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I had nightmare dental experience 5 weeks ago when...

I had nightmare dental experience 5 weeks ago when I went to get veneers and ended up with 6 crowns ! I am still terrified from this and can't believe that this has actually occurred, I lost 6 healthy teeth by croatian dentist Jolic and have had constant pain, sensitivity, problems and severe depression since , Im in shock from this stressful catastrophe. Now I am seeking dentist to fix all problems caused by this and have been evaluated by 2 different dentists that say I need to replace some of the crowns and also have at least 2 root canals asap as my nerves have been damaged so much and have now also gums bleeding and beginning of gingivitis ! I am overwhelmed with discomfort & pain & depression since , not to mention expenses and long term uncertainty how this will be all fixed ? I cant believe this careless dentist has license to work
Zvonimir Jolić

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Without any diagnostic information of the condition of the teeth BEFORE they were treated, it is hard to comment. Many times people come in with a more severe condition than they thought, so it is possible that veneers were planned, but crowns were the only option. Veneers and crowns are very similar, so there isn't that much difference in the planned treatment. Also, if the teeth were significantly crooked or crowded, the root canal pain may have been unavoidable. If the 6 crowns are done well, they should look very natural.
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my teeth ware healthy and never had any problem with them, I wanted to get veneers to straighten 3 of them , and several ( about 4 ) dentist evaluated my teeth prior this dentist , and I was told I was good candidate for veneers but they all recommended doing 6 veneers instead of 3 ..... unfortunately I end up going to this dentist and rest of story is written... 6 crowns arent well done and now only few weeks after placement I was told by different dentist here in los angeles area that at least 2 need to be replaced and 2 root canals asap as well .... I have question for you : Do you have any crowns or veneers on your front teeth ?
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I'm so sorry you are going through this.  Was this doctor local to you or did you travel specifically to have this done?
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:( I have traveled
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How did you find this doctor, and what were the reasons you chose him?  Was he recommended by others that you know?
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found him on internet :(
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Did they offer travel specials or something?  Why Croatia?
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I go there every year...
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Oh, okay. I see. So Croatia is a place you're familiar with already--you weren't just traveling for the procedure. Is your home country a good place for dental work?

I wonder if it might be helpful for you to show the doctors here on RealSelf the current state of your teeth, tell them your difficulty, and ask for their advice for next steps. If you click on this link it will take you to our Doctors' Question and Answer Forum where you can ask a question. I recommend you include a picture, both because the doctors will ask for it and also because questions with pictures get priority with the doctors.
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