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Rhinoplasty with Dr Toncic - Caution - Croatia

Having had rhinoplasty with Dr Toncic has been ...

Having had rhinoplasty with Dr Toncic has been one of the most upsetting times as I was very unhappy with the outcome, poor communication, lack of understanding and professionalism.

I feel that the communication was poor particularly post surgery, they did not listen to my concerns when I reported that there was a dent in my nose or a least it was far more evident after they performed surgery.

. I traveled from the UK and there was no follow up from them after my surgery. I had to inundate them with emails to ask what had happened to my nose. I was told to wait for the swelling to go down, I waited months, it is now 6 months post operation and I promise you there is a huge dent on the right side of my nose, no amount of makeup can cover this up.

Before I left the clinic I verbally stated that there was a dent on the side of my nose. Dr Toncic felt this was swelling, he later informed me that he did not understand that meaning of the word "dent". If they advertise themselves as a clinic who can communicate english, I feel they have failed as something I clearly communicated was not understood.

I had a consistent message from them saying that they felt it looked better, I pleaded with them to listen to my concerns, I felt it looked worse after they had operated on it. I wanted them to relate to what I was saying, trying to have communication with them post operation was a mission and I felt ignored.

There was a problem with payment when I got there, apparently it said in fine print that there was an extra charge when paying with a card, and cash would have been the better payment option. The admin lady had been off ill and nobody called me to tell me about payment options. On the day of surgery my phone would not work abroad and I had to call my partner to help me sort of the payment as I had intended to pay on card. This was the first moment I felt unhappy, as I traveled so far this should have been verbally communicated with me or at least on email.

I had to contact them 3 times for my post op notes which is something most clinic should and would provide anyway. I don't know how may others have had poor experiences of their treatments, but I urge you to take my feedback into account if you are thinking of having surgery abroad. Do your homework, i thought I had chosen the right clinic, I have been a very expensive, stressful mistake. I am now looking at having revision surgery to correct the work performed by this clinic.
Dr Toncic

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Go to a rhino specialist. I have been researching for over two years and have, I think,found one in Poland. Don't go for the glossy mag,conveyor belt companies,the surgeons seem to be 'jack of all trades'..Rhinoplasty,especially secondary,is one of the hardest operations to perform,so really needs working on by someone who knows(pardon the pun,lol)what they are doing. Have those consultations,have that good gut feeling. If they chase you,then they are obviously desperate and need the work..And I would wonder why? I need a secondary rhino,last op in 1990,so I have to be careful who I choose and he/she has to specialize in rhinoplasty /ENT specialist. Find all the feedback,good and bad,you can. Good luck to you x
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Yeah. They are totally unable to do Rhynoplastic. They ruin my nose.
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Just to let all of you know, I've had a revision rhinoplasty performed by Dr Julian Rowe Jones. I'm 3 days into recovery & so far my experience of his professionalism & knowledge has been excellent. My cast comes off next week. The treatment I have been given by the nursing staff has been second to none. Ideally I would have had this revision surgery performed well over a year after my experience with Dr Toncic, however I'm getting married toward the end of this year & my nose after Dr Toncic performed surgery was not acceptable for me. I hated what I saw in the mirror & it brought feelings of dread & embarrassment. Dr Rowe Jones stated that the revision was complex, it took approximately 3 hours. The right side of my nose had 30% less cartilage than the left, thus it caved in, creating an indentation on my nose. Dr Rowe Jones stated that he had to opt for an open approach to build the nose back up, he said there was plenty of septum within my nose which he used. He couldn't understand Dr Toncic's clinical reasoning for taking cartilage from my ear! This cartilage was used to create a strut, Dr Rowe Jones felt this cartilage was "too big", this is why it didn't raise the nose in a nice position. He actually disguarded this ear cartilage & replaced it with shaped nasel septum cartilage to create a strut in the columella region of the nose. I'm angry as even Dr Rowe Jones stated that in Dr Toncic's post operative notes it does not mention that they had tried to shape the tip. Dr Rowe Rowes discovered what had been done as he opened up the nose during surgery. He felt too much cartilage had been taken from one side & this created a prominent dent on the side of the nose. Also having ear cartilage taken was the most painful aspect of recovery. I had my head bandaged for a week & the tenderness was intolerable. Now I know there was no reason to take cartilage from my ear, it wasn't shaped right & Dr Rowe Jones actually disguarded it. I fell like I went through all the pain & costs after my initial rhinoplasty for nothing, I lost out massively. This has been a life lesson for me to say the least. Again approach surgery abroad with caution, ESPECIALLY RHINOPLASTY, it takes an extremely skilled, knowledgable surgeon to sculpt your nose.
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I love happy endings! I wish I could afford Dr Rowe Jones. How much did you pay for secondary? X
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sunshine, would you put up some pictures?
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Good luck in searching for another doc to perform your revision.
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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf!
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