I am expecting to have the best ass/body i can get...

i am expecting to have the best ass/body i can get. i just had my first child almost 7 months ago and my body looks CRAZY !!!! im 5'6 and im 183 pounds i have been considering this surgery for about 1 month. at first i just wanted lipo (which im getting this thursday) then it turned into a BANGING ass body!! lol my personal goal is to be looking sexy ass IDK WHAT in a bikini by May. but my situation is complicated. i can only get 27 days off work which sucks because when i get back after the 27 days its non stop working out. i am in the military by the way. so i hope i can recover in 27 days...can i??

So here it is i have come up with four different...

so here it is i have come up with four different docs all are good but one has stuck out and thats dr salama! but to be honest idk what i wanna do. Dr. Salama is great and is actually open for March 2013 which is the latest date i want to get it done and so is Dr. Campos i emailed them for quotes so im waiting for a response. Dr J is cool but i havnt even requested a quote yet. Dr. Ghavami is DOING THE MOST. i wont even be able to see him for a consultation til SEPTEMBER. like for real??? His results aint even that great.

OMG OMG OMG OMG i got a price quote from DR S and...

OMG OMG OMG OMG i got a price quote from DR S and to be honest i was SUPER suprised like the lady said he was super busy and i might not get a quote for another week then she emails me hours later with a quote of 7799 which is honestly NOT BAD AT ALL. im calling TOMORROW at 9am on the dot !! TOO HYPE =]

Omg !! so i just got off the phone with nancy n im...

Omg !! so i just got off the phone with nancy n im confirmed for FEB 25TH !! i could have had feb 2nd but im not THAT. anxious lol so now the search for a placce to stay is on ! any recommendations???

So im over adding everything up and this junk is...

so im over adding everything up and this junk is NOT cheap. finding a flight from cali to miami is crazy!!! so here is my breakdown
procedure: 7799
airbnb(place to stay) 600
fllight: 800 this is NOT first class which i wanted because i wanted to be COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE but W,E
medical supplies/massages: 500 (ladies can you tell me all you bought out of pocket for medical supplies im just assuming 500)
daycare: 150

im starting realize that i should have saved more money or got more credit =/

So i had lipo on thursday and it was okay i guess...

so i had lipo on thursday and it was okay i guess but im happy im going to be sleep during the BBL because that shit wasnt cool in the beginning. but ANYWAYS im scared to tell Nancy and Dr Salama that i have gone and got this surgery because he said i was the perfect size for a BBL i hope i didnt mess anything up. ALSO, i plan on starting fruta planta sometime soon. one of the ladies on this site said she lost A LOT which is what i want i wanna be 155 with a big ass booty !! if possible. i must admit that i am having some second thoughts because i wanna look sexy but at the same time i dont want to waste all this money if Dr Salama is having a bad day ya know? and i have to do all this research on what to buy and what to do AND i cant sit for 2 weeks like UGH idk. i want it done but damn. so ladies please give me the motto i need lol

So i have decided to cancel my appt with dr salama...

so i have decided to cancel my appt with dr salama in feb and just wait awhile. i had dream last night that kinda but my life in perspective and i dont think butt surgery should be before everything ( which is what i was doing) so now im on a mission to see if i can get my money back or not but i doubt it. i think i can only reschedule. do any of you ladies know about cancellations??

So i have decided to keep my date until i figure...

So i have decided to keep my date until i figure some things out.

So my date is feb 24. With salama and idk if im...

So my date is feb 24. With salama and idk if im going to have the procedure or not. I really want it done but at the same time its A LOT of money.

So i was just wondering if i could sell my date...

so i was just wondering if i could sell my date with dr salama. i read the cancellation letter but it never says you cant sell ur date to soneone else. does anyone know?

Time to get this money together.

time to get this money together.

So after adding up the money i realized that Dr....

so after adding up the money i realized that Dr. Salama was not the one. though is work is decent i have found someone that is KILLING ALL THE DOCTORS. so her name is Dra Yily and her work is WONDERFUL. i havnt gotten a quote from her yet but im hoping its 2900 like the other ladies got quoted. Dr Campos is also on my list and i got a quote from him. the quote i got from him was 7045 which included a breast lift and a BBL but i asked for another quote for just the BBL because that is out of my price range. i am looking to only spend 7000 TOPS !! on everything. hopefully when he sends me the quote again it will be way less. i am trying to get this done sometime in july or august.

