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Like probably 99% of people who undergo cosmetic...

Like probably 99% of people who undergo cosmetic rhinoplasty, I too, hated my nose for as long as I can remember. No one actually told me it was big, but it wasn't small either and it was somewhat pointy from the side with a moderate hump. It gave me a less profound look than I felt would fit my other facial features.
Being from Croatia, I am lucky the overall cost of cosmetic surgery is still significantly lower than in other parts of the EU, not to mention US. Still, we have renowned surgeons and the quality of the service is as high as abroad. I was happy to choose a surgeon who is certified by several national and international medical boards.

The procedure was done under local anesthesia (sorry don't know what the exact term for it is in English, but I was moderately sedated so I dozed off during the procedure, but it wasn't as under general anesthesia where you're completely asleep and unaware what's going on). No pain involved whatsoever. The procedure went great and took only about 40 minutes. Dr Toncic was very pleased how it went and that was a total comfort. I went home after two hours.

Now, the first three days are just HELL. Not being able to breathe normally, eat, sleep, ANYTHING. I bruised moderately under my eyes and on my eyelids but didn't swell until day three.
Things got dramatically better after day 5 and removal of packing (day 4) but I still looked pretty bad so I stayed home...really really bored.

Day 7 - splint finally removed! WHAT A SHOCK. As the splint for some reason was really long for my nose, it was severely squeezing my nostrils after packing removal - and boy, did I wish somebody warned me that the tip and nostrils will look deformed the first few minutes until they 'inflate' because of having a tight cast on for a week like that.
The nurse removed the cast and took me to a mirror and I started shaking and almost cried because at first, the nose looked WAY to narrow, almost Micheal Jackson- like. Seriously, this was a huge shock and I forgot to mention this to the surgeon but I most certainly will on my next check-up in two months. Just give people a heads-up in such cases, doc :) I almost suffered a heart-attack :)
Any way, the nurse let me recover and sat me down and after a few minutes the nostrils inflated to its normal size and things started to look REALLY good! is day 8 and now I see why everyone is writing about post-op swelling of the nose so much. It is really swollen. But still - it looks great and I am so happy I got it done!
I was able to put full make-up on yesterday and go see my friends who are thrilled with the outcome. So happy.

Will post regularly on healing :) Cheers from Croatia!


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm glad it went well. It sounds like a great idea to have your doctor warn patients about how you might look immediately after the splint comes off. Sorry for that panic!

I hope your swelling goes down soon.

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Even in the U.S. some surgrons use local anesthesia. The patient pays less fees this way. I am glad your surgery went well and you are happy with the result. Would it be possible if you could share some b/a photos?Usually stories accompanied with photos receive lots of community support.
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update: yesterday was two weeks post-op

...and I went back to work. Funny thing is, nobody noticed anything, or even if they may have noticed something different about me, no one said anything! I really don't know how to explain this, I guess people just don't expect you to go on vacation and get a nose job. On the other hand, I never really had a BIG nose but still, there's a big change, especially from the side. Speaking of which, I will post some pics when I get a chance.
Anyway, my recovery has been really good so far. I have more swelling in the morning than later in the day and therefore I am still sleeping on two pilllows with my head elevated. Also, the swelling is inequal although it's probably something only I notice, but 90% of the time I'm absolutely in love with my new nose, especially when it's less swollen. At times I am a little concerned it may look crooked as sometimes one side swells somewhat more but usually it looks alot different the following day. I guess it is best not to examine the nose too much at this point as it will only make me crazy....


Yeah, the first moments right after taking the splint off were a bit traumatic lol. I took a pic of the nose right after the nurse took it off, will post it :)
Thank you! I will post a few pics when I get the chance :)
Take your time. Thanks.

3 weeks post op exactly

promised some pics so here they are! before (left) and after (right)...

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bump or swollen inbetween eyes?

I'm wondering if I should go see my dr because of this bump at the left side of my upper bridge inbetween the eyes. You can somewhat see it in the front view after pic. I know/feel the area is swollen from both sides, but at the left side it looks like a small 'patch' and seems a little reddish at times. Any ideas?


