried it on for sh*ts and giggles- oh boy I looked like a tootsie roll shoved in it. Now I Know its supposed to be tight but dang it was very tight. I will be happy to have this done and just be at ease a little more with myself! Ok need info- How many take the arnica pills? Did you start before surgery or days after or right after? also what about Bromelain- who all takes this? Have you noticed it helping a great deal? I have purchased both of these and I am hoping to get a little feed back.


You are going to look fabulous! Good luck. It's not so bad just stay on top of your meds and walk a little when you go to the bathroom. And most importantly rest
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It's funny I just asked about pills,too. My PS said she didn't think it was necessary to take arnica or bromelain but i could if wanted to. So I am not going to take them. If I don't NEED it then why bother. Just give me the pain killers!! 8 more days sister!!!
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FitChick 45 Arnica is really good it helped me a lot for my bruising.. I bruise real easily, and when I do my bruises literally take weeks if not months to disappear.. this is something I was nervous about with my lipo, so I decided to start taking it before surgery. Doctor was impressed 3days later how much my bruising had diminished.. I regret not taking pictures to share.. This is my personal experience with Arnica.. I took it only one week after my surgery. They also sell it as an ointment (have never tried the ointment) which they say works good as well..

Okay so like there is two days and 20 hours before...

Okay so like there is two days and 20 hours before I have my tummy tuck and my youngest is throwing up. So now I am nervous and worried about getting sick on top of having the surgery itself. I'm going to be saying several prayers are with the next couple days for either I won't get sick and everything will go smoothly.


Best wishes on your Friday TT. I'll be just getting home from my Thursday TT on Friday. See you on the flatside.
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I am so excited for you! My surgery is scheduled for the 25th of April and I am counting down as well (when I am no obsessing on this site). Best of luck...will look forward to your updates. Lay the bread crumbs girl...we will follow close behind!
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hang in there! i am in the same boat. both kids have terrible colds and i have three more days. this is the longest 3days of my life ! i will say prayers for you too!
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March 28th: ok so tomorrow is the big day, as I...

March 28th: ok so tomorrow is the big day, as I lay here in bed wanting to fall asleep and can't. I'm wide awake with anticipation and anxiety. I guess you really don't know what to expect until you go through it. Well long prayers and big hugs sent out to all that is having surgery tomorrow and happy healing ahead....:)


Hope everything's going okay! ( as well as can be expected!). Continued prayers!!!! I can't wait to see how it feels with a flat tummy again!!! :)
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Good luck im happy for you
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Good luck hope all goes well.
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March 29th- I made it, I couldn't be any happier....

March 29th- I made it, I couldn't be any happier. I haven't as of yet had any pains, hardly any drainage, slept really well last night. I left the hospital last night and got home around 10:30 and had to be at the doctors main office at 5:00am this morning which is an hour away- then again this evening at his office in my town at 5:00. I'm definitely extremely happy I had it done. With that being said I know there will be days coming that I will wonder but I just need to stay focused and look at the before and after pictures. Thanks to all the girls on here that has put their story out there for us to read. I feel I had a great sense of what to expect. Happy healing to all- I can't wait to see the final results.


you look fabulous !!!! so jealous
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You look GREAT!!!! So glad you are doing good so far!!! Hope I look as good as you in 32 days!!! :)
Wow! You look great! I havent seen my scar or BB yet. Hope they look as good as yours! Happy healing!
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April 3, 2013 Ok just a quick update, I am still...

April 3, 2013
Ok just a quick update, I am still in no pain at all. I am doing really well. Having a little bit of swelling going on but, other then that it's all good. I am still in the recliner and plan to be till I get the drains out. I go in Monday for a check up so hopefully I will get them out then. I have very little draining. I am only taking my pain meds at night and am going through the day with a few Tylenol. I am walking around the house almost upright, doctor is quit pleased. I went to the store yesterday and walked around a bit, wasn't too bad. Just listened to my body and left when I felt tired.


looking good. So happy for you.
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You look great! Sounds like you are moving right along. Congratulations.
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WOW! You look great!
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8 days PO and I am an emotional wreck. I don't...

8 days PO and I am an emotional wreck. I don't like having the blues and being so irritable. I was hoping to be able to do more for myself by now. I'm not one to depend on someone for so long! Sorry need to vent:(


As you can see from all the ladies posts...up and down emotions are sooo normal. I compare it to the elation you have after having a baby and then the baby blues that can follow. I am 4 weeks 2 days and honestly have been back to normal within a couple weeks but everyone is different so just be kind to urself and listen to your body. Happy healing girly...u look great and will soon I'm sure feel great ;)
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Well.... I went thru very emotional days after I had Breast Augmentation & implants put behind my pectoral muscles. I couldn't even open a pill bottle! Didn't realize how much the pecs control are arms!!! PLUS I had to get off of my hormone pills 2 wks before surgery and stay off of them 2 weeks after surgery! Now my TT is May 2 and I have to get off of them again & go thru all the crying again! Lol! My Husband said he don't know if he can go thru that again! Lol! It'll all get better for you Per my Friends that had TT! :)
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I'm 23 days PO and I know what you mean. I hatwe this helpless feeling or feeling dependent. I broke down 5 days ago because I'm slower than usual, I get tired quickly and I still can't do everything by myself. Don't worry it will get better. We just have to be patient.
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Ok so after the other day- which was bad. I can...

Ok so after the other day- which was bad. I can say I feel much better. I went outside yesterday and enjoyed the sun, I even went fishing in my ponds. Most may not enjoy that but- it was so nice to just walk around in the sun and relax. I have an appointment today, maybe the drains will come out- either way they are not bothering me. I took a picture last night after being up all day and to my surprise I didn't have a lot of swelling. Hopefully this is the turn I needed. I dread to have another day like Saturday. Happy healing Ty sisters:)

P.s. I have to share the bass picture I caught- I had to call my bf and he came and reeled it in for me;)

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Yea- I did get my drains out today. The good news...

Yea- I did get my drains out today. The good news also is it didn't hurt at all. He had them out in seconds.


You look great! Glad you got the drains out. Love the bass picture. I love to fish.
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You look amazing! Look at that itty bitty waist! P.S. you do not look old enough to have an 18 year old daughter! :). Lucky you!
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Hey , you impressed me out there already fishing! You look great! Nice to see its going pretty we for you! My TT and BL is this Friday the 12th) hope you continue to heal nicely!!!
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Sorry for a long awaited update. Things have been...

Sorry for a long awaited update. Things have been busy- started back to the gym this week. It felt great, even if all I am doing I light weights and walking. I did sneak in a few on the elliptical- but not fast. I am adding new pictures- not a lot of changing going on. Having a lot of swelling- but I think it's cause my body is adjusting to working out again. I will be glad when I can really go at. Have a great day:)


You look great!!!! Just take it easy at the gym...kudos to you ...I am still procrastinating .....
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You look awesome!
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Nikki- You look GREAT girl:) I am swelling bad in the evening too- I will be glad when that is a thing of the past. I have had it so bad that I look three to four months pregnant. The last app. I had, he looked at me and said- I have never seen any of my patients swell like this. Well now he has....LOL Hope you stop swelling soon:)
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