So i finally got a quote from dra yily and a...

so i finally got a quote from dra yily and a updated quote from dr campos.

DRA YILY : 3000

DR CAMPOS: 4945 (?????)

so i been looking at the other girls quotes and im wondering why i am paying 1000 dollars more???? did i miss something? is there like a secret passcode like wth ??
that quote has made me want to go to yily more now. but i still havnt made up my mind. if i go with campos i only drive for 3 hours BUT if i go with yily its a 10 hr flight AND i will have to wait til september because i want someone to go with. THIS IS DECISION SUCKS !

Dra Yily

PRO: COST EFFECTIVE (surgery, flight, massages, and post op pills is less than Dr Campos quote), BEAUTIFUL WORK !!, COST INCLUDES PRE- OP TESTS AND GARMENT

CON: its 10 hrs away, i have to get a passport, i will be alone in july or i have to wait til september to get a buddy =[


PRO: 3 hours away from my house, ClubMed seems nice, and his work is okay (compared to yily) and i can get surgery at anytime

CON: THE PRICE SUCKS ASS !!!, Angie is NO help, and i KNOW i will always think about what i could have gotten with yily, i will go over my 7000 budget

what do you ladies think GOOD OR BAD PLEASE HELP !

So after doing all the research i decided to go...

so after doing all the research i decided to go with DRA YILY. My date will be August 20th and even though its almost year away i think thats more than enough time to see how she treats her patients and her results. I emailed her some questions I had about recovery houses and hopefully she will give me some good info. if you ladies have any suggestions let me know thanks..

So i changed my mind AGAIN lol i will be having a...

so i changed my mind AGAIN lol i will be having a consultation with dr cardenas december 1st and i hope all goes well. i will b visiting beauty care as well

RealSelf you need to fix this!

RealSelf you need to fix this!

Please help i am trying to find the best way to...

Please help i am trying to find the best way to cross the border i will b driving and i dont kno what i need or how much it will cost

Do i need a passport to come back from tijauna??

Do i need a passport to come back from tijauna??

So today i decided that enough is enough. I will...

So today i decided that enough is enough. I will start being serious about this surgery. there have been so many setbacks but im like fuck it now. im going to do this with or without support. as you know im in the military so planning needs to be ON POINT. i contacted Dr. Campos because he is closer to me and his work is pretty good. i really just want a good shape because i THINK (NOT SURE) that once i start working out with the Marines again i might start to lose the fat cells in my butt. im giving myself 28 days to recover which is not a lot so i need to start preping my body. the last time i got lipo i underestimated and ended up very hurt and did not like my results( but that could be because i gained weight lol) ive decided to also lose weight i am 187 this morn and i plan on being around 160 when i have this surgery. my july date isnt set in stone but i feel like i need to put my name is the hat so i can atleast keep my price and change the date as needed. my husband is gone to war at the moment so i really have no one here to help me out and my son will be staying witht he sitter. if anyone would like to travel with me that would be great. i have a small window to make before i report to my next unit and i want to make the best of it. 2 months is what i got so im trying to get my surgery in july and report late august. i wont be getting a breast lift or tummy tuck anymore because i just dont have that type of recovery time. if my titties get any worse after losing the weight then i guess i will (same with my belly) im assuming its going to look disgusting but we will see. i plan to lose the weight in a healthy way but i only got til the middle of march to be 160. as you can see i got a lot of planning to do so i am going to get to it ang i hope you ladies can help me out.

So today i had set my date with angie and im super...

so today i had set my date with angie and im super excited. I am the first surgery that day which is great :) i will be staying at beautycare for 1 week. Should i stay longer? I will be checkin in on the first. Tomorrow i will be paying my deposit and im super excited. The only problem is i have A LOT of obstacles to get through or i cant have the surgery :( also do yu ladies think i should take more than two weeks off??

OMG im freaking out. i havnt done ANYTHING to...

OMG im freaking out. i havnt done ANYTHING to prepare for this and my SX is in july. I been at school for awhile and only been focusing on that. i am trying to come up with a list and figure out how much extra money im going to need for the SX. ive decided to not go to beautycare obviously lol and will be staying at a hotel that my husband can take care of me at (assuming he comes back from afghan early) i will be changing my date to july 25th instead to prepare a lil more lol i feel like im out of the loop on what really needs to b done =[ oh yeah have any of you ladies had a reduction and a bbl together?? if so how was it?

