Vaser Lipo procedure all done!

Hello everyone, I am getting nervouse about my...

Hello everyone,
I am getting nervouse about my procedure on Monday. I am having my love handles, upper and lower abs done. I have read soo many great reviews on here but if you have any advice to give please let me know!!! Thanks

Went in today for my Vaser Lipo. I ended up having...

Went in today for my Vaser Lipo. I ended up having my love handles, upper and lower ab and my back flanks. I was worried what to wear and ended up choosing a baggy strapless long dress. It was a great choice because it was cozy and easy! I also wore flip flops but brought in sox which I'm glad I did.

The procedure itself was painless. The worst part was getting the numbing solution. I think it was more of an awkward feeling having a needle in odd areas poke you. Next came the vaser itself to break up the fat. At times you could feel a mild vibration but overall this step was easy. now for the lipo itself- it too was pain free but at first it felt odd because you could see the fat going in the tube. There was no pain but I did have a couple tender spots and as soon as I mentioned it to the doctor he immediately avoided that area.

It took about 4 hours. I was up the whole time and chatted with the nurse and docor. At the end of the procedure several of the nurses came in as the doctor was "fine tuning". It was great that they all checked my areas out and gave their opinion on where needed a bit more, etc. They also pushed all the extra solution out of the areas, this did not hurt at all, it was like a slow rolling massage method. Then after that I was cleaned up, bandaged and put in my garment. The garment is super tight. I can tell its not going to be fun wearing it!

The total fat removed was equal to 2 liters of soda! I saw an instant difference. I went home in no pain at all.

4 hours later: : OUCH! Pain killers wore off and I'm leaking majorly. I popped a Vicodin and had some saltines and then felt better. However, I now feel the soreness. On a scale 1-10 it's a 6. I also feel ansy and can't get comfortable.

I'll post pics soon.

1 day post op- last night was add, lots of back...

1 day post op- last night was add, lots of back pain and. Didn't react well with the pain killers o I was nauseated. Luckily I had a prescription from the doctor that took the nausea way. It was hard to sleep andby morning I put a heating pad on my bam to ease the pin (not recommended). But it worked. The draining was non stop and by morning finally eased up.

Follow up appointment today : they changed my dressings and took measurements and pictures. I lost 5" in my stomach already and I'm swollen! I am very bruised everywhere (I bruise easy). my next appointment is one week. I stopped the pain pills and went to Tylenol. It seems to be ok and I don't feel sick.

The garment: it's not bad. The one my doctors office proved is pretty comfortable considering what it is. They suggested I may have to go I a spanx if it gets lose. The key right now is to keep the skin tight to the body so no lumps form.

DAY 3- feeling normal finally! Switched to Tylenol...

DAY 3- feeling normal finally! Switched to Tylenol only and it seems to do the job. I'm very stuff and it's hard to get around normally. I'm good for about 2/3hrs then get a bit lightheaded. I'm just taking it easy, back pain is gone and I recommend SLEEPING ON YOUR SIDE with a pillow in front and back to prop you up. It works wonders!

6 weeks post op: Still lumpy, just started...

6 weeks post op:
Still lumpy, just started endermology so we shall see how it goes. One thing to think about too is the INCISION SCARS - be prepared there are LOTS of them! Can't wear a bikini yet- I still seem to be slightly swollen and skin is discolored a bit.

5 month REVIEW Well now that I have had enough...

5 month REVIEW

Well now that I have had enough time to heal I feel the need to add a post of the REALISTIC results:


The office staff has ONLY contacted me to sell me more services. There has been zero follow up on my care. When I brought the lumpiness to their attention after the procedure I WAS PRESSURED TO BUY ANOTHER TREATMENT TO "EVEN OUT" my procedure. However I DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

I'm very disappointed with the results and the overall service AFTER THEY STEAL YOUR CASH!!!!
Dr. Preci

