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I had nightmare dental experience 5 weeks ago when...

I had nightmare dental experience 5 weeks ago when I went to get veneers and ended up with 6 crowns ! I am still terrified from this and can't believe that this has actually occurred, I lost 6 healthy teeth by croatian dentist Jolic and have had constant pain, sensitivity, problems and severe depression since , Im in shock from this stressful catastrophe. Now I am seeking dentist to fix all problems caused by this and have been evaluated by 2 different dentists that say I need to replace some of the crowns and also have at least 2 root canals asap as my nerves have been damaged so much and have now also gums bleeding and beginning of gingivitis ! I am overwhelmed with discomfort & pain & depression since , not to mention expenses and long term uncertainty how this will be all fixed ? I cant believe this careless dentist has license to work
I feel like I should share MY story in Zagreb. Prior to a 5 mo trip to europe I went to Costa Rica and had 6 front veneers done and I LOVED them. However, during the travel at some point prior to Croatia, I recall banging my mouth at some point, vaguely, and thinking, wow, that was hard, I could have broken my new teeth, but I didn't. I THOUGHT. I got to Zagreb and one day, downtown, enjoying the day, I bit into a soft piece of pizza and bang the tooth cracked right in half. I almost fainted I was so disturbed, thinking OMG I am in Croatia of all places, I will have to cut my trip in half, go home to US, go back to CR and have this repaired. There was a one year guarantee and it had been only about three months. I went back to the hostel where I was staying and by chance and VERY VERY GOOD LUCK, the woman at the desk, said don't worry, we have the best dental clinic, cosmetic dental clinic I think, in Croatia JUST DOWN THE STREET. Of course, there was NO SMILING going on at all, but at least I had some hope. I walked the three blocks to find the most modern, most sophisticated dental clinic I had ever seen, fully loaded with all the latest equipement, and very well trained and very very consciencious technicians/dentists - not sure. They assured me they could repair, which of course takes a few days because there is the mold, etc. OK, I had the days to spare. LUCK AGAIN. The tooth they repaired, one of the front ones, was so far superior to the CR tooth, I was astounded. Then they noticed that the small tooth next to it was cracked and did I want to risk it or do it also. OK, THIS PLACE WAS NOT CHEAP even to American standards. It was $800 for that one tooth, so I opted to risk the smaller tooth, wait and see, even though I have developed a habit of cutting up my food, not placing pressure on that side, etc. which ok, it isn't ideal, but it is still in tact 4 years later. I was SO THANKFUL that I didn't have to cancel my vacation, even though it was a fortune! I had paid 2100 US for all six in CR or I could have not afforded it. So, I just have to say, if I had the money, I would highly highly recommend that Zagreb clinic, but it was like a cosmetic dental clinic, very sheek, new, all white, glimmering clean. Ya just gotta do a LOT of homework, and in my case get really super lucky. And for someone whose luck has gone south since 2000, that was a great big boost to my hope for better luck in the future. BTW, I have had SO many compliments on my smile, on my teeth, I should have done this when I was twenty because I had a chip, but of course, veneers were not around back in the day. I LOVE THEM (note: I also spent an entire day going to teeth photos and chose the exact teeth design that I felt were the perfect teeth, and he was able to give me almost exactly that version. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. And good luck to all!
@Stellar22, could you please share this great information in a review, so that others can see if they search for Zagreb Clinic or whatever the exact name was? :)  This is really good information, and it is hidden in comments, because people mostly look at reviews first.  Many people are very interested in dental tourism right now because of the prices being so expensive.
Without any diagnostic information of the condition of the teeth BEFORE they were treated, it is hard to comment. Many times people come in with a more severe condition than they thought, so it is possible that veneers were planned, but crowns were the only option. Veneers and crowns are very similar, so there isn't that much difference in the planned treatment. Also, if the teeth were significantly crooked or crowded, the root canal pain may have been unavoidable. If the 6 crowns are done well, they should look very natural.
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