Ladies how did pay for your surgery and how did yu...

ladies how did pay for your surgery and how did yu know angie got ur payment?

So i asked for a quote from Dr. Pantoja today and...

So i asked for a quote from Dr. Pantoja today and he quoted me 5600 for the BBL and the breast reduction and i was soo happy about that but then i realized that there is a reason im paying more with Campos and its because he is the best with his shape. He is charging me 7545 for both procedures. I will be staying at ClubMed after reading a GREAT review about them. The price seems reasonable i just hate that they are far away from Campos office but i will make due. Its going to cost me about 2000 for me and my husband to go =[

I am trying to find out how long i should stay at...

I am trying to find out how long i should stay at clubmed because i want to stay 14 days but is that too long? Will i be somewhat ok by day 10 to go home? Please help vets. On another note HURRY UP JULY 17TH....im trying to get a early july date or late june i just asked angie and hopefully i can get a ealrier date i found out my husband cant go so im flying solo. I really enjoyed a review for clubmed so i will be headed there

So i have put down my deposit with Campos and...

So i have put down my deposit with Campos and Marvin (clubmed) for July 16th and im sooooo excited. I have heard SOOO many good things about Clubmed im so ready to go. Once i graduate school May 22 i will start to working on buying the items i need. Is there anyone else going in july? Want to buddy up?

Still looking for a buddy if anyone is interested :)

Still looking for a buddy if anyone is interested :)

Before i had my son you honestly couldnt tell me...

Before i had my son you honestly couldnt tell me ANYTHING lol i had confidence and now i cant seem to find it. I never thought i would feel so low in my life. I never knew that my confidence was so important until i lost it. I have suffered for almost a year n a half stuck in a body that i have never felt was my own. This surgery is not just about a big butt for me. Im hoping it can bring back something i lost and cant seem to bring back. Without confidence i cant love my self and if i cant love myself how can truelly love someone else?

I have been bugging Angie like its cool lol i want...

i have been bugging Angie like its cool lol i want to go in june sheesh is that so much to ask for

So i havent been able to get an earlier date every...

so i havent been able to get an earlier date every time i message angie she tells me that she has September as if that helps me lol i really wish i would have payed her earlier for my date. But on another note. im still the same weight. today i sucked my stomach in and im really considering a tummy tuck soon after i heal from the BBL and breast lift

5'6 183
i dont know my bust
my stomach is 33
and my ass is 44




So i asked a friend to go and he said yes !! Thank lord because i really didnt want to go alone. I just paid off clubmed today and im REALLY hoping angie lets me pay the whole thing while im dowm there so i have less to worry about when the day comes. Marvin(clubmed) will be picking me up. I will be asking the ladies recovering what they brought and actually used while there so i can be prepared next month. Next weekend cant come fast enough !!


So today i got a loan for 8000. Im hoping that will cover my remaining balance,massages, and garments i will need. Ive already paid off clubmed so thats done. Does anyone know how much maripaz massages cost?


so today I went to mexico to check it out before surgery and it was GREAT!! first we crossed over the border then went to straight to campos office and it was really nice. we took some pictures and paid my remaining balance. then we went to clubmed and it was BEAUTIFUL !!! the pictures do it no justice. Marvin and his wife answered all of my questions and I found out they have epifoam there and that all really need to bring is vitamins and pajamas and one outfit. the best part about the trip was that I met a campos girl and SHE LOOKED BANGING !!! like her shape was insane ! she showed me her before pictures and I was just shocked. he shaped her good. the ass was PHAT ! and she told him she wanted a small one lol so I can imagine what he normally gives. I met a girl on the ride there and she was also a campos girl and her as was NICKI MINAJ big lol and I was like naaww that's way too much ass lol I felt bad though because she left with her drains so I know that sucked. overall the trip was fantastic and I enjoyed every moment. Marvin was hilarious like there was never a dull moment with him lol this whole little visit made me remember why I chose campos! that man could give a coke bottle shape to shongebob lol


so I am heading for surgery on july 17th and I would like to know should I get a squeem before surgery and if so what size? I am 33 in at my waist right now. I was thinking a medium or small but idk which size to get or if I should just wait until I get back from surgery to figure it out or will it be too late?


my surgery is in 15 days and I would like to know if arnica gel works better than arnica pills?