Wow i was suprised to read the procedure was done under local anesthetic. Did you experience pain? That's great that they removed your packing. My surgeon lets the packing dissolve so I have to douche my nose everyday and its slowly coming out. I couldn't breathe from my nose for 2 weeks. Now I'm 3 weeks post op and can breathe but I still have packing there. Your results are great. It looks natural and more refined even with the swelling. I'm sure when the swelling subsides you will love the result even more:) Happy healing!
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Thanks so much! No pain was involved whatsoever, I was surprised as well. They did give me a painkiller via IV prior to the procedure as well as something to calm me down wich made me drowsy and sleepy so I was basically dozing throughout the procedure. I could hear/feel the bones breaking but no pain whatsoever. Happy healing to you too!!
The bump you mentioned is not visible to me. If it bothers you then you should talk to your doctor. I think your results are excellent.
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ONE month post op!

Doing great :) I still sleep with my head elevated as this is helping me swell less in the morning. Also, I have become so comfortable with my new nose, I often 'forget' I had the procedure done, so I often get 'surprised' by my reflection in the mirror in a store for example. LOL.


So you only had it done for a month and it looks that good
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evelyn thanks! It looks a bit different everyday, depending on the swelling. That's why I am still sleeping with my head elevated (my back hurts horrible though. lol)

Almost 6weeks post op

Posting some new pics


Your nose was not bad before but now it is perfection!
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Your nose is very beautiful. Lucky you.
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having a cold few weeks after rhino = so not fun

So I got the cold last week, it's horrible! Not being able to blow my nose, the sneezing, being stuffed...a nightmare. And my nose is quite swollen :( not fun...


I would love to get my nose done, I'm afraid of the pain though! Yours looks great!
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hi ksjsublime, usually, there's no pain involved in rhinoplasty. I had mine done under local anesthesia and it didn't hurt for a second. Recovery is also painless, there is just discomfort involved because you have to breathe through your mouth for days and you swell, your face is taped up, etc...but no pain :)
Really?! It looks painful but I've never asked anyone before, that's awesome. I'm used to breathing out of my mouth cuz I have bad allergies lol. Thank you =)

2month check up

So I had my two month check up with my surgeon this week. He's really happy with my nose and how it's healing. Said that swelling fluctuations are normal and said he feels how stiff the tip still is and that it's perefctly normal at this point and it will be a little stiff/numb for a while longer. The swelling in the morning subsides faster now. I no longer sleep with my head elevated :)


Fantastic result, very natural looking. Congrats and thank you for your review!
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I took my pain med and had very little pain just discomfort for a week with your nose all crusted, plugged, and the big cast one. Don't be afraid. I was prior to having it done and now I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Swelling swelling swelling...go away, you're annoying!

Still pretty swollen at the bridge, and it's tender when I touch it too, so I know it is part of the healing process. It is just really annoying since it fluctuates so much. Cant wait for all the swelling to be gone.



3 months post op

I really, honestly have nothing to add. It's been 3 months sinnce my nose job and I'm just really really happy. What a boring review :) The swelling is still present, mainly at the bridge and varies from day to day, but generally, I am really happy with my healing and the nose looks great. So glad to have done this, wish I had the courage 10yrs ago to do this... :)