After researching 5 doctors in a 45 miles radius, I chose this facility based on their overall knowledge, experience and reputation. There were several places that were larger and provides all types of plastic surgery. However when researching other doctors I was disappointed with staff, return calls, knowledge and doctors credentials. This facility was through and very professional.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey im sorry im a lawyer u shud sue dem for medical negligence cuz ur results r amazing u were not entitled to a good aftetcare cuz my doc sed after is more important den the procedure itself :/
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Thanks for recommending the socks during the procedure and pillows for propping up the sides while sleeping. If you're still visiting the board, I'd like to know how you're doing!
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I agree with justplump....that's CRAZY they left you like that...GO AFTER THEM...go in there and create a scene...I sure would...Way TOO MUCH $$ and they don't care...NO WAY....FIGHT...they are totally at fault. Good Luck hun!!!
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one more thing, go see a lawyer and sue them for malpratice as they have scared your with he skin discoloration and lumps. its a 33% to 66% split beween you and the lawyer (33%) no fee to you. you will get a quick settlement and free fix. no doctor wants that on their record.
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I have had lipo and yours is a botched job. you should demand a refund r they need to fix it. Otherwise take them to court. And treaten to report them to the local papers and BBB. It is not acceptable that they were trying to sell you another session after the one you PAID for didn't work. Trust have the law and their reputation on your side. go in and demand you are taken care of. Especially in the AM when they have new clients...
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Can your PS do a revision on the lumps? :( It's really unfortunate for you to be so unhappy with it and I feel it's the doctor's responsibility to correct obvious lumps you hate having after lipo. All in all you don't look too bad, there's a huge improvement but I see what you're paying a lot of $$$ therefore you don't want lumpiness period.
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U look great though cant say u don't lol I hope I loose 5 inches! Did u get post op massages they help with the lumps my dr requires them ad offers a certain amount in his quote. Florida lipo drs r the best it seems
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HI thank you for sharing the pics. I think your tummy looks amazing. I'm having mine done on 25 March 13 - mighty scared about it. Can I check if you had a lymphatic massage done after the ops?
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Hi there, I did a series of Endermologie (6 total) and it did NOT help... :( I'm over 9 months now and still very lumpy and lots of SKIN DISCOLORATION!!! It sucks and of course now I wish I never did it!!! I will post updated pics this week. Best of luck to you in your journey, it can be a bad road....
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I dont think you realize just how much it did for your waist! You have a very nice waist now. Give it time :)
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Hi< I am getting a little depressed had my vaser on 11/29, I am still so sore and exhausted! The garmnet hurts worse than anything! I have a cut on my hip that everytime I pull that garment over it, it opens up again. I was told it is imperative to have a very tight fitting garment. I did buy some others, they are not as tight, so I do not want to risk lsoing any tightness. I was suppose to go back to work today, but the shower exhausted me. Any suggestions? Help!! Losing patience.
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I'm sorry to hear your troubles, I really feel your pain! Honestly, I WISH I wore the garment longer! The doctor told me "I was good" to take it off BUT now here I am LUMPY! Who knows if it would of helped but at least I would have peace if mind wearing it that long. I would say- STICK IT OUT!! You have got this far, suck up the misery (I know it sucks) and wear it! TRUST me you do NOT Want to be lumpy like me :( Good luck!!!! Let me know how it's going
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Sorry Ang...we all know it suxs...try putting a gauze pad on ur cut...or even take a mini pad and cut in half and tape to it...will provide more thickness and cushy on ur wound....U will be sluggish for the first month...procedure does drain you...but it does get better...this is all the stuff they dont tell u at the dr's...thats why this sight is awesome...good luck hun :)
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I was just reading some more, and a Dr said if the garment buckles at all not to wear it, it can cause permanent creases! I changed inot another garment that i bought, it fit snudge and what do you, I am more comfortable! The garment is designed for this. As a matter of fact muffinless I took your suggestion for they garment. How long did your wounds bleed? I have one my hip that looks like a hole.
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Hi Ang....I only leaked for 24 hours tops...and mostly from one hole in my back...which garment did u get...I have so many I mentioned on u look at my profile...I am 10 wks post op today and still wearing now my stage 2 garment along with a binder for more compression....I actually feel better in my garment than without it...the stage 2 is soft and no zippers at all...its like a body suit...but u wont probably do that till later..again if u ready my blog...u can see when i changed into it...hope that here if u have any other ?? GOOD LUCK....feel better!!!
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How did your recovery go? I'm sorry I missed this message in December :( I hope your doing well!!!
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Hey CAGirl!! So sorry to hear your disappointed with your results!! Have you asked about the cost of the procedures to even out what they did? I have found that a lot of the time they will not give you the procedure for free, but they will give you a discounted price. What kinds of treatments are they trying to get you to buy? I would go in for consultations at a couple other PS and see what they have to say, sometimes they will even give you a discounted price to "fix" what another doctor has done...
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Thanks for the advice. I have not received 1 phone call to check on me after my last visit EXCEPT to sell me Botox!!! The place was a real disappointment. I'm going to start checking around after the holidays and get other advice from other PS. Unfortunately nothing has improved (lumpy) and my skin color in my stomache area is bizarre! Very sad to drop that kinda cash and get crappy results.
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Im Sorry :/ That would be a huge disappointment.. You could also post a question on this website under the "ask a Doctor" section and see if they have any advice on how to approach the situation or what they recommend for treatment options.. Also, where you required to wear a compression? Some doctors don't recommend it and that might factor into the results. Im not trying to sound like a know it all, just trying to help :) I haven't had my procedure yet but I have read wayyy too many stories on this website lol
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Hey there...I would DEF contact the Dr himself if ur that dr called me to check on me night of surgery and even gave me his cell phone #....dont let it go...u payed alot of money and deserve the results u were looking for...Keep ur head up hun...keep me posted.
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How are u feeling now?? Do you have any new pic's....appears to be a great result you have going on!!
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I just updated, I'm disappointed. I'll post pics this week.
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The doctor said that I'm going to have great results but I do not see any at all. She said that I'm still swollen. But I was looking to see a change. How long before I see a difference? I had the surgery July 2nd
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Hi, I will have my procedure in june. Did you get the results you were hoping for? How long was it before you saw improvement?
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I had to go back for a second time . Maybe it was the doctor but it was a waste on my hard earn money. I'm not happy my stomach is still flabby, I'm going to Atlanta at the end of the year for another surgery.
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