updated pics...i gained weight :( #team campos

Surgery in 10 days #TEAMCAMPOS

so my surgery is around the corner and guess what !! I have NOTHING except a boppy pillow and its not because I don't have the money its only because im afraid to buy something that wont fit like a garment or waist cincher. Im also hoping that mostly all the things I will need to buy I can buy after the surgery and ask Marvin at clubmed to take me around to buy it. also my husband will be home so I will just ask him to order whatever I need online so it will be here by the time I leave clubmed. my main concern is that my house will be sooo irritating. we have a swamp cooler which is NOTHING compared to a A/C and it will be the end of july when I come back home which means SUPER FUCKING HOT. I remember how I was when I got lipo and how everything made me upset so hopefully my husband prepares the house before I get there. OFF TOPIC: I asked my husband what he thought of my body and told him to b extremely honest and he told me that my saggy boobs interrupt our sex lives (LMFAO) and that my stomach is getting too big a.k.a you getting too fat. I couldn't help but laugh because he is such a SWEETHEART and it looked like it KILLED HIM inside to tell me the truth. but anyways I thought that was funny. lucky he will only have to deal with my saggy boobs and fat stomach for 3 days before I leave for surgery. I really hope I love my body... I mean I want him to love it but I really want to have that confidence I use to have. ON TOPIC AGAIN: so I know that he wont do aggressive lipo on my stomach because of the stretch marks but im going to try to convince him to do it aggressively and I will just get a TT next year. Campos is KNOWN for his coke bottle shapes so I hope he delivers that. I want that more than I want the big ass. NEXT TOPIC: so these females get on realself then go ghost after 2 weeks and its like WTF?? it really pisses me off. so my goal is to update atleast once a week REGARDLESS of whats going on in my life. I want the new women on realself to make a informed decision before just going with the YILY flow lol


Im not really excited or nervous i just want it over with lol tonight i wilk pack my things and the next morning im leaving to meet Marvin (from clubmed) at the border. I think i will get excited the morning of the surgery. I have emailed angie and Marvin to confirm everything and im waiting for a response. Im not going to lie i REALLY wish my husband was coming. He just came back after a 7 month deployment 3 days ago and now i have to leave for 10 days. I must admit though the timing was great so he could b here to watch our son. My expectations are a C cup and to have a nice shape. I care about my butt but not as much. I hope i heal quickly or atleast enough to go back to work in 2 weeks. Well thats all i got lol

alright ladies strap on ur setbelts

So i got to his office at 730 and was on my grind because i KNEW angie was gone try to pull something AND she did ! She charged me for a breast LIFT instead of a breast reduction(her fault not mine) then told me to pay up and i was like " no we will speak to doctor campos about this instead. Then she acts like she lost my paperwork (which i brought PERSONALLY a month ago) then tried to sell me a bobby pillow THAT I DIDNT NEED i gave her a little attitude then we was off to the room. I sat there for an hour...changed clothes, got weighed, then took some pills. After that Campos walked in and explained what he thought i needed which was a tummy tuck, breast REDUCTION and a big booty :) i must admit i was HEART BROKEN when he told me i needed a tummy tuck because it was a lot of loose skin. He said the body i had in mind wasnt going to happen because my stomach wouldnt b flat. So i ended up getting a tummy tuck and we dicussed my new quote which i must admit was REALLY cheap. He gave me discounted things and all. So i only paid 2000 more which was great consdering how much it really cost ! So then i got prepped and dont remember crap. I woke up with no garment n freaked out but she explained i will get one tomorrow. Something happened to my family will not discuss so i couldnt sleep all night. FINALLY 8 hit and i told him what happened. Everyone was so sad and holding back tears even angie gave me a huge hug and cried with me. After that i got my stuff and left. I did have to stay over night because i had all three surgeries. I must say that my breast look fantastic !!!!!! He told me straight up that a DD to a C would b hard but of course he made that shit happen because they are beautiful !!! They took my breast drains out so i only have one for the tummy tuck. He says i can have that taken out on the 7th day. I havnt slept since last night because quite frankly THIS SHIT HURT LIKE A MUTHAFUCKA!!! But my breast are perfect my stomach is SUPER flat and my ass is nice. I told him to put the max which was 1000ccs in each. I DONT want a big butt so im praying it goes down. So i have been laying on it due to the TT and breast lift. CLUBMED IS A GOD SEND !!!! GO HERE. Girls they are so helpful and it is soo beautiful. Its right on the ocean. Im soo happy i made this choice. I feel like a baby though because i can barely move and they do everything. I will post pics when i feel a lil better


Ladies just so you know the price that is on my profile is for a BBL, Breast reduction AND a tummy tuck.