Having had rhinoplasty with Dr Toncic has been one of the most upsetting times as I was very unhappy with the outcome, poor communication, lack of understanding and professionalism. I feel that the communication was poor particularly post surgery, they did not listen to my concerns when I reported that there was a dent in my nose or a least it was far more evident after they performed surgery. . I traveled from the UK and there was no follow up from them after my surgery. I had to inundate them with emails to ask what had happened to my nose. I was told to wait for the swelling to go down, I waited months, it is now 6 months post operation and I promise you there is a huge dent on the right side of my nose, no amount of makeup can cover this up. Before I left the clinic I verbally stated that there was a dent on the side of my nose. Dr Toncic felt this was swelling, he later informed me that he did not understand that meaning of the word "dent". If they advertise themselves as a clinic who can communicate english, I feel they have failed as something I clearly communicated was not understood. I had a consistent message from them saying that they felt it looked better, I pleaded with them to listen to my concerns, I felt it looked worse after they had operated on it. I wanted them to relate to what I was saying, trying to have communication with them post operation was a mission and I felt ignored. There was a problem with payment when I got there, apparently it said in fine print that there was an extra charge when paying with a card, and cash would have been the better payment option. The admin lady had been off ill and nobody called me to tell me about payment options. On the day of surgery my phone would not work abroad and I had to call my partner to help me sort of the payment as I had intended to pay on card. This was the first moment I felt unhappy, as I traveled so far this should have been verbally communicated with me or at least on email. I had to contact them 3 times for my post op notes which is something most clinic should and would provide anyway. I don't know how may others have had poor experiences of their treatments, but I urge you to take my feedback into account if you are thinking of having surgery abroad. Do your homework, i thought I had chosen the right clinic, I have been a very expensive, stressful mistake. I am now looking at having revision surgery to correct the work performed by this clinic.
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Sunshine000, I am so sorry for your bad experience! Who did the surgery, was it dr Toncic senior or junior? Did you have any surgeon look at your nose in the UK?

4 month post op

So...i already mentioned a small bump on my left side of the nose as early as 20days post op and it seems like it's really there...pls comment if you see it too. I know its not big, and its nothing compared to my old nose, but do you think should I consider a revision to file it down a bit? My right side is so perfect, would love the left side to be identical. Appreciate the feedback :)


The bump you are talking about is nor obvious to me. I think your nose is perfect. Please don't touch it.
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Hi Mia_77, yes I've had a revision rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. I had this with Dr Rowe Jones in the UK. Dr Toncic senior performed the operation as I mentioned I asked several times to have my post operation notes. Once I received them I passed them onto Dr Rowe Jones, because there was such an indentation on the left side of my nose it looked completly different from the right side. The operation was complex, it took 3 hours & Dr Rowe Jones worked to resolve the problems caused my Dr Toncic. My revision was open, the surgeon found that there was plenty of septum inside my nose to recreate a strut in the columella & fill out in indentation. Dr Toncic had told me I did not have enough septum in my nose & that was why he told cartilage from my ear. This was the most painful part of recovery. I'm angry as that was not the case, there was no need to take cartilage from my ear, I was told that during my revision Dr Rowe Jones discovered the strut created by Dr Toncic was too long & unshaped, therefor he disguarded it & placed septum there to recreate a strut. Dr Rowe Jones also found that there was 35% less cartilage left on my left side hence the indentation. The tip had also been worked on as he saw stitches there, this was not verbalised to me nor was it documented in the post operation notes from Dr Toncic. I placed my trust in Dr Toncic & now I know that his clinical judgement was not accurate. There was poor communication from the clinic after my operation, I felt that they really didn't care when I reports how unhappy I was with my nose after they operated on it. They stated that "it looked better now", that was THEIR opinion, I felt & knew it did not look better & they were not interested to hear this. Overall I felt let down by this clinic. I urge others to do their investigations before choosing cheaper surgery abroad.
I am glad you're happy now! My op was performed by Toncic junior, therefore I was really surprised by your experience since mine was completely different. I was very well taken care of and the dr did a good job with my nose. He made took made it look very natural and nobody ever noticed i had any work done. Not even my parents (we live far apart and didnt see the need to tell them and have them get upset about an 'unnecessary' surgery...and they never noticed when i visited them recently). Anyways, I am glad youre ok now

Hi all

Just posting a new pic....Im sooo in love with my profile, its my favourite angle now! :)


I would NOT have a revision, your nose looks fantastic. I completely understand and can relate to the emotional roller-coaster! It's drastic and out of our control and emotionally tolling!
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Perfect cute nose!! Stay away from revision.
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Thank you :) the healing from rhino is so long and its such an emotional rollercoaster sometimes that one cannot always stay objective and realistic in regards to expectations...the swelling on one side of the bridge had me confused for the longest time. It looked like a bump and still does in the morning sometimes and then it goes down during the day. My right half-profile is not as perfect as the left but this is something only I have noticed because I am so focused on it and examine the nose often. I better stop obsessing so much :)
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