Day 2

So today i had my first massage at campos office. It was really nice and she drained me really good. I will still be getting half my massages from maripaz though. I just put in my foam because of the tummy tuck i had to wait til today. I also got a quick shower in which was great. I do have a dent in my belly from being hunched over and the garment poking my belly so im hoping the epifoam helps out. I feel okay today nothing new to report lol

Felt like shit...

so yesterday I could not sleep and it was horrible. as you all know I had a tummy tuck, BBL and breast lift. and I cant sleep on my stomach so I been sleeping on my ass with pillows under it of course. yesterday was one of my hardest days because I felt a rip in my tummy tuck which turned out to be nothing but it hurt like hell !! I also switched to a medium garment WAYY too soon and felt sick from that. so I went back to my large garment until atleast the 7th day. I do have this dent in my belly and idk how. im thinking of buying a abdominal board when I get back to the states because I REFUSE to let this fuck up my results. my shape is fantastic even with the dent. im actually surprised that my ass is holding up its pretty big but I wont know how I like it til im in a dress. my breast are soooo perfect they look fake lol they have caused me NO problems at all but this tummy tuck is another story lol. well that's all for day 4. my next appointment with Campos is on day 7 so I well bring up this dent. oh yeah I forgot the massages. THEY SUCK ASS !! so painful when she does my back UGH.

Day 6 my phone broke

So I finally found a good way to go to sleep that is comfortable TO ME and I had the best sleep ever last night lol so today my measurements were 35 and 47. I am upset that my stomach is 2 in more than before I know its swelling but damn. I don't want to judge right now because its only day 6 but I really wish I didn't swell so much. I have been taking arnica and Tylenol. LADIES IF YOU COME TO MEXICO BRING YOUR OWN MEDS!!! idk if I mentioned that before but seriously the medication here is a joke. so my body looks okay to me right now except my boobs they are PERFECT I showed my husband and he was shocked lol I can not wait to see these in a stylish t shirt NO BRA lol my booty feels like bricks..im not exaggerating....my butt hurts more than the damn titties and tummy tuck. also my feet have gotten swollen and idk why. its just weird lol tomorrow is my 1 week post op with Campos so I am excited to see what he has to say. I will bring up this damn garment making this dent and hopefully he has a solution. I know its small but still I paid 9500 so im expecting it to look beautiful. yall know what I mean. now on to the massages. I canceled all my massages at Campos office because honestly maripaz is the shit. If you come here just have her do all your massages because no one compares. I will admit they hurt like hell especially the needle part (if you don't have a drain back there) but she is the best. if you have any questions just let me knw. ttyl

new pics #teamcampos


new pics




Since ive been home

So I have been home for awhile and its been horrible. I hate my husband doing everything for me. I have to go back to work tomorrow. I havnt been wearing my garment only sometimes. It makes me itch alot because im in a hot place. My swelling is going down which is great but my back is still killing me. Thats all for now


25 days Post Op

So i started wearing my garment again and it helped me a lot ! My shape is really coming in. The swelling is almost gone and i am soo grateful ! I bought a board but to b honest i dont think its doing much. I need to buy a squeem because my medium really isnt tight anymore even with the board. My tummy tuck scar looks better and my boobs look great. My butt looka okay. Its getting soft which im really happy about. I got 3 more days til its back to work but im fine with it. Im standing up straighter now. I just want to go back to being normal again ..

Almost 2 months post op TEAM CAMPOS !

So i have been doing great. My lower back is still a lil painful but he lipoed it really good so thats why. I love my shape but i REALLY need to drop about 10 pounds for the look i want. My ass is beautiful (compared to my other one) my fam is in love with my booty. Oh yeah GREAT NEWS !!!! RUBY IS FANTASTIC (campos assistant) hopefully no more angie !!!!! :) im going to take pics in clothes to show you the shape as well. Maybe tomorrow

#campos last july

Well its been a minute...but here is my ass

Gained some weight but still looking good :) 8MONTHS POST OP DR CAMPOS

Ehello ladies, its been awhile but i feel and look great my ass has stayed the same size this whole time and i love it. I have gained some weight which sucks :( but i still look 10X better than before lol if you have any questions or request any pics please let me know. Good luck to all u ladies
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

He is the sculpting king !! I never thought my body could look like this !! If you need a shape with a fat ass he is the man for you :) the reason i gave him 3 stars on the email is because his coordinator sucks ass. She is the downfall of his practice but his work is so great and consistant that i will put up with her for him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Fabulous breast lift results! Wow! You look great!
  • Reply
Amazing transformation! :)
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Ooh them titties is sitting pretty!!! #TeamCompos
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Thank you :)
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So you just got a reduction, no implants? All the reductions I've seen in the USA look like flat U-shaped pancakes. If I could get a reduction and still have cleavage that would be great!
  • Reply
Yes. He said i didnt need implants and honestly im glad i didnt they already look like i have implants lol and my cleavage is great :)
  • Reply
WoW!!! Great results. Thank you for letting us follow your journey. I was only considering a bbl b/c I knew I wouldn't like my boobs after a reduction and would then need implants. Thanks so much :-)
  • Reply
Your welcome :) the breast reduction was a great surgery. Good luck !!!
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How are ur breast holding up? (Pun intended) lol can u show a pic of them? U look really good!
  • Reply
Yes ! Im in class right now but when i get home i got you. They are great ! Im going to do a before and after pic for u so u can see them next to each other.
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Hey I'm in the military as well (Army) and I'm going to Dr. Salama in October. I will only have 28days off of work. How was it going back and doing PT? was it hard to run? Do push up? Sit ups?
  • Reply
Its going to burn when u run and ur ass is going to feel heavy and its going to hurt. And i was feeling that until 2.5 months went by. You will NOT be able to PT after 28 days. Im sorry. I hate to be so blunt but i want to be honest. Just go to medical and tell them about it and they should give u a light duty chit for a month or so. They will ask for ur surgery paperwork and that will help them understand how much time u need to heal
  • Reply
Dang I didn't ever think that my ass was gonna be heavy. I'm glad you were blunt and honest with me. I guess I will try to get a profile for the month of November. How does it feel when you run now? And what size pants are you in?
  • Reply
Yeah u get use to it tho lol its just your body wont be use to running with that type of weight on u lol and it feels great now. I barely even notice it when i run until someone honks there horn and says " THAT ASS THO" lmao and i am a size 9 i HIGHLY suggest stretchy pants lmao big asses do NOT work well with regular jeans. And i have tried !
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Thanks for all the info! You gotta give us an updated pic.
  • Reply
I will when i get home
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The ladies that have TT don't see their shape for a lot longer due to swellings It's been 10 weeks and I can now see my shape emerging That swelling was huggggeeee Wish I got My breasts uplifted Now!!!!!!
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Wow! You look great! So glad you did the breasts too, they look beautiful. You definately did a total transformation....good for you. So i have lots of ??'s Did you get a standard TT or ETT? What did you get lipo? Upper and lower back, arms, inner thighs? So is it standard to get the drains out on day 7? I read you need less than 25cc's to get drains out? What about stitches? I guess I'm wondering how many post op appts you needed to go back for? I really want to stay for only 1 week in Tijuana, and then stay with family over the border for another week, before I fly home. That would save me money. But if I have to go back for a 10 and 14 day post op, I would rather stay at club med then hotel with family member. I honestly don't want to deal with LA traffic or crossing that border. Also did he charge you for the 1st night in his clinic? How long was your surgery? My appt with him is 11/20 7:30...can't wait :) I know...the pain of a TT and BBL together, but look at you...it'll all be worth it.
  • Reply
Thank you :) i got the ETT i dont suggest it because the scar is kinda long. I got my back and inner thigh lipoed. You do need less than 25ccs to take it out. I got mine taken out on day 10. The stitches got taken out on my second visit. I went for 2 massages and a post op with campos. I was not charged for the first night but its 200. I went in at 8 and was on the table by 9am and woke up at 9 that night. Good luck with ur appt ! Clubmed is fantastic !!! I hope you come out great :)
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Your ASSets r hugeee Beauty More pics now :))
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By the way I agree about Ruby! That girl is reasonable and has her head on straight. I wish I could only deal with her.
  • Reply
Ruby and Joanna lovely staff
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Campos put them paws on ya ( in my Lil Scrappy voice). If I don't go to bed imma be sleep in class tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.
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Lmao !! Your welcome
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Looking good hun!! Glad to hear from ya! What garment are you wearing